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  1. deanac

    Not hungry, hate eating

    Thank you everyone. I'm at 175 right now I haven't really talked to anyone but my hemotologist, who didn't seem concerned. I don't get my 100g of protein tho I know I should. But again, nothing tastes right and it's a big food turn-off. I'll see if I can get in to see Dr. K. I haven't seen him since maybe a 2 years after my surgery. So I should probably have a followup. Thank you everyone.
  2. deanac

    Not hungry, hate eating

    Actually, he's the absolute LEAST of my problems. He's amazingly caring and concerned. He is aware I've had surgery because we worked together for 13 years before we became romantically involved. I'm concerned about my general health. I just can't imagine not eating (i.e. starving myself?) is good for me. I have several vitamin deficiencies and have seen a doctor (on a new vitamin/supplement plan). I guess I'm just confused because years ago, i remember reading about people eating 2 or 3 eggs, several slices of bacon, etc. at one sitting and I can barely choke down 1 egg and 1/2 piece of bacon.
  3. Hi all. Just wondering about something. I'm 8 years out from surgery, almost to the day. I lost about 95-100 pounds depending on the day. For the last couple of years, I've gotten to the point where I *hate* eating. Nothing sounds good, nothing tastes good, most of the time I'm not even hungry. And when I do eat, it's the tiniest few bites. I haven't gained anything back, but I haven't lost either. I'm now engaged and my fiance is driving me crazy always trying to get me to eat, even when I absolutely insist I don't want to. I know he's just concerned but I don't know what to tell him. Has anyone else experienced this? Any input is greatly appreciated, -Deana
  4. You're only eating twice a day?
  5. Dehydration lowers blood pressure which can make you dizzy. Hard as it is, drink drink drink.
  6. deanac

    How Far Do You Have To Travel?

    About 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  7. deanac

    You Know You're A Sleever When...

    You order a kid's meal when you go out with friends and your friends finish it!
  8. My doctor wouldn't let me out of the hospital until i did. It was about a day and a half, maybe 2 days?
  9. 1. Being out of breath. 2. Having to shop at "special " stores and pay extra. 3. Crushing myself against the window side and sitting at an angle so i don't spill into the seat beside me on the plane. 4. Not going out by myself because I'm afraid people will think my weight is the reason I'm alone. 5. Walking into a room, hearing people laugh, and automatically assuming they're laughing at me.
  10. deanac

    Just Make Me Feel Better ;)

    Goodness. Just reading your post made me tired.
  11. I had a switch done (please don't kick me out!). My doctor recommended it because according to data, there are higher success rates of percentage of goal lost and higher rates of maintained loss over long term. My recovery may have been a little longer (I also had my gallbladder and an esophogeal ulcer removed), from what I'm reading, but for the most part, everything I read here seems to apply. I have the same stalls, the same eating/drinking issues, the same...bathroom issues, etc.
  12. I still have the ocassional twinge where my drainage tube thingy was (7 weeks out). Talked to the surgeon last week, he said it was normal.
  13. She got a bath after that. She's diabetic, was giving her an insulin injection. Talk about adding insult to injury...
  14. deanac

    Your Post Op Diet?

    Weird. I was on liquids in the hospital, soft stuff (mashed potatoes, yogurt, eggs, etc. ) for 2 weeks, then cleared with no restrictions other than "lots of protein, eat small meals, no grazing, and keep it healthy". (I kinda feel like a fraud on here, I had a duodenal switch 7 weeks ago, but I assume the process is pretty much the same?)
  15. deanac


    Check out the Quinoa and Black Beans recipe on allrecipes.com. It's awesome.