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    tigerbelle reacted to Jen3 for a blog entry, **100 lbs Gone**   
    I started this journey in October 2012 and now its June 2013 and I am down 100 lbs.... It wasn't easy either I have made a lot of mistakes somewhere daily but I kept my focus worked out, even when I made bad choices I didn't let them affect me the rest of the day like I have done in the past. I have done weight watchers, counting calories and nutri system and have never lost much or stuck to something so hard. At first I felt like this was wrong because I was dropping weight fast and that I couldn't do it on my own before. Well I couldn't do it on my own I needed help and I found it and I will never look back on those 100 lbs or bring them with me to future. This is the best choice that I have ever made and I would do again if I had too... This has changed my life and I can’t wait to lose the next 75 lbs! :wub:
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    tigerbelle reacted to asifitsthelast for a blog entry, Picked a site for my wedding   
    We picked where we are getting married yesterday I am so excited. Hopefully I am at goal in 6 months so I can get a dress early enough. A gorgous farm (no animals lol) 33 acres awesome barn for reception and its a bed and breakfast. You rent it for the whole weekend. Im excited takes some of the stress away.
    April 12th 2014 here we come
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    tigerbelle reacted to MeMeMEEE for a blog entry, approaching 2 years out!   
    I can't believe I am so close to 2 years post op. It has flown by. I have been on vacation for the last week and yesterdays weigh in was mid day when I got home. This morning I was 108.2. This surgery is the best thing I have ever done for myself. despite the trouble I had in the beginning.
    SW 242 Height 4'11''
    6 month Pre-op loss (-28.6)
    Surgery date 8/8/11 213.4
    1 month - 194.2 (- 19.2)
    2 months - 180 (- 14.2)
    3 months - 170.2 (- 9.8)
    4 months - 164.4 (- 5.8)
    5 months - 167.2 (+ 2.8)
    6 months - 162.4 (-4.8)
    7 months - 155.4 (-7)
    8 months - 149.6 (-5.8)
    9 months - 143.4 (-6.2)
    10 months - 139 (-4.4)
    11 months - 132.6 (-6.4)
    12 months - 126.8 (-5.8)
    13 months - 121.4 (-5.4) Made goal! Normal BMI!
    14 months - 118 (-3.4)
    15 months - 116.2 (-1.8)
    16 months - 114.8 (-1.4)
    17 months - 112.6 (-2.2)
    18 months - 114.6 (+2)
    19 months - 109 (-5.6)
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    tigerbelle reacted to nygurl for a blog entry, one more night here...   
    The surgery yesterday evening went well, they were able to get the kidney stone out, so that's good. I'm still uncomfortable, and running a fever on and off due to the infection it caused. My blood pressure is kind of all over the place, one reading high- the next might be low- the next normal...so between that and the fever, they're keeping me one more night to make sure they get all the antibiotcs on board that they wanted to.
    (P.S.- these liquid meds TASTE TERRIBLE! lol)
    As much of a bummer as it is to have kindey stones, I really took a lot of comfort in knowing, I have no remaining issues from surgery. The pain I thought I was having b/c of it turned out to be kidney stone, so I'm completely healed and doing well with my sleeve itself.
    I've also found now that the stone is out- and the pain is down, I'm much better at getting my fluids in- still working on the protein angle, but it's hard to fill that order at the hospital- I've been using muscle milk for now- just to get something in.
    Thanks all for the support and well wishes the other day! Best of luck to the rest of you sleevers!
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    tigerbelle reacted to joatsaint for a blog entry, Can You Fail With The Sleeve?   
    I believe anyone that has 85% of their stomach removed will lose weight. You can't help but lose, if you are limited to 4oz of food every few hours.
    Now the big question is, where is your hunger coming from? Only you can figure that part out. Is it from emotional eating, boredome, stress, or is it because you have hunger pangs caused by the hormone ghrelin?
    From my own experience, I knew that my hunger was real (even though I had eaten 2 hours earlier, I'd be hungry again). It wasn't until I talked to my surgeon that he told me that I had an excess of the hormone ghrelin (produced by the stomach). The bigger the stomach, the more of the hormone produced.
    The surgery stopped my hunger pangs. I have not had that nagging sense of hunger (other than my stomach growling) since surgery 7 weeks ago. And 4 or 5 oz of food keeps me satisfied, whereas before, I could eat 1 lb of steak and know I'd be raiding the fridge in 2 hours.
    And I don't have any cravings anymore for certain flavors. Whereas before, I'd think about something that would taste good and I couldn't get the thought out of my head until I ate it - and a lot of it, not just a small portion.
    Don't get me wrong, you can sabotage yourself after surgery. There are foods, called slider foods, that are calorie dense (ice cream, peanut butter) that pass through the stomach quickly, so it's possible to eat more. And it is possible to just graze all day on snacks that are high in calories.
    The sleeve gave me the control over my eating that I needed. When I eat, I have full control of what I eat. I can pass on the donuts or just have 1 and be satisfied. With the exception of pasta - it triggers my sugar cravings. So I have to be real careful about eating it.
    But I don't know if I'd the same success if my hunger was tied to my emotions instead of hormones.
    I really believe food was an addiction - one you can't quit and never touch again.
    Other addictions can be quit and never touched again. But what if a heroine addict, smoker or alcoholic knew they had to take some every day or their body would die?
    What if they had 75 TV channels that ran commericals for cigarrets every 10 minutes during their favorite programs? Or had reality programs (like the best places to pig out or the food challenges) devoted to the best places to get their fix and showed people taking drugs and loving it? Could the addicts just reduce the amount they took every day and never over do it or would they give in to the nagging voice in their head telling them how good it was going to feel?
    Ok, rant over. :-)

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