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  1. i think they send it off to have it analyzed my doc did any way..
  2. stamour1

    10 1/2 months post op

    u look amazing...
  3. yes 100 percent when i was in the hospital I was asking the nurse about alot of questions and she said u only read about the bad stuff but i have never met anyone that has had has regretted it . it hard work but would never go back and not have the surgery best thing i have ever did no matter how hard it gets some times...
  4. stamour1

    eating better

    has anyone had a hard time with the life style change of eating better? im so use to eating junk i feel like i missing an old friend it sad that i depended on food so much and not just for nourishment and learning to eat slower has been hard for me can anyone give me some advice????
  5. stamour1

    10 months and 115 down w/ pic

    u look amazing was i hard in the being?? i five weeks out ...
  6. stamour1

    July sleevers please check in..

    what amount of cal should i be eating im five weeks out ????
  7. how often do u take it? and how so does it work? i think i might have to try it out...
  8. stamour1

    Hello Everyone! :)

    How long did it take u to lose your weight and was it hard in the dirt few months?? I five week out and I think it a lot to do mentally. P.s u look amazing hope I get there one day
  9. stamour1

    so tired and weak

    thank god im five week out and today i didnt feel good at all cant wait to feel normal i go back to work tuesday maybe that will give some normal???
  10. omg thank god i thought i was the only one that felt that way cant wait till i feel normal...
  11. i asked the doc why im not losing more weight he asked if im getting all my protein in and i said no he said if u dont your body will think your starving and u wont lose weight so make sure your getting your 60 grams of protein in
  12. this might so dumb but a tank top ive never worn one because my arms are so big.
  13. stamour1


    my doc said i could walk right away then 3 weeks and im ok to work out
  14. omg this happens to me when I act like a little piggy and eat to fast I'm so use to eating fast that its hard to eat slow but i will get there some day just take it slow and i also get sick when i eat some thing not supposta have the other day late a soft pretzel about half of it and i was driving down the road and had to throw up now if that aint nasty i dont know what is....
  15. stamour1

    Hiatal Hernia

    i had a 3 for one surgery i had hernia fixed and gallbladder removed and the sleeve.. you'll be fine and wont even know they fixed it.