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  1. I had the same reaction. I took benadryl pills and triple paste for rubbing. It works for me.
  2. confidence

    2013-07-28 10.14.03.png

    U look fabulous!!!!
  3. I had a drain did felt anything at all. The most painful for me was also the gas pain.Tat makes me cry
  4. We all lose at different rate. I lost 1lbs my second week after surgery. I thought that was real crazy!!! Just hang in there it will get better.
  5. confidence

    I have my sleeve

    Congrats welcome to the other side:)
  6. confidence


    I waited 3 weeks. I have read on another forum where others started as early as 3 days:)
  7. confidence

    full length.JPG

    U look great!
  8. I used my tax refund and save a little more to make it up then went to Mexico.
  9. I was also sleeved by Dr. Garcia. For the gas pain mine was gone by the time I came home. I did a lot of walking as others suggest was a good thing to do and it works for me. For the protein shake I think if you stop drinking it where are you going to get the recommend amount of protein since as 1 week out you are still suppose to on a liquid diet. You might have to experiment with different types and see if there's another one that will work for you. I did have a after taste in my mouth but that was from the sugar free products so I just stop eating sugar free. I went solely by the diet plan they gave me so I started the puree 17 days after surgery. Hope you find something that works for you. good luck!
  10. confidence

    Need advice...

    As far as I read so far all doctors seems to have their own diet to follow. For my pre-op diet I was allowed protein shakes and salad for two weeks and the last 3 days clear liquids which include broth jello etc.
  11. confidence

    Cell phone in mexico

    I had a different phone company. Mine did work at the hospital but when get transferred to the hotel it was out. No service at all I have to depend on the internet as contact.
  12. confidence

    A week away....

    You all will do great. I was there at Florence with Dr. Garcia on the 25th of April. I have no complaints so far. Great Team!!!!
  13. confidence

    Steri strips

    I waited for mine to fall off
  14. confidence

    Almost After

    Wow! Great job
  15. confidence

    Help, Ladies! Yeast infections since surgery! OMG, TMI!

    I had it after i got home from the hospital and it went away after my monthly. Its only being a month so i pray to god it dont reoccur. I did not know antibiotics can cause yeast infection. i was thinking that might have been the cause since i was on antibiotics for 2 weeks after surgery i just wasnt sure. Thanks for the info because i was wondering where i got it from.
  16. confidence

    MY 521LB LIFE part 4

    Wow i followed your story to the end. I fely so many different feeling. I think i get to the point where i almost cried. The ending is great and i am so happy for you. I wish you all the best ib ur life journey. You deserved it all.
  17. confidence

    So far, not loving my sleeve

    don't be too discourage it will get better and I know you hear those words before but it does. I am now a month out and loosing more than my first two weeks out. On my second week I lost 1 pound in a week to be exact and I was feeling the same way comparing to others who loosing 8 to 11 lbs. I realized as time goes by I am loosing more. I am now at an average at 5lbs per week. This all to say we all are different and will adjust to this weight loss journey at different amounts and pace. Keep hanging in there.
  18. confidence


    U look great!
  19. confidence

    My Mexico Story

    Thanks for the information. I was also sleeved by doctor Garcia on April 25th had a wonderful experience. I am a month out now and so far no complications at all. Love Doctor Garcia team. You are right I can't remember all the physicians and nurses that I met. You will need a pen and paper to keep track. Glad to know that you and your daughter had a wonderful experience and is doing fine. Congrats!!!
  20. confidence

    Constipation HELP!

    My doctor suggest Maalox for me:)
  21. confidence


    I went with dr. Garcia. I had a wonderful experience no issues at all. I am a month out now. I also still keep in contact with any questions i have. No problems in getting a reply.
  22. confidence

    3 day liquid diet

    You are not alone. I went through the same thing making sure everything was done before i left for surgery. I want to wish you best of luck with your surgery. Cant wait for you to join us on the other side. I will keep you in my prayers.
  23. confidence

    What is a "Slider" food

    Very imformative. Thank u!
  24. confidence

    Warm rash but it itches

    I had the same exact thing couple days after surgey. My doctor says it was an allergic reaction to the tape or spray. I used trriple paste for the itching and i take Benadryl. it helps me. Im better now
  25. I had a drain tube. It was removed when i get discharged didnt hurt at all

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