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  1. Beat decision of my life !! 12-26-12 341 at surgery 393 to 198 today !!!
  2. Aaronmadeit

    Anyone develop anxiety

    Exactly how I been feeling lately stupid things like did I lock my door leaving work and it bothers me so bad I have to go back ... In bed can't sleep my mind races thinking of everything even like off the ball random shit ... Have you talked to a doctor in worried cause I'm in corrections so I don't want it coming up on my background check
  3. Seems like once my head hits the bed I think about everything that possibly could go wrong ? Having to go back and do things that I know I did but worry I forgot example locking the door while leaving blahhhh someone help
  4. Aaronmadeit

    All of my December sleevers...

    Almost a year out 12-26-12 I hit onederland !!! Starting weight 393 Weight surgery date 350 Today dun dun dunnnnn 199.7 !!!
  5. Aaronmadeit

    Before and After Pics

    12-26-12 393 199 this morning !
  6. I had a tummy tuck at 9 months out basically just gym cardio and as far as weight training , I used to be in football always was strong but lost so much muscle so just start from scratch low weights adding 5 pounds slowly and it'll fall off man
  7. Aaronmadeit

    Before and After Pics

    me they removed 11 pounds but my tummy flat now lol
  8. Aaronmadeit

    Before and After Pics

    Was born n left when I was 14
  9. Aaronmadeit

    Eating capacity for males

    I'm almost a year I have no problem eating 4-6 oz , I just felt like I was getting back into bad habits myself eating so much But as long as it's protein it's ok right
  10. Aaronmadeit

    Eating capacity for males

    I need some advice I can eat a good amount just need help with how much how often , im in the gym hard right now but lacking protein maybe getting in 75 grams ? What do you guys eat all day
  11. Highest 393 12-26-12 surg date at 341 Today 202
  12. Immune system seems to be shit right now , cold after cold lol but a lot more stamina for everything and I feel pretty good
  13. This has to be my biggest achievement so far in my life going from 393 pounds April of last year to getting on the scale naked !! Weighing 201.9 pounds so close just had to share my excite with everyone and new sleevers trust me anything is possible

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