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  1. Been a while since I've last posted, and lots have been going on! Stepped on the scale this morning and i am officially 155 pounds! hooray for me. never thought I'd make it to that goal but I surely did. In other news, I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Complete shocker I know. It's been hard, but this pregnancy is pretty much treating me like im 3 months post op. Slow and steady has been winning the race. I hope everyone can continue to be inspired by all that I've come thru. There is life after the sleeve, and a much more rewarding 1!
  2. compression garment is just another name for shapewear but the compression is a lot stronger and designed to contour the waist area. most of them using a strong fabric called powernet. many people wear compression garments after liposuction to contour the body.. I recently began considering lipo and got into research on compression garments and figured if i wear them around the clock, i should get a good contour without the lipo (i mean im losing weight anyhow). there are many different kinds. the number one brands are Vedette Shapewear, Squeem Miracle Vests and Body Panty and Fajas Columbianas. Im sure there are tons more but these are the ones i currently have, and i use the squeem around the clock. they are uncomfortable but the more you wear them the loser they get (inches are coming off) and as you train the waist, you move to smaller and smaller sizes. i started off in a large squeem now i am in a medium. i sold my large on craigslist and it went so fast. people really are obsessed with squeems. makes a huge difference and looks great in clothes. hides unnecessary rolls and things like that. i've become obsessed and i even sleep in them.
  3. Cardio gets the fat off! If you’re in the early stages of this weight loss, I just want to share and point out, that the best thing you can do to see inches lost and pounds keep coming off is Cardio! And tons of it. Cardio can be boring. I’ll agree. But it’s soooo effective in getting the heart rate up and also building the endurance required to get through those intense weight training sessions when they are added into your exercise regimen. I have been doing some tests on myself just trying to figure out my body. I am a gym rat at this point nearly 7 months post op. I do a lot of strength training and cardio. I notice some weeks I just don’t have the energy reserve to weight train, but because my endurance is so great I just go cardio crazy just to say I didn’t sit on my a** all week. This usually happens about 1-2 weeks before my menstrual comes along. I notice during this period I lose pounds (somewhere between 4-6 pounds in a week if I go consistently 5 days straight at 1 hour each day). Then when I jump back into my weight training, there is no loss, but rather a small gain (usually about .5-1 pound) but inches are loss. I’m guessing this is because muscle is replacing fat, and a pound of fat is much fluffier than a pound of muscle, thus why weight stays the same but body looks and feels smaller. Unintentionally I have been playing this game with my body, and it happens to work! Bodybuilders would call this cut and bulk phasing. Where they’d do massive weight training and eat like crazy to bulk up and gain some serious muscle, then do massive cardio and cut calories to cut some serious fat. They play this game alternating week by week sometimes longer, and this is what creates that chiseled ripped look. You bulk up for muscle, and cut to get rid of excess fat! In spite of it all, if you’re beginning to work out, don’t overwhelm yourself trying to weight train. Leave that for later when you’ve plateaued and want to switch up your regimen and jump start your metabolism. Just get into cardio for now. Your intake is already limited. The cardio will do its job for you. Become comfortable (not bored) with it. Switch it up. Try walking 30 minutes a day. When that gets easy, try a treadmill at the same pace but with an incline. You’ve doubled calories burned that quick! When that gets easy, jump on the elliptical (low impact and easy and burns a ton of calories once you get your breathing right). When that gets easy, add the stair master. Incorporate programs like 0 to 5k to increase endurance. Just work on that heart! It is essentially what burns fat and boosts the metabolism. Once you’re good with that, start weight training. You’ll have the endurance necessary to get through the workouts, and you’ll begin to tone and build muscle. The best thing for your body at this stage in the game is to get active. Don’t just sit around because your stomach is the size of a tennis ball and wait for the weight to fall off! Be proactive! Nothing worse than a skinny fat person! Meaning a person that is in the ideal weight range as far as BMI but has a body fat % of over 30%. Believe me, most skinny people are fat! Also don’t get bogged down with BMI charts. They are very misleading. For example, a man 5’8 at 200 pounds is considered to have a bmi of 30 which is obese. But what if he is only 8% body fat (like most bodybuilders)? Is he really obese or unhealthy? Or in vice versa, a female that is 5’5 at 130 pounds and 38% body fat. Her BMI is 21 which is in the normal range, but she is unhealthy. Build muscle, burn fat! And the best way to jumpstart that is cardio. You will look better and feel better.. hope this helps you guys, especially the beginners!
  4. princesstia

    Fat vs Muscle Image

    wow this just got me excited all over again!
  5. princesstia

    Plastics referral for Atlanta

    there is a site called realself.com that gives great reviews on plastic surgeons all over the country. not sure what procedure your interested in but this is a great starting point!
  6. princesstia

    9 months later

    wow! can't wait to reach that milestone!
  7. http://5daypouchtest.com/ here's more info!
  8. happy to report another 2 pound loss from yesterday
  9. princesstia

    5 mo questions

    this is exactly what happened to me. I recommend doing the 5 day pouch test since your so far out already. I started it sunday and was 192.5.. stepped on the scale yesterday evening and was 188.5... stepped on the scale this morning and was 186. I definitely think things are rebooting themselves. Especially with this new found hunger i have.
  10. For me personally, when first coming out of surgery, smaller gel encapsulated pills were pretty easy for me to get down. By 3 months post op, I was able to swallow any sized pill. Now I take even the huge fish oil pills with no problem. I know it varies from person to person, because many people are over 1 year post op and still have a hard time swallowing pills. I got easier for me however, the more i tried to get them down. Hope this helps!
  11. princesstia


    congrats! wait til you get out of the 190s... it was a struggle for me but maaaan.. it felt good!
  12. princesstia

    Somehow still not fast enough...

    dont feel bad. i know exactly how you feel! Im six months post op and have lost 70 pounds but have seen the scale move up a total 7 pounds and am like is this really it?! super frustrating especially when you go into the surgery have high expectations. but just so you know.. you are doing fine. my doctor actually told me i was losing too fast and to try and intake more. 8-10 pounds a month is more than enough. Gives your body a chance to catch up to itself. dont worry. just know, as long as the scale is moving down, no matter how slow, its moving in the right direction!
  13. princesstia

    All of my December sleevers...

    I am 6 months post op today and I have lost 71 pounds thus far!!! woop!!! Photo: me preop, me at 3months post op, and me at 6 months post op
  14. princesstia

    6 months post op ** NEW PICS**

    I said I'd try not measuring and weighing myself. But let me tell you, the inches are definitely leaving. Im in a size 12/13 starting from a size 18. I've given away all my clothes. The bikini i tried on is an extra large top and medium bottom. For some reason, my boobies just won't go! But thank you! I have to just keep working at it and stop looking at the scale!
  15. I am officially 6 months post op tomorrow and i am down 71 pounds. Starting weight: 256 Current weight: 185 Goal weight: 140-150 (depending on how i look at 150) I said i wanted to get into a bikini by 6 months.. and honey I did. Didn't say I would wear it... just wanted to get into it! At a terrible stall however. I've not recorded a lost in an entire month. I'm working out every single day (even see my abs starting to form) and the scale just won't move. At first I thought it was Water weight. Now I just have no clue! Anyone have any suggestions on how to jumpstart this weight loss again?!?!? If not, I'm going to have to try the pouch test.

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