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  1. Check out Isopure, it comes in a variety of flavors.
  2. tdguill

    Hair Grow Back?

    That is something I would like to know. I am 7 months post op and started losing my hair at about 5 months out.
  3. I have no regrets since having the sleeve done. I am 7 months post op and have lost about 150 pounds, and that is without exercising about 3 months.
  4. It is common, I was like that in the beginning. Do your best to get your protein and water in!
  5. tdguill

    whats the deal with sugar free post op?

    I was told by the nurse to only use Stevia, not sure why. I use to use sweet n low. I don't think any of them are healthy.
  6. tdguill

    Cauliflower pizza dough?

    Sounds and looks great! I will definitely have to try it!
  7. I am 6 months post op and I can eat about 3/4 of a piece of toast. I know that a 6 inch sub would be too much, but maybe a 3 inch would be do- able. Occasionally I will do 1/8 to 1/4 cup of rice or potato. I eat a few crackers from time to time. Personally, I wish that I waited longer before eating rice, potatoes, bread and etc. I feel like I am more hungry and eat more when I started eating those items. I may cut those carbs out and go back to just protein and veggies.
  8. tdguill

    2 free Quest Bars.

    I haven't received mine yet
  9. tdguill

    2 free Quest Bars.

    Thanks for the link
  10. tdguill


    I use Jay Robb egg protein in Chocolate flavor. I haven't had any problems with it, it has been the only one that I have been able to tolerate. I hope you find one that works for you.
  11. tdguill

    Having regrets

    It really does get better, just hang in there.
  12. tdguill


    I couldn't handle whey protein, so I switched to egg protein and tolerate it well.
  13. tdguill

    me and protein don't mix

    I buy it at The Vitamin Shoppe.
  14. tdguill

    me and protein don't mix

    I had a lot of problems post surgery with protein drinks. My NUT recommended trying an egg protein, so I did Jay Robb egg protein powder and it changed everything. It taste good and I tolerate it fine. chocolate is my preferred flavor, I do not like the strawberry. The vanilla is ok, I just add different flavors of Torani sugar free syrup. Before Jay Robb I had tried numerous protein drinks, they just didn't agree with me. Such as, premier protein, Nectar, isopure, pure protein and probably more.
  15. You look absolutely amazing!

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