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  1. jwhite692

    Energy ..

    I have more energy than I could imagine - I take my b12 and than ill drink half of a 5 hour energy. I'm awake for hours and hours.
  2. I feel AMAZING! Sleeved December 31st started at 230 now 190.... Can't believe it sometimes. Best money I've ever spent Best decision I've ever made! Wouldn't change a thing. Hope everyone else feels the same. Had to spread the word I'm on cloud 9 :-)
  3. jwhite692


    No I haven't started exercising yet. Few different excuses why but I will in a few weeks!
  4. Has anyone tried 5 hr energy after surgery? I used to drink them daily before surgery while working nights. I start nights tonight and just wondering if anyone has had any affects? Sleeves Dec 31st!
  5. jwhite692

    Post-op smoking

    I've been 2 months non-smoking it is hard!!! I use an electronic cig every now and than for a few puffs....
  6. jwhite692

    Where and who did your surgery?

    Dr. Taylor Baton Rouge, LA.... Wonderful Doctor and staff
  7. jwhite692

    Is this normal?

    Preop sucks but it has to been done for a successful surgery.
  8. jwhite692

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single single single... Couldn't be anymore single! Was enjoying for awhile but now that I've lost a little weight I want to do things and have no one to do them with
  9. jwhite692

    Down 75 lbs

    Looking Wonderful!!!!!
  10. I like EAS and Atkins Chocolate. I put them in freezer until milkshake like... Love em! But I can not drink them straight out of fridge. Either milkshake like or over ice!
  11. Shop, shop, shop, and shop I can't freaking what!!!!! I love fashion soooo much!
  12. jwhite692

    Baton Rouge Area Sleevers!

    Hey Everyone! From Baton Rouge as well! Sleeved by Dr. Jonathan Taylor at Woman's hospital!
  13. Well here is my answer... I haven't lost but 5 lbs since my surgery 12-31 and its because I can't get all my water in
  14. jwhite692

    Before & After.....

    Looking good!
  15. jwhite692

    Post op pictures

  16. Hello! Did/Does anyone get clue on the cuts the Doctor made? Mine are itching like hell! How long before it starts falling off or do you eventually pull it off?????
  17. jwhite692

    totally depressed!

    I understand get upset... I thought I would have list more too. But than again everyone loses at a different pace.. I feel I'm not losing because I can't get enough Water or Protein down. Then tonight I tried to get a little more water down and threw up... Ugh but I know it will all be fine in a few months! Have faith!
  18. Not sure how your typing! I was out if it for two days after that anesthesia! Anyways, congrats! Sip sip sip... Walk walk walk... Roll to different sides in the bed....
  19. I'm 28 went back to work after a week. I have desk job so no heavy lifting etc. I stopped taking pain meds after 3rd day!
  20. jwhite692

    Glue on your cuts...

    It's finally starting to fall off! So it's not itching as much... Doctor said about 10-14 days it will all be gone. Cuts are almost completely healed :-)
  21. jwhite692

    Pureed food stall

    Have you tried baked chicken, turkey, or fish?
  22. jwhite692

    Miss soda?

    I miss my Dr Pepper