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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. trebrian

    feb 2013 sleevers weigh in

    Sleeved 2/28 and only lost 20lbs haved stalled for last 2. Weeks i feel like I have wasted my money.
  2. Mine told me the same... Ge said I would kniw when yo progress to next stages.
  3. My incision pain is the worst. Yes the 28th and I have air bubbles. I have had tomato soup and today I had mash potatoes. Not really hunger my stomach just growls really really bad. Jello I cant stand now or broth. ????
  4. trebrian

    post op

    Walk and rub your stomach in a downward position and the gas will start to move. Hope u feel better I had sx on the 28th. ????
  5. I was told 100% juice. Sf Jello sf Popsicles broth and some full liquids. Tomato Soup is my friend. Gatorade crystal light and things like that. We where sleeved same day
  6. trebrian

    Feb 28th Surgery date

    I keep telling myself that but I am having trouble squatting and bending
  7. trebrian

    Tmi question...

    Honey I had my sx on Thurdsy and every time I squat to pee I feel like I'm being stabbed. This is the worst of it all. Does anyone else have trouble bending and squatting? As far as wiping I am propping the left side and going from there no shower for me just wipes. I hope it gets better for us soon. ????
  8. I was right there with you 2 days post op. Walk as much as you can and it will flow, if u are laying on ur back rub your stomach and then walk every hour and thirty if u can, I did it and the gas has been rolling. Hope u feel better.

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