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  1. moonchild1968

    11 Months down 131 pounds

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is so encouraging to me at what appears to be a very slow weight loss stage in my journey. I know that I, too, will get to goal with perserverance and patience. When people like you reach back to share, it means the world. Hope you feel as great as you look. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to show off share my after pics.
  2. Congratulations! You look fab-u-lous! Oh, and you're most recent pic is nice, too!
  3. moonchild1968

    One week post-sleeve op. - hmmmmmm

    Hi. I'm sorry you've had a rough start. I am almost 8 weeks out and I can relate to some of your experience. I was in the same mindset 2 months ago. I woke up one morning about 5-6 days out and lay in bed wondering what the hell I had done. I've since collected myself and am now celebrating my sleeve more WHILE I adjust to my new stomach, appetite, and eating pattern....everything. I thought my belly looked deformed and bruised at first. My son thought it looked "cool". It's gotten/getting better...everything. It will for you, too. Hang in there.
  4. moonchild1968

    Its here!

    Congratulations! The nervousness is normal, but you're going to do great.
  5. The best part AND the hardest part has been eating less food and being satisfied with smaller portions. My body says "that's enough" and my mind responds with "for who?" I am reminded daily of how much I needed this surgery. I'm thankful for my second chance. I want to "rock my sleeve", too.
  6. moonchild1968

    Breakfast Wrap

    One to try. Sounds delish. Thanks!
  7. moonchild1968

    Any APRIL SLEEVERS? Let me know your progress !

    I revised from band to sleeve (all-in- one) on April 18 and I'm down 42 unbelievable pounds and while I'm moving around a lot more, a goal of mine is to establish a realistic exercise schedule, too.
  8. moonchild1968

    I have my sleeve

    Congrats! Welcome to Sleeveland!
  9. moonchild1968

    Post-op activity

    You might want to try starting a new thread to get more of a response to your question. Also, when searching older posts I've found the answers to many of my questions. I called my doctor's office A LOT in the first week or so, too. They're used to newbie questions and don't mind taking our calls. Good luck.
  10. moonchild1968

    Getting Started with an Exercise Program

    Good information to apply to my new journey. Thanks.
  11. moonchild1968

    Brand new! Just had my surgery 04/23/13

    It sounds like things are starting to get better for you which is great after a rough patch! I, too, am amazed at how much food is advertised on TV. I move to the pureed stage tomorrow and I've never been so excited about tuna salad in my life.
  12. moonchild1968

    Pre-Ops Listen Up! FAQ

    Being newly sleeved, I appreciate your post. Thanks.
  13. moonchild1968

    Eight days until my VSG surgery!YIKES!

    Congratulations on making the decision to take the bull by the horns. I can relate to all of your emotions. I was "all over the place" leading up to my surgery last week. I kept reminding myself of the actual statistics and the probable outcome. It helped me create a realistic view, not one based on fear. You'll do great, too. My message to my future self is: I promise to take care of you and never forget where you came from. I won't let you suffer under that weight, again. Good luck on your journey.
  14. moonchild1968

    Second time worked

    Hi. I appreciate your story. I was banded October 2007. I lost 60 give-or-take pounds and then regained everything over these 5 1/2 years. I was so reluctant to try again because I didn't want to give up the dream of my own band success story and I really, really did not want another WLS surgery. I went from band to sleeve a few days before you, on April 18 and I'm down an incredible 21 pounds with only a 2 day pre-op diet. I feel better already and I'm glad I gave myself another chance at permanent weight loss success. So far, so good. I'll be looking forward to your future posts. Thanks.
  15. moonchild1968

    5 Days Post Op and there's a dent in my stomach.

    Thanks ALL! Good looking out! I knew I could count on the VST crew for a quick response. I might have missed this bit of information while under the influence in the hospital, so thanks. p.s. I'm band-free and sleeved!

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