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  1. Kelsan

    I dont even know what a blog is!

    Just keep pushing along and you'll be great. What will be, shall be. Good luck with everything!!!
  2. I would want them done at the same time too, even if it is more painful. Whatever your surgeon thinks is best. Keep us posted.
  3. Kelsan

    So im doing my cardio and

    Some people just have not empathy for others. I'm sure chubby people aren't the only group they talk badly about. It's their personality and I feel sorry for people like that.
  4. Congratulations, that's so exciting. Keep us posted on how you're feeling. Good luck!!!
  5. Kelsan

    Anyone have BSBC michigan?

    Hi there, I have bcbs of Mi too. Ther required six months dr. supervised diet, plus my surgeon had a few of his own. I could of had my surgery as soon as the six months were finished. Good luck - hope all oes well.
  6. I've been wondering this same thing, so thanks for making this post! Also thank you so much to the great responses. I've learned a lot right here.
  7. Thanks for sharing your story! You've done an amazing job!
  8. Kelsan

    Telling other people

    I only told my mother and my husband (because I couldn't have done it without their help). I'm just not ready to come out of the pantry yet, and I may not!
  9. Kelsan

    liquid diet

    It's rough, but I'm glad that part is over! Good luck on your surgery.
  10. Kelsan

    116 lost with PICS!

    wow...just WOW!!
  11. Kelsan

    More on Gov. Christie...

    congrats to him, i hope he's successful.
  12. Congratulations on a great loss! Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you much continued success!
  13. Kelsan

    6 weeks post op and miserable

    Oh, I'm sorry you're not feeling very good. I can understand how you'd feel this way though, but I'm only three days out - but it has been a challenging three days I hope we both look back on this time and are able to say (like most others) how we're so happy we had it done and the only regret is not doing it sooner. Can you talk to your nutritionist/or doctor about your pain when eating and discuss options?
  14. Thanks for posting the topic. It's something I've been curious about too! Good luck.
  15. I know what ya mean. I just try and show the Grinch's of the world a little love in hopes that they can pay it forward. It's my inner pollyanna/tree hugger comming out, either that or i'm actually starving from this pre-op liquid diet!!!

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