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    BYANKA reacted to NurseGrace in Who did you tell?   
    I told my husband, my parents, his parents, and two friends. No one else.
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    BYANKA reacted to Native in HELP Stall i cannot get out of!   
    Hey I had a stall like that last almost 6 weeks. I even gained 5 lbs during it. Now all of it and more came off. This is what I did, I increased Protein to 100g......cut out protein bars........for whatever reason Protein Bars and those nut bars were stalling me. I cut out sugar and potatoes, like baked potatoes. I found a Protein Drink called Lean Body at The Vitamin Shoppe that has 40 grams. Pepperonis and string cheese can up the protein like 10g per slice of large pepperoni and a string cheese. 4 oz of hamburger is 28 grams. meat sticks are high in protein. If you are truly getting the 100g of protein and Water in every day you will have little room for carbs. The potatoes and protein bars don't cut it because at this point our bodies metabolisms adjust to the low food intake.....they are really sensitive to potatoes, crackers and sugar, that will bog it down. Try it for 4 days and see what happens. Also, are you making sure you are moving and not constipated? A good laxitive that is healthy called Swiss Kriss (herbal and gentle will clear you out).
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    BYANKA reacted to Lisa'slosinit in Sleeve stretch?   
    I am 3 months out .it is a learning process as u go ! U will have a bunch of stalls along the way where u quit losing.i feel like I am at a stall constantly but went from a tight 22 to a almost fitting 14...3x top to a XL top!!!!it will come off!!! I weigh 188 now and on my surgery day Dec 8 I was 228.i still am never patient thinking I'm just gonna stop losing all together...and then the scale starts to move..good luck!
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    BYANKA reacted to akirk in Sleeve stretch?   
    As long as you are eating small portions and following your program you won't be stretching your sleeve. A lot of people don't feel restriction until they start the mushy or solid food phase. Trust me then you will start to feel restriction. Also there is some debate on whether you can really "stretch" the sleeve or not. My surgeon says that you can but I have seen many posts where people say you can't ever stretch the sleeve. When it comes to that my advice is to talk to your surgeon and follow his advice which is what I did. Good luck!
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    BYANKA reacted to smbergie200 in Relationship issues after surgery?   
    I think I remember hearing that good relationships stay together but bad relationships probably don't make it. Bariatric surgery divorce statistics supports this and I myself did end up getting a divorce. My ex and I both got the surgery and realized that besides food we really didn't have much in common. Not to mention I was a pretty crappy husband being obese and miserable in life and that didn't exactly strengthen our marriage either. We remain long distance friends and have moved on with our new skinny lives. I never became a party animal or a model - Im still my self - just healthier and happier. If you find your relationship having issues there is nothing wrong with a little counseling. Not to worry - if its real love and you have a good relationship now you should be ok.
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    BYANKA reacted to fyre_storm in Five weeks out and frustrated   
    Try and eat slower. Chew like crazy, so when you think you chewed enough chew a little more. You should also try and eat every three hours to keep energy up. And drink like crazy. I was sleeved oct 31 2012 and I was 388 now I'm 292. So it takes awhile to loose but keep your head up!! It'll get better. And if something doesn't sit right try eating something else.
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    BYANKA reacted to bringiton in Pre op diet day 1   
    Today is the beginning! I unpacked my new blender, tossed in a little ice, one container of Premier Protein vanilla and a couple if frozen strawberries/banana slices. It did not turn out like I expected lol
    There was just a huge, frothy amount of shake in the blender. The strawberries did not hide the entire taste of the shake, either. I felt like I drank 3 shakes, not one. It was all of that frothiness lol
    Any advice? Lol
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    BYANKA reacted to sugarmoma in Anxiously Waiting   
    cynthia I know how you feel i been on this site reading everone storie and cant wait to have storie of my own to tell and i hope it will be a successful story i do have a date march 19th It just seem so far away but i wish u the best on your journey
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    BYANKA reacted to cynthia t in Anxiously Waiting   
    I cant wait til its my turn to post my surgery date.. I read and read everyones posts and I get sooooo anxious!! I had my psych test last wed the dr said I passed and to start practicing the chewing and Water sips etc. But I havent heard from my surgeon yet so I called to check if they have gotten all the paper work from the pysch test and they havent.. which sucks!!! Sooo Im waiting for that then I have to do more waiting! Since it still need to be submitted to the ins comp and thats more waiting... I hopefully I can get my new life and journey going!!!
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    BYANKA reacted to FDclerical in I just want to cry!   
    i promise you will feel better soon! everyone slips up and makes mistakes but its up to you, to decide that it is time you make that lifestyle change and no more excuses and feel good and great about it! your entire life is about to change so fast and its only 6 days away! congrats to you. 8 lbs is alot and its a start! just stay focused we all went through the same thing and the discipline you teach yourself now will make a huge difference once you are sleeved. good luck to you <3

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