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  1. So I thought I'd had heartburn for the past few months, but a recent scope revealed it is actually chemical gastritis. The doctor has prescribed medication to resolve the issue. Has anyone else had this issue? What was the outcome?
  2. chocolate_macchiato


  3. I'm six weeks post OP, does anyone know when it's safe to drink from a straw?
  4. I wouldn't chance it. Call you doctor, better safe then sorry.
  5. chocolate_macchiato

    3 days post surgery and vomiting....

    I was like that the first four days post op. They sent me home with anti-nausea medication it was so bad. Here was my regiment; take anti nausea medication wait 20 minutes take pain medicine, wait 20 more minutes then I could alternate popsicle, ice chip and sipping water. Hope this helps.
  6. chocolate_macchiato

    February Sleevers how are you?

    sugar free popsicles and gas ex were my favorites. Hang in there....bad times don't last for long.
  7. chocolate_macchiato

    Why are people so insensitive?

    Wow, what a jerk! Mean people suck!!
  8. chocolate_macchiato

    Tomorrow is the day.

    Yes! This bowel cleanse friggin sucks!
  9. chocolate_macchiato

    Surgery Tuesday! Getting nervous!

    I'm getting sleeved Tuesday as well. Super excited, I'm packed and ready to go!
  10. Why are so many commercials about food on television!! I really think I could naw my arm off!!
  11. chocolate_macchiato

    Nightline on Wednesday Feb 6

    I agree. Sounds like surgically induced anorexia.
  12. chocolate_macchiato

    Under 215 n bmi 36 anyone like this?

    I'm right there with you 5'2" 211 BMI 38. I was afraid of being denied as well but I have at least 3 comorbidities. Trust your surgeon he wouldn't put you all the prep work if he didn't believe you weren't an idea candidate.
  13. chocolate_macchiato

    any protein shake ideas?

    I am still pre-op but I wanted to get a jump on my protein intake. I use frozen fruit and your favorite protein drink/shake, put in a blender and make a shake. No sweetener or yogurt required the frozen fruit makes it thick and sweet enough. On days that I don't think ill get to my protein goal I add a scoop of protein to the mix and I get at least 50 grams in one shot.
  14. chocolate_macchiato

    Beginnings Of A New Me In 2013

    Good luck Mia!
  15. chocolate_macchiato

    Submitted to insurance

    Fingers crossed!

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