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  1. So I thought I'd had heartburn for the past few months, but a recent scope revealed it is actually chemical gastritis. The doctor has prescribed medication to resolve the issue. Has anyone else had this issue? What was the outcome?
  2. chocolate_macchiato


    From the album: Before

    Getting better and better!
  3. chocolate_macchiato


    Thank you!
  4. chocolate_macchiato


    Thank you! 45lbs to date.
  5. chocolate_macchiato


  6. I'm six weeks post OP, does anyone know when it's safe to drink from a straw?
  7. chocolate_macchiato

    IMG 7625

    Thank you ladies!
  8. chocolate_macchiato

    IMG 7625

    From the album: Before

    4 weeks post op 183lbs....I actually like my dress now!
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    From the album: Before

    01/2013 highest weight 211lbs
  10. I wouldn't chance it. Call you doctor, better safe then sorry.
  11. chocolate_macchiato

    3 days post surgery and vomiting....

    I was like that the first four days post op. They sent me home with anti-nausea medication it was so bad. Here was my regiment; take anti nausea medication wait 20 minutes take pain medicine, wait 20 more minutes then I could alternate popsicle, ice chip and sipping water. Hope this helps.
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    February Sleevers how are you?

    sugar free popsicles and gas ex were my favorites. Hang in there....bad times don't last for long.
  13. chocolate_macchiato

    Why are people so insensitive?

    Wow, what a jerk! Mean people suck!!
  14. chocolate_macchiato

    Tomorrow is the day.

    Yes! This bowel cleanse friggin sucks!
  15. chocolate_macchiato

    Surgery Tuesday! Getting nervous!

    I'm getting sleeved Tuesday as well. Super excited, I'm packed and ready to go!
  16. Why are so many commercials about food on television!! I really think I could naw my arm off!!
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    WOW!!! You look wonderful!
  18. chocolate_macchiato

    Nightline on Wednesday Feb 6

    I agree. Sounds like surgically induced anorexia.
  19. chocolate_macchiato

    Under 215 n bmi 36 anyone like this?

    I'm right there with you 5'2" 211 BMI 38. I was afraid of being denied as well but I have at least 3 comorbidities. Trust your surgeon he wouldn't put you all the prep work if he didn't believe you weren't an idea candidate.
  20. chocolate_macchiato

    any protein shake ideas?

    I am still pre-op but I wanted to get a jump on my protein intake. I use frozen fruit and your favorite protein drink/shake, put in a blender and make a shake. No sweetener or yogurt required the frozen fruit makes it thick and sweet enough. On days that I don't think ill get to my protein goal I add a scoop of protein to the mix and I get at least 50 grams in one shot.
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    Beginnings Of A New Me In 2013

    Good luck Mia!
  22. chocolate_macchiato

    Submitted to insurance

    Fingers crossed!
  23. chocolate_macchiato

    Constipation HELL....P!

    If you drink a hot beverage after, even plain water it'll make it work a bit faster.
  24. chocolate_macchiato

    Consult Appointment tomorrow!

    Congratulations!! Stay focused and keep looking forward to the next step and you'll be done and waiting before you know it!
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    I am so sorry you had to go through that, its ridiculous! Let your tears be your motivation for change. His personal opinion of your weight and body image has no place in the work place. What he did is absolutely in appropriate! I would start by going to him and telling him how uncomfortable that makes you. Stand up for yourself and you beliefs As far as you co-workers, tell them to mind their damn business!! If you wanted their opinion on this matter you would have given them one.

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