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  1. I haven't been on here in a while. My surgery was Nov. 14, 2012 so i'm about 1.5 years out, i started at 235 and got to around 150, but I flux between 150-153 which is fine with me, but today i got on the scale and was 155.5, which freaked me OUT!!! I'm SO scared I will gain, and refuse to let myself get back to my old habits. But, i notice that i can eat a bit more now when i sit down to eat. Any suggestions, help, anyone else feeling this way too? I see from reading some of the above posts that some of you have gained but have lost what you've gained. I told myself I would give myself a 5 pound flux 150-155, but that is it! I'm so scared!!! Just need a boost! :-(
  2. Sleeved Nov. 14, started @ 235, down to 152! I am in a size 8, even a 6 at times. NEVER been so happy. Loving life!! I really need something done to my boobs now, but the cost is 12K!!!!! Crazy Oh Well, i'll just buy some good push up bra's. I know I know TMI, but hey i guess if thats the worst thing that can happen, i'm fine with it! :-) I hope everyone else is doing great!
  3. Sleeved Nov 14 and I've hit my goal of 80 pounds! Actually 81 pounds as of today. I'm so happy!
  4. Hello All, I am at 4 months post op. I've lost 62 pounds, starting weight was 235, now at 173. I feel so good and i love to see peoples reactions when they see me. Its so funny! I really want to lose about 20 more, would like to weigh between 150-155. (i'm 5.8 1/2)There are still things i just cant eat and enjoy as much, like chicken, bread, even chicken Soup taste weird to me. Has anyone's tast buds changed? mine seem as though they have. I still cannot drink when I eat at all, or i feel sick. Other than those few small things, I do feel good and am so happy I did this. NO regrets! The only thing that does SCARE me is when I meet people who say, I know someone who had the bypass done, not the Sleeve and they gained every single pound back. Seriously I don't know how that could happen, I cannot put another ounce of food in my mouth once i get "that" feeling of fullness. I can pretty much each anything I choose now, but in very very small portions. Obviously i should not and WILL not ever go back to the way I ate before. Getting blood work done next week, and i'm dying to see how my cholesterol is looking. Well I hope all you Nov. Sleevers are doing well, good luck to all of you. Stay positive and focused, we CAN do this!!! RC
  5. I'm done 55 lbs I want to lose about 25 more. Came to a standstill for a bit, but it didn't last. I feel good and am so happy I've come this far.
  6. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    Yes about 3 weeks out he said I could go back but go easy, at about 6 weeks out i started back to normal workouts etc.
  7. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    @KDNetta127 You are right about the scale, I was weighing myself daily, I slid the scale under the counter and now am only going to weigh myself on Friday's, and that is it. Had a good 45 minute workout this morning, and drinking my water and started to do protein shakes again for 1 meal a day. Hopefully it will come off this week. My husband said that I lost a lot really fast so who cares if it takes another year to lose the other 30, as long as I lose right! Trying to stay positive. Thanks All for your support, it really helps a lot! :wub:
  8. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    The fear in the back of my mind will not go away. I NEVER want to be 235 pounds again EVER I'm so glad I have this to come to for support. I need it sometimes, and it helps knowing others have faced the same issues as me. Thank you all! :wub:
  9. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    Thanks for the support, I really need it right now. The fear of gaining is a horrible feeling. I CAN do this! :ph34r:
  10. Hi , I've hit 47 pounds and I'm stuck, actually go up a pound and down a pound. This makes me so nervous!!! Nothing scares me more than the thought of gaining a single ounce. My surgery was Nov. 14th and I feel so good now! But being stuck at 187 (was 235 when I started) scares me!!! Someone said that it could be from working out and that my body is trying to adjust. I do also notice that I am able to eat a little bit more than I could before, but I'm NOT eating bad things. What if I don't lose another pound?! OMG I'm so nervous. Can anyone out there help me get through this?
  11. Hi all, my surgery date was Nov. 14 but I started the shakes Nov. 1st I've lost 43 pounds total so far, but I notice I'm slowing down a bit. Trying NOT to get on the scale daily anymore either. I keep having this fear that it will stop working, and I'll re-gain all my weight. I know that this won't happen, but it's just a fear i have. I have about another 40ish to go, and I'm running out of good recipe idea's. Anyone have some good ones? Good luck All! :wub:
  12. I had a diet coke the other night, drank it really slow over about an hour. I was fine. Why is everyone saying they have to stay away? I understand regular soda but diet once in a while should be ok.
  13. I did mention it to my nutritionist, but she didn't seem to think anything of it. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this, if NOT, then I will be seeing my Dr. for follow up in a few weeks and I'll mention it.
  14. This is kind of hard to explain. I'm 5 weeks out today, and I feel great. But, sometimes when I eat, it feels like the food is stuck and the top of my stomach, or maybe the bottom of my esophagus and I get the sharpest pain. (I'm NOT chocking, its a stuck feeling) I did throw up 2x when this happened, a few other times it was not as bad. Its the weirdest pain, almost like the food just wont go down, and yes I chew really really well and take small bites. Does anyone else have this, and if so, will it go away? I just feel like I'll NEVER be able to just eat normally without having this pain. The second I feel it coming on, I STOP eating, and I'm not necessarily full, but don't want to throw up. Anyone?

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