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  1. tigerbelle

    Checking in...18 months post op

    thanks for that update post...I also haven't been around here for a while...I am almost 15 months post-op so don't really consider myself a veteran yet..lol...I am disappointed in myself, because I haven't lost any weight since around November...didn't do great around the holidays and have had some medical issues the past couple of months which have made me almost house bound...I hope to make it through all of that in the next couple of weeks and rededicate myself to reaching--or at least getting closer to--my goal weight...until I had these recent health setbacks, I was actually doing quite well with my diabetes control (not so much these last couple of months)...I am praying to get that back in control as that was more of a motivation for me to have the surgery than the weight loss itself...I hope all are doing well and would love to hear some more updates--especially from my fellow May 2013 sleevers
  2. you are beautiful...congrats on your success
  3. great update, T....I am curious as to what a day in your life is like (eating wise) now that you are (very successfully) one year out..also, what kind of workout/exercise regimen are you now on? thanks and kudos to you
  4. tigerbelle

    Why Can't I Eat Salad!

    it's still iffy for me when I eat salad or raw veggies--especially lettuce...I try to minimize lettuce salads, even though I love salads, because it will sometimes go right through me, if you know what I mean
  5. what has been your experience with hair loss? I am interested in anyone's experience who is willing to share...did/are you experiencing hair loss? when did it start and how long did it continue? did your hair grow back to the way it was pre-surgery? how bad would you say the hair loss was? did others seem to notice your hair loss? anything else you care to share? thanks
  6. tigerbelle

    Still in the hospital

    any update? did I miss an update in another post?
  7. I am just going to put this question out there and ask for feedback of all types...be as blatant and harsh as necessary...I am thick skinned...I am going on a cruise next month...it will be my first cruise--actually first vacation--since my VSG...I was sleeved on May 9th, so when my cruise starts I will be at 5 months post-op...to date I have lost a little over 50 lbs--not as quickly as I had hoped but my health is getting better and the scale is still moving downward (although slowly most weeks)...my main problem right now--and what I think is the most contributing to my slow weight loss--is my lack of true exercise...and that is primarily a factor of how low my energy level is plus the standard excuse of long work hours this summer...as for my eating habits, I am generally pleased although I know I could do better--I am definitely not a role model for sure...my average daily calorie intake is around 800, and I generally get all of my Proteins and Vitamins in and do just ok with my Fluid intake...my food choices are about 75-80% "good"...about 10% "mediocre" and then the other 10% definitely not on-plan...I only have a bite every once in a while of starchy carbs (bread, potatoes, rice, etc.--I never have anywhere near a serving--it's more like a single french fry or a bite of bread...I don't eat sweets or Desserts at all...what I do occasionally cheat on is something like fried foods--even though my quantity will be low, it's the food itself that is a cheat...for example, 80% of the time I eat lean meats like turkey or chicken grilled or fish grilled...but the other times I will cheat with a fried chicken finger...or a drumstick fried...I will sometimes even eat a few fried shrimp instead of the griled version...my big splurge food is peanut butter--I know it's high in calories, but I love it and it never makes my tummy feel bad--at least every other night I have a tablespoon or two, sometimes as my meal ok...sorry for going on so long but I wanted to give you the background for my question...if you are still reading, that is as I said, next month I am going on a cruise...part of me wants to just take that week and do my best to "forget" I even had WLS--other than the amount of food...in other words, even though I cannot eat a large quantity of food, especially at one time, I just want to eat whatever I am in the mood to eat--even if it's bread....or french fries...or fried chicken...even if I can only eat 5 french fries...and if I want to have a cookie, for example, I want to eat one, even if that becomes my Breakfast for the day...my question to you and the feedback I want is this: how much damage could this do? I don't really mean physical damage (since I will be 5 months post-op), even though feedback on that is welcome...I am also not extremely concerned about possibly gaining a couple of pounds....but to be honest the main "damage" I am concerned about is emotional damage; i.e., starting down a slippery slope by allowing myself to go so completely off my dietary plan I am worried that I will like the feeling of eating what I want and that this will make it difficult to get back on track once my vacation is over ok....lay it on me...as I said any and all feedback is wanted
  8. tigerbelle

    Progress picture!

    you look amazing!....and 115 lbs at 6 months out is awesome....congrats on your success I don't see how your surgeon could not be pleased...and how do you feel with over a 100 pounds gone?
  9. looking good! congrats on your success and six-month surgiversary!
  10. tigerbelle


    prayers from me....sorry for the complications you've had...I am hoping that in 6 months, this is just a bad memory
  11. I also thank you for sharing...you most definitely are a strong woman
  12. you've got some great advice from the previous posters...I cannot add much more except to agree with them...I am almost 4 months post-op and still in a learning curve...like Camella with the ice cream, I have overeaten my sleeve on a few occasions and felt miserable and each time I think "I have learned my lesson now"...you are going to have setbacks (and, yes, even weight loss stalls), but just keep going and feel proud of yourself for the effort and for moving in the right direction...also, even though others will probably disagree, I would not stress much about the liquid and protein intake...I was very concerned because I wasn't reaching the goals set by my NUT, but when I had my follow-up with my surgeon at about 3 months, he wasn't concerned at all and said I was doing fine with both...best wishes on your journey and I recommend hanging out here on the board as you have time--it's a great source of info and encouragement--and when you need to vent!
  13. tigerbelle

    An Emotional Mess

    I think a lot of us can relate...I am 4 months out almost and still am experiencing emotional issues and life adjustments
  14. tigerbelle

    progress pics

    progress pics are fun...good job...keep up the good work
  15. tigerbelle

    clothes! !

    I think it differs so much depending on the person's body shape and such...I was about 270 surgery day and now weigh about 223 (only 5'2" tall)...one of my frustrations is that I don't think I have moved down much in clothing size...just one size--from a 22 to a 20--with 45 lbs....at this rate, even when I am at my goal weight I will just be down to a size 16...oh well, if I am healthy, I don't care
  16. tigerbelle

    Mashes potatoes

    It was two weeks for me, too, until my NUT's plan allowed soft foods...even then (and now still at 4 months post-op) my NUT's plan is no starchy carbs--no rice, bread, potatoes, cereal, crackers, etc.....I very rarely cheat with this rule, and the few times I have, it's only been a bite or two
  17. tigerbelle


    similar to Arts I don't eat salad much because I am focusing on getting proteins in, and the salad will fill me up too fast...I love salad though and do have it on occasion along with my meal...if I eat more than a few bites though it takes up too much room in my stomach, and I can't get much protein in...unlike pre-surgery, I don't have salad only as a meal any more, and I admit I miss that (I am almost 4 months post-op)
  18. tigerbelle

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    vicki and misslady, congrats to you both...I am curious about your loss of weight and the concurrent change in clothes size...I know everyone is different, but one thing that I am disappointed in (a little) is that I haven't changed clothes sizing much and not sure why...I had surgery May 6 and have lost 45 lbs.; I am not thrilled with how slow, but I am still glad to have the 45 lbs. gone...at the time I had surgery, I was wearing a 22/24 (mostly a 22 in pants, for example)...now I am only down 1 size; i.e., now I am wearing 18/20...mostly a 20 in pants...in tops, I was wearing a 2X and now a 1X...it's a little discouraging to think it takes me 40 lbs to lose a clothes size I did this for the health benefits (and I am doing great in that respect), so I am not complaining--just a little perplexed
  19. tigerbelle

    Anyone NOT able to exercise?

    I don't have the energy to exercise...I am 3 months post-op...I think it has slowed my potential weight loss down...I try to walk in the evenings when I can, and I do plan to return to at least some moderate exercise at the fitness center soon (when the fall begins)...best of luck to you
  20. laura-ven, I hope my experience is like yours...I am 51 (yikes) and 3 months post-op...I definitely have lost weight in my face and neck, and I definitely think it makes me look even older than I am...I hope by the time I am a year out, I "bounce" back as well...but, like you and others, the health benefits will outweigh the looking older
  21. when I just saw the topic heading....and before I even read your actual post....my simple answer was "nothing"....you owe no one an explanation or justification
  22. tigerbelle

    before and during

    looking great...congrats...and you have a beautiful family
  23. tigerbelle

    OMG! I'm FREAKING out!

    I had great anxiety pre-op as well, and it helped me to read feedback here on the message board...I recall others posting that it was normal to feel anxiety and that you probably wouldn't be normal if you didn't...all of your fears are understandable, but you have taken all of the proper steps I think in preparing for this major step in my opinion...just keep reassuring yourself of all of the things you have mentioned above...also, as I do whenever I have anxiety issues, I recommend you also just allow yourself to "feel" the anxiety...I know it sounds weird, but trying not to be anxious actually makes you more anxious, and it becomes a vicious cycle...if you just "go with" the anxiety and accept it as normal and expected, I think it will help...at least that helps me....best to you
  24. tigerbelle


    I think you are right about the exercise...I think that is why I am a slow loser--because I just don't have the energy to do much exercise
  25. tigerbelle

    Drinking water too soon after a meal

    I just get an ucomfortable feeling like being overly full or bloated

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