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    docbree got a reaction from Janett09 in Tummy tuck! Piks   
    Looks great! Congrats!
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    docbree reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Gaining weight starting at week 4!   
    I got curious as to how many calories equate to a Weight Watchers "point." Online, I found estimates of 50 calories per WW point. (And of course, we all know there are other foods that don't have ANY WW points attached to them.)
    So I'm guesstimating you're eating at least 1300 - 1500 calories a day.
    In my humble opinion, that's WAY too much to be eating 4 weeks post-op if you're serious about losing weight. Frankly, I don't even understand how you could get that much food inside a not-yet-healed new tummy. Geez!
    FYI, I ate about 800 calories most of the first four months post-op.
    Some food for thought.
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    docbree reacted to BLERDgirl in Gaining weight starting at week 4!   
    Did you nutritionist suggest the 6 small meals? Can you give me a typical days menu? I wouldn't use the WW's point system as a guide. Bariatric diets are set up differently. Typically they are designed as low cal/ high Protein. I'm 3 mths our and the nut still wants me under 800 calories. I can eat whatever I can tolerate but I have to get in my Water & protein
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    docbree got a reaction from Kindle in Early post-op calories.   
    Great recommendations! I do have a bit of OCD and need to remember not to obsess over the actually calories and more on the content. Right now I only have a couple of things to drink so I guess i need something more to keep my mind occupied - lol. It's nice to have the ranges. I think my doctor said 800 - 1200 for long term but that's quite a bit in the future for me.
    I really appreciate you ladies.
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    docbree reacted to Queen P in Gastric sleeve surgery   
    Thank you all sooo much...I just had my first breakdown..cried like a baby... just want to feel somewhat normal. . Like... with atleast no pain.. regular BM'S .... lol but I definitely do not want to go back to the way I treated food..I LOVE Water AND MY SURGERY DOES NOT!!! @@docbree congrats and how are you feeling???
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    docbree reacted to Queen P in Gastric sleeve surgery   
    I had my surgery December 17th.. and since then I have lost 19 pounds. 6 pounds pre op and 13 pounds post op. It has not been too bad, but a MAJOR lifestyle change. I cannot wait until I get over the pain of the surgery so I can feel somewhat normal. I go back to the doctor January 8th and a pray to God that my Vitamin levels are ok. I have been getting all my supliments down but the Protein is sooo hard. I am sooo glad I had the surgery. I am.so ready to become healthy and stay that way!
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    docbree reacted to Quest4TheNewMe in Early post-op calories.   
    At my one month appt, I told my NUT that I was only getting around 400 calories (on a good day) and she said that was totally fine.
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    docbree reacted to BLERDgirl in Early post-op calories.   
    My doc gradually increased the calorie limits it started at 400-600 them 600-800 then 800-1000 and maintenance is expected to be 1200-1600. Like the scale and weighing oneself I think calorie limits need to be approached with caution. Some people get too obsessed with it and lose focus of getting proper nutrition. I hoover around 800 ish. Some days lower, some days higher.
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    docbree reacted to joatsaint in Early post-op calories.   
    My doc's guideline was to stay around 800 calories per day - 75% Protein, 25% carbs (low-glycemic carbs in vegetables (squash, green Beans, cauliflower, broccoli... basically any high Fiber vegetable)). And try and stay away from any processed foods, they usually have high fat/sugar/sodium counts.
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    docbree reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Early post-op calories.   
    I did close to 800 calories for most of my first four months.
    I'm now working to get my calories up to 1,000/day (per my surgeon's office).
    I also want to get my veggies / fruits up to 5 a day and am getting close. I like good food.
    EDIT: I'm almost 19 weeks post-op right now.
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    docbree reacted to Kindle in Early post-op calories.   
    I was never given calorie limits. Just a simple meal plan of with Protein and Water requirements. After Protein comes veggies and eventually fruit and whole grains. My nut actually laughed when I expressed concern over the full fat dairy products she suggested. If you are following the basic rules and you don't overeat, you can't get in too many calories your stage.
    My personal feelings about restricting calories is that if you do, you cause stalls by starving your body. And If you do it for long enough, your body learns to live on limited calories and it will be hard to maintain goal when you try and eat more later on. I never tracked my food or calories, but I did a few spot calorie checks along the way.... 800-1000 calories in the first 3 months, 1000-1200 calories at 6-7 months, and maintaining 12 pounds under goal for the last 4 months at 1400-1600 calories. Very easy numbers to live with!
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    docbree reacted to SuperDave in Abuse of wls..when it's not needed   
    I would agree that you cannot judge without knowing the whole story. I lost 150 pounds on my own before surgery. Many thought I should stop there and be happy with what I had done. The surgery was to help me finish strong and keep the weight off. What a person and their health care providers decide is right for them is really between them and is nobody elses business.
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    docbree reacted to ProjectMe in Abuse of wls..when it's not needed   
    Ugh...Okay....how do you know someone else's Before, During and After WLS journey? There are some of us on here and I'm sure on other boards who chose to change their lifestyle BEFORE weight loss surgery.
    I had to attend a seminar and 3 nutrition meetings with a nutritionist. I learned all kinds of facts and tidbits about being obese that stuck with me. So much so that I made a deal with myself....If I could make some changes now...I could get this surgery. I had my surgery on 12/16/14 after losing 50+ lbs on my own....at a bmi of 32.
    So I guess I'm one of those "people" who took advantage of WLS. H*** yes, sure did. You are not aware of my struggle with obesity since I was a kid. You are not aware of any part of my journey. But I am. i will lose the 42 lbs I have to reach goal and I will not gain it back.
    Guess I need to remind some...Weight Loss Surgery is a TOOL. And please remember....Everyone is on their own journey...RESPECT them by giving the benefit of doubt.
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    docbree reacted to jnflud in Suggestions for broth?   
    You can have the juice from chicken noodle Soup as well and it's really comforting on your tummy, I'm 3days out and so far that has been the easiest thing to tolerate. Also veggie brooth is very good
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    docbree reacted to JCP in Post op sucks!   
    I was in the hospital for 3 days on morphine. I know it hurt some but I was walking as ordered and drinking fluids. Once home, I was on liquid Hydrocodone and boy did I need it. I did not expect that level of pain but here is the thing: some people have a lot of pain, some have very little. It will depend on your surgeon and your body. The gas is uncomfortable but mine was gone in a week. The main incision (where they remove the stomach and is normally the most painful) was dramatically improved at week two. And thank God because that bugger hurt. But Ann is right. Even if you are one who has a lot of pain, take those pain meds and rest. It is temporary. You will get through it. And you will lose a lot of weight. So keep reminding yourself of the prize. It's why we are all here. It's a hard surgery but I promise you will look back and be glad you did it.
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    docbree reacted to onmywaytoonederland in Over the counter unflavored protein   
    I just bought Quest unflavored at The Vitamin Store. Tried it last night and it wasn't bad, I put it in Soup.
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    docbree reacted to BLERDgirl in Over the counter unflavored protein   
    I did some searching after this post. Isopure seems to get really good reviews on both Vitamin Shoppe & GNC and says it can be mixed with either hot or cold foods. I may try it once I run out of what I currently have.
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    docbree reacted to RJ'S/beginning in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. I appreciate your kindness in regards my place here. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me lately. Sent me into a whip.
    This journey is struggle enough without all the outside influences that gather in our heads to try to send us off our path. Another day in the life of...anyone of us that have had one or any difficulties getting on with our trek in life. The goal of being healthy.
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    docbree reacted to RJ'S/beginning in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    Thank you. This doctor, only said what he felt was true. He is not a bad person. He did not say this in meanness. It was just how he saw me. For me it was the combination and the two together. The second part hurt more because I love giving here and receiving help from you as well. I feel a huge place in my heart for anyone who has been going through this very difficult journey. Like everyone else. I want to be a help not a hindrance. I felt a little foolish because I have put so much of my self in here, especially if I was not helpful to others. I know I do not feel this way a lone. I know there are others out there that have been knocked around for their choices. but it is my choice to be here and yet a side of me believed her and thought OMG what am I doing......
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    docbree reacted to Miss Mac in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    RJ, you have helped me so much in the year that I have been involved in the forum. You examplify strength and courage and have shown us that any day that we wake up on this side of the dirt, it's a good day.
    Yeah, that coddle thing.....I don't know where that is coming from. I have always said that opinions and tact vary on the forum. What some people call coddling, others call diplomacy. Those of us who inject a sense of humor once in a while can come off as not being serious about the journey. Those of us who follow the plans our teams have given us have even been called "Goody Two Shoes".
    RJ, you belong here. That doctor is an a**, and you are a gift from God. For those who will be offended by a religious reference, then you are still a gift to those who follow behind you. When you don't show up for a few days because of another procedure, I worry about you.
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    docbree reacted to GreenEyes604 in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    You deserve to be here just as much as anyone else. There will always be people in this world who will say really ignorant stuff due to their lack of proper upbringing, lack of education, lack of empathy, or just down right STUPID!
    Don't EVER let anyone steal your joy! You are a SUCCESS! Don't take others' negative affirmations into your spirit. Don't let ludicrous comments take any of your power. Haters are gonna hate, and stupid people are just gonna be stupid!
    Consider the source and keep it movin'. You do not have to defend your life decisions to anyone, so don't give them your power. People do and say ignorant things to and about me all the time. I just look at them, laugh and say to myself... "Thank God that I'm not like them!"
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    docbree reacted to UK Cathy in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    I think you are a very positive influence on this site. I know you care for people and have been cared for by people here. You have every rite to be here so stay.
    I'm sorry that you feel hurt.
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    docbree reacted to emsgirl114 in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    You are a success. You know it on your heart or you would have just agreed with mcmeany. You are a survivor as well. A survivor of obesity. You fought it. You didn't let it kill you. Nor will this. You have survived everything ever thrown at you in order to make it to this very moment in time. Your success was do to hard work. If you have a hypoglycemic disorder you will deal with that and be successful. Survival vs successful. Isn't it one in the same. You fought and defeated one of the most prolific killers: obesity. You can do anything and win.
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    docbree reacted to BigGirlPanties in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    Woman! If there is one thing we know about YOU...is you DO NOT "Coddle" LOL... love you to pieces... you have been thru so much and are still our shining star
    "Don't let someone dim your light because you shine in their face" ... I read that early today on this site and I think it applies here! <3
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    docbree reacted to Luvin_Life125 in I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!   
    OMG there is nothing wrong with you, your surgical and recovery path, or your success! That doc needs a lesson in compassion and a few in verbal communication. You have lost the weight, successfully maintained your loss, and kept your sanity through it all.
    As far as bariatric Pal is concerned, it wouldn't be the same without you. Please don't let other peoples doubts affect your choices. ((((Hugs))))

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