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  1. I am only 7 weeks out and I really don't see how I did this. I am waiting for my surgery pics so I can get a second opinion. There is just no way.
  2. Went to my primary today and she told me that I should have gotten the bypass. I have gained all weight back
  3. Today I have had on the way to work 20 oz of water Breafast - instant yougurt w greek yourgurt lunch med Tomato soup now im sipping on aPink lemondae Crystal light drink with a scope of strawberry unjury sobet in it.
  4. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  5. And the comments are still coming WOW :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . the best thing for me it to just laugh at all the negative. FOr the ones that have inboxed me I will keep you all posted. They said I can pick up my pictures on friday and then I have my second opinion on the 6th.
  7. once again like I said I am not worried about if you believe me or not. I didnt come for that as explain earlier in this post. I only came to ask if anyone had went thru this situation before, I personally can give to fucks about what ever you thnk. This as been an extremly long 7 weeks for me. but with my determination I will get to the bottom of this sooner then later. SO FEEL FRRE TO KISS MY *POSTERIOR*. i HATE THAT i CAME HERE FOR ADVICE BUT NOW i GETTING BEATING UP LIKE I AM LYING. I DONT NEED ATTENTION. I HAVE THAT AT HOME.
  8. Dr nain with the assistant of dr Donaldson and dr hamli
  9. No need to explain anything. I was sleeved 12-12-12 (actually got it tatted on my ankle) I have no need to lie. Mater of fact I'm just going to stop posting and get everything in writing and go from there. Thanks again everyone and I will most def keep the ones that seem generally interested in this topic. Im going to bed now. Ill keep you posted
  10. It's about facts. At this point I will gather up my info and go to another surgeon and see what's going on.
  11. I know. Now you know my pain. Thru out my 7 weeks I have have only messed up once and I was so scared of what could happen. I turned 30 a 2 weeks ago and I told my friends and family dinner would be a waste of time. And no partying because I can't drink. I am HUGE on borthdays so to not come into my 30's with a bang had to be for a great reason. and getting a new start was one but it going down the wrong tunnel. Something in my heart tells me that it was done wrong and god hates ugly so the truth is coming. Ill keep very one posted. Within the next couple of days. Please keep me I your prayers with this journey!
  12. No pain what's so ever. I actually started lifting weights for my arms. I promise you. It's extremely funny for the things I can do compared to the ppl that had the surgery the same time as me.
  13. I just looked up some symptoms for a leak and I don't have them. I do have some tightness around the chest area that started yesterday but other then that I'm completely fine
  14. That's what I thought. I have been sick. Or felt any pain or anything. I snapped back to my life like nothing ever happen. My surgery was with blueprint surgical group
  15. Yes starting this week I have cut back to one drink and the rest Water. My primary told me to try that also. When I asked the surgeon today he told me that was fine but I have to disagree so I'm cutting back for two weeks to see if that works.
  16. If I was to have a leak would I be in some type of pain or anything? Fever pain or anything
  17. In northern va. My surgery was at 9 I was in revelry u til 4. Woke extremely hungry but the urad wouldn't let me eat until the doctor came. He didnt come until the next morning he told me I didn't have to take the leak test and I could eat. I had two cups of chicken broth and one orange jello and a cup of lemon crystal light. I will remember this forever. And that is be ause the nurse kept telling me I was the only one able to eat and walk for 20 mins or more. I litteray felt like I hadn't had anything done. I thought it was because of my age and because I have never been a lazy person. I'm a do it your self type girl.
  18. Well I'm sorry that you feel that way. I didn't make this post to prove anything to you. I simply posted it because I wanted to know if anyone else went thru the same thing. He did X-rays today's and That's how he came about the reason. I have already requested my surgery pictures today. I do know that I didn't have to drink the leak test stuff in the hospital because they said it was no need. I have a close friend that had the surgery in march of 2012, she referenced me to her surgeon for a second opinion. Once I have all that I need to know I will glad upload pics and paper. This is not something that I came up with. As I have stated in previous post. I have never felt ANY of the things that you all have felt. I was in weds and out Friday on the treadmill sat and back at work on Monday. With not a on e of Any pain Meds. I walk and or work out 5 days a week. I eat what I am suppose to. I live with someone who had the surgery 6 months before me so if I were eat wrong she would have let me know. Only thing that she has ever said to me was that she thinks that I drink to much Protein. I am very afraid of losing my hair. My doc td me as long as I get my protein in I should be fine. So I drink protein all day long. Drinking wise I probably get 120 grams a day not including the food I eat. This is already a stressful thing for me so please please don't tell me I am confused about something that my SURGEON has told me. Weather it be right or wrong I no what was said to me. So I am now taking it to the me t level to get the problem fixed. Once again I just wanted to know of any surgeons I. My area or has anyone ever went thru this before.
  19. It's not that I couldn't stop eating 4oz was not enough for me. In the hospital I was eating more then 4 oz. I really don't think I ate alot at all.
  20. I went because of my 20 lb weight gain. I really hurts to get on here and see that ppl have lost any weight. I'm 7 weeks out and I weight more now then I did the day of my surgery. We went over my eat habits and my exercise routine. Then they sent me to the hospital across the street and 2 hours later they called me and told me what they found. But I really don't see how. I honestly don't think they took enough at surgery but I have no way of finding out. So now I am looking for a second opinion and a way to get this fixed

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