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  1. Chele H

    Pre-op liquid diet struggle!

    For me it was surely the hardest part of the process. Your doctor is right,the hunger decreases after about the 4th day. The head hunger is still there, though. I drank a lot of Vitamin Water Zero for the electrolytes and Vitamins. It helped with headaches and fatigue. Also, a hot mug of chicken or beef broth was good when I got tired of the sweet stuff and the hot temperature seemed to be somewhat satisfying. Good luck......You can do it.
  2. Are you drinking protein drinks? Are they whey and/or milk based? Some people become lactose intolerant after surgery.
  3. Chele H

    Woke!up choking

    Are you taking an acid blocker? Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium? If, not call your surgeon for a prescription or get some OTC at Wal-Mart or your local pharmacy. If you are already taking something you may have increase your dose or change to something different.
  4. What Avafern said! If it were me and ANY abnormality showed on my EKG or stress test there would be no way I would have anesthesia. Your primary is protecting himself and possibly you. You have waited this long, if you have to wait a little longer for your own safety, so be it. Good luck on Tuesday with your stress test.
  5. Chele H

    What Would You DO?!

    Your new insurance plan may exclude weight loss surgery, you already know you are covered now. I would do it as soon as possible and try to push the start date of your new job.
  6. Chele H

    Non-chewable vitamins

    I tried to edit but can't from my Kindle.....My mistake...My calcium is 250mg per pill. I take 3, plus there is calcium in my multi vitamin. I eat yogurt, cheese and drink milk. My labs have been good.
  7. Chele H

    Non-chewable vitamins

    She said they're too big and it's too many per day.I was cleared for all pills at one month post op. The calcium citrate I take are 500mg each so that's only 3 per day. Chewable were at to expensivesorry for me.
  8. Chele H

    Non-chewable vitamins

    And why can't you take calcium citrate pills? Sooooo much cheaper than the calcium chews.
  9. Chele H

    What can I do with...sweet peppers?

    I tried to edit but couldn't from my kindle but wanted to add They are "Philly Cheese Steak" stuffed peppers
  10. Chele H

    What can I do with...sweet peppers?

    The EASIEST stuffed peppers ever......saute some onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil until soft. Cut peppers half long ways, remove seeds, rib. Put a piece of provolone cheese in the pepper, add a few slices deli sliced roast beef, top with another slice of provolone cheese. Bake at 350° until heated through and cheese is melted. Low carb deliciousness!
  11. Are you taking a PPI? I was on Carafate and Prevacid for one month post op. These may help you. If you healing stomach does not like your meal plan, do not progress. Give your stomach some more time to heal. You can stay on the liquids longer. It seems very early to be eating eggs, tuna and chicken. My plan called for creamed soups, thinned cream of wheat and thinned mashed potatoes along with Water, broth, Protein drinks at the beginning. You can also try different temperatures and different kinds of water.....tap water, spring water, purified drinking water. Sounds silly but the sleeve is picky sometimes. There are still some brands of water that are difficult for me to drink. At the beginning I couldn't tolerate plain water. I mixed Apple juice with water 50/50. Yes, it had sugar and carbs but it kept dehydration away. Also, sugar free ice pops were my friend. Some people loved the crushed ice from Sonic. Each day it will get a little better, you will drink more. If you have any doubt or questions call your surgeons office.
  12. Chele H

    Extra skin questions

    The lotrimin will cure it as the hydrocortisone helps the itch. I don't have any real issue (extra skin but no rashes) insurance will not be paying for any tummy tuck for me : (
  13. Chele H

    Extra skin questions

    I forgot say.....mix a little otc hydrocortisone cream with the lotrimin if the area itches.
  14. Chele H

    Extra skin questions

    You probably have a yeast infection from the moisture. Use lotrimin or other anti-fungal cream. You can get these at Wal-Mart or a pharmacy. Keep the area clean and dry. You can use powder or cornstarch. You can also buy powder for jock itch like Tinactin. That being said....if you think you might want that skin removed someday, see your doctor and document the problem and take pictures. If it is an ongoing problem, your insurance may pay for skin removal.
  15. Ask yourself how many times you have tried to lose weight with the latest new diet. Ask yourself how successful you have been. Ask yourself how many times you have lost significant weight and kept it off. Not bashing, just being honest....because I asked myself those same questions. You have the answers. I tried it all....low fat, low carb, weight watchers, Atkins, slim fast. Lose some weight, always hungry, gain it back with more. The sleeve has made it possible for me to lose 75 pounds and maintain it. I never, ever thought I would be able to that in my lifetime battle with my weight. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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