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  1. I am using Optimum Whey Gold Standard "Natural" Whey. It must say "natural" in the title because they do use Sucralose in some of their other whey powders. The Vanilla is sweetened with evaporated Cane juice and only has 3 grams of sugar and 26 grams of protein and 130 calories. I just purchased another one of their shakes that is called Oats and Whey. It is chocolate milk flavored and it really does taste like chocolate milk. It has 4 grams of fiber, 200 calories and 23 grams of protein. Very good. I really don't care for the taste of Stevia. Hope this helps
  2. I also used Dr. Garcia and Ready4Achange. My surgery cost was $4630.00 because I only stayed 2 nights at the Marriott. The hospital they use is florence Oasis. I had no pain and no real discomfort after my surgery. The staff is very attentive and all of the doctors on his team are amazing. After I returned home, I found the doctors on his team excellent at getting back to me with any questions or concerns that I had. There are a lot of amazing doctors in Mexico. I belong to many private Facebook groups and I hear a lot. Of the good ones, I hear Dr. Quinones is great, as well as Dr. Aceves. With the amount of surgeries they do, there are going to be some complications. One name I hear a lot of when it comes to negative comments is Dr. Almanza. I have heard him referred to as the "Butcher". That is one I would definitely steer clear of. I am sure there are other posts on here about him. Good luck!
  3. good luck Ladyomnom. I will be sure to post my experience here!!
  4. Thanks rnursewillis. Did you have your surgery on August 19th? How is it going? The only thing that stresses me a little is that I am going back to work after 4 days. I work in a law office and I didn't think it would be so bad. I have been realizing lately how heavy the files are the a I work with I will be real careful because I don't want to do any damage to my new sleeve. I am staying positive. Just taking it all one day at a time.
  5. Brandi, You are one day before me, that is so exciting. I will meet you on Friday.
  6. Good Luck tomorrow Chickadee73, I saw on FB that you are already in TJ...WooHoo. I am so happy for you. Hopefully I will meet some of you when I get there on Thursday. Friday AM is my surgery and I can't wait. Here is to the August Sleevers!!
  7. Thank you Stefani for sharing your experience. It was great for me to read 6 days before my surgery with Dr. Garcia. Alma also reassured me that all I need is my birth certificate and drivers license. I already have the BC's packed for both me and my husband. You have been so amazing and it has been great getting to know you. I can't believe you were on the "bike" working out 4 days post op. I am looking forward to getting to the "Losers Bench".
  8. I am having my surgery with Dr. Garcia on the morning at 10:00am. I am the only patient on that day. My name is Annie. I will be staying at the Marriott on August 29th. Hopefully I will see all of you there. Bigntexas, and Islandlife and SweetT23, please post your first names so I can say hi. I will be in the hospital until Sunday when I go back to the Marriott.. We got this my friends, this is the beginning of the next chapter in our lives!!
  9. I love your pic's, you do look so amazing. I am so excited to be seeing Dr. Garcia for my surgery in 6 days. I am around 202 right now and looking forward to getting to Onderland soon.
  10. My pre op diet starts Saturday and surgery is next Friday August 30th. My pre op diet consist of 2-3 protein shakes a day and a lean or large salad for dinner. My doctor isn't concerned about weight loss for me, he just wants me to shrink my liver. I have a BMI of 35, so that may be why. I went to one of the better buffets tonight. After my surgery, I will be changing my eating habits to have the best results from the sleeve and just to live a healthier lifestyle. I think of it like eating more quality food, than quantity of food. I can't see myself going to buffets post sleeve when I will be eating like a turtle. Good luck to everyone who is preparing for their sleeve. This is such an amazing opportunity!!
  11. Annie04

    Feel like I'm slug

    You really need to take care of yourself. 2 very important things for you right now is hydration and protein. I would make a protein shake in the morning and add some greek yogurt or extra protein if you can. Take it with you to work and sip on it as much as possible. Also don't let yourself get hydrated or you will end up in the hospital. You need to be proactive with your diet as far as the sleeve is concerned. Your health depends on it. I wish you the best on your journey!!
  12. I have a similar situation. I was planning on my surgery, but I had not set a date yet. Then out of the blue, a good friend referred me for a position and I got the job. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I explained to my supervisor during my first week of work that I had made previous plans to take a trip and asked if it would be a problem if I took off the Friday before Labor Day. My supervisor assured me that that was not a problem. So I scheduled my surgery for that weekend. I will be having my surgery on that Friday and return back to work on the following Tuesday. I know I will be tired and I will have to watch my lifting. I plan on doing what ever I need to do to make this surgery a success. You can work this out, even if you have to take some time off of your current job to get it done. Good luck and I will be sending prayers and positive energy your way!!
  13. Annie04

    The Journey Begins

    I am having surgery on August 30th, I am very excited and trying not to think about any negatives. This surgery is something I have been planning all year. You are going to rock the sleeve. Being on this site has been very motivating. I too have knee problems, I had surgery on a torn meniscus in February. I also have had back surgery in the past. I truly believe that this is the best decision that I can make for my physical and emotional well being. You will find that too, and your husband will continue to love and support you even more with your new found confidence. I look forward to hearing more about your journey!
  14. Annie04

    what have I done

    You are doing this for yourself, and you don't have to explain it to anyone. I have told a few family members and have gotten everything from I am vain, to why don't I just eat healthy and have discipline. This is my journey and my decision. I have decided not to tell my work about it, because my job is not too strenuous, but after if I need to I will. You have to do what is right for you. Don't let this feedback rob you of enjoying your journey. I will be sleeved in 24 days, and I am stoked about it!!
  15. Annie04

    August sleevers?

    I sent a request the other day and I haven't been accepted yet. I would really like to join

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