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    I am a 29 year old female in Knoxville, TN hoping to have WLS
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    Reading, rock music, being with my family
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    Kindergarten teacher
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  1. katierebecca83

    7 months post op

  2. katierebecca83

    5 months post op

  3. katierebecca83

    surgery day!

    Everything will be great! Keep us updated!
  4. I had my surgery July 25th, my 3 month appointment was yesterday. I've lost 43 pounds since the day of surgery. 72 pounds including pre op. High weight was 311, DOS 282, current 239. I'm 5'4.
  5. katierebecca83

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Thank you! I had mine 7/25. I did a 6 month pre op diet and lost 14 pounds, then a one week liquid diet right before surgery and lost another 15 that week. Day of surgery I was at 282. So since surgery I'm only down 37 pounds and mine was before yours. So don't worry, even if it comes off a bit more slowly than we'd like, at least it's coming off!!
  6. katierebecca83

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    2 and a half months out. Started at 311 lbs, currently 245 lbs. Loving life
  7. katierebecca83

    2 months post op progress

    My weight loss progress at 2 months post op
  8. katierebecca83

    Help with pic

    Yay! Looks great!
  9. katierebecca83

    3 month post op pic

    You look great! & your dog is adorable
  10. katierebecca83

    Help with pic

    Mime did the same thing! I originally uploaded it from my phone. When I re uploaded it from my computer it turned the right way though. So maybe try re doing it? Idk for sure but hopefully that will fix it for you too
  11. katierebecca83

    50 pounds down!

    Wow that is really close! Congratulations to you too! It's so exciting, isn't it?
  12. katierebecca83

    50 pounds down!

    Thanks everyone!! It's such a great feeling to finally be successful
  13. I love being in the water, swimming and water aerobics. My surgeon said 2 to 4 weeks depending on how quickly my incisions healed. They were healed by 1 week but I waited until 4 just to be safe. 8 weeks doesn't seem necessary.
  14. katierebecca83

    50 pounds down!

    Thanks guys!!!!

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