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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Today I have had on the way to work 20 oz of water Breafast - instant yougurt w greek yourgurt lunch med Tomato soup now im sipping on aPink lemondae Crystal light drink with a scope of strawberry unjury sobet in it.
  2. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. And the comments are still coming WOW :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . the best thing for me it to just laugh at all the negative. FOr the ones that have inboxed me I will keep you all posted. They said I can pick up my pictures on friday and then I have my second opinion on the 6th.
  5. once again like I said I am not worried about if you believe me or not. I didnt come for that as explain earlier in this post. I only came to ask if anyone had went thru this situation before, I personally can give to fucks about what ever you thnk. This as been an extremly long 7 weeks for me. but with my determination I will get to the bottom of this sooner then later. SO FEEL FRRE TO KISS MY *POSTERIOR*. i HATE THAT i CAME HERE FOR ADVICE BUT NOW i GETTING BEATING UP LIKE I AM LYING. I DONT NEED ATTENTION. I HAVE THAT AT HOME.
  6. Dr nain with the assistant of dr Donaldson and dr hamli
  7. No need to explain anything. I was sleeved 12-12-12 (actually got it tatted on my ankle) I have no need to lie. Mater of fact I'm just going to stop posting and get everything in writing and go from there. Thanks again everyone and I will most def keep the ones that seem generally interested in this topic. Im going to bed now. Ill keep you posted
  8. It's about facts. At this point I will gather up my info and go to another surgeon and see what's going on.
  9. I know. Now you know my pain. Thru out my 7 weeks I have have only messed up once and I was so scared of what could happen. I turned 30 a 2 weeks ago and I told my friends and family dinner would be a waste of time. And no partying because I can't drink. I am HUGE on borthdays so to not come into my 30's with a bang had to be for a great reason. and getting a new start was one but it going down the wrong tunnel. Something in my heart tells me that it was done wrong and god hates ugly so the truth is coming. Ill keep very one posted. Within the next couple of days. Please keep me I your prayers with this journey!
  10. No pain what's so ever. I actually started lifting weights for my arms. I promise you. It's extremely funny for the things I can do compared to the ppl that had the surgery the same time as me.
  11. I just looked up some symptoms for a leak and I don't have them. I do have some tightness around the chest area that started yesterday but other then that I'm completely fine

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