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  1. I haven't been on here in a while. My surgery was Nov. 14, 2012 so i'm about 1.5 years out, i started at 235 and got to around 150, but I flux between 150-153 which is fine with me, but today i got on the scale and was 155.5, which freaked me OUT!!! I'm SO scared I will gain, and refuse to let myself get back to my old habits. But, i notice that i can eat a bit more now when i sit down to eat. Any suggestions, help, anyone else feeling this way too? I see from reading some of the above posts that some of you have gained but have lost what you've gained. I told myself I would give myself a 5 pound flux 150-155, but that is it! I'm so scared!!! Just need a boost! :-(
  2. Sleeved Nov. 14, started @ 235, down to 152! I am in a size 8, even a 6 at times. NEVER been so happy. Loving life!! I really need something done to my boobs now, but the cost is 12K!!!!! Crazy Oh Well, i'll just buy some good push up bra's. I know I know TMI, but hey i guess if thats the worst thing that can happen, i'm fine with it! :-) I hope everyone else is doing great!
  3. Sleeved Nov 14 and I've hit my goal of 80 pounds! Actually 81 pounds as of today. I'm so happy!
  4. Hello All, I am at 4 months post op. I've lost 62 pounds, starting weight was 235, now at 173. I feel so good and i love to see peoples reactions when they see me. Its so funny! I really want to lose about 20 more, would like to weigh between 150-155. (i'm 5.8 1/2)There are still things i just cant eat and enjoy as much, like chicken, bread, even chicken Soup taste weird to me. Has anyone's tast buds changed? mine seem as though they have. I still cannot drink when I eat at all, or i feel sick. Other than those few small things, I do feel good and am so happy I did this. NO regrets! The only thing that does SCARE me is when I meet people who say, I know someone who had the bypass done, not the Sleeve and they gained every single pound back. Seriously I don't know how that could happen, I cannot put another ounce of food in my mouth once i get "that" feeling of fullness. I can pretty much each anything I choose now, but in very very small portions. Obviously i should not and WILL not ever go back to the way I ate before. Getting blood work done next week, and i'm dying to see how my cholesterol is looking. Well I hope all you Nov. Sleevers are doing well, good luck to all of you. Stay positive and focused, we CAN do this!!! RC
  5. I'm done 55 lbs I want to lose about 25 more. Came to a standstill for a bit, but it didn't last. I feel good and am so happy I've come this far.
  6. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    Yes about 3 weeks out he said I could go back but go easy, at about 6 weeks out i started back to normal workouts etc.
  7. Hi , I've hit 47 pounds and I'm stuck, actually go up a pound and down a pound. This makes me so nervous!!! Nothing scares me more than the thought of gaining a single ounce. My surgery was Nov. 14th and I feel so good now! But being stuck at 187 (was 235 when I started) scares me!!! Someone said that it could be from working out and that my body is trying to adjust. I do also notice that I am able to eat a little bit more than I could before, but I'm NOT eating bad things. What if I don't lose another pound?! OMG I'm so nervous. Can anyone out there help me get through this?
  8. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    @KDNetta127 You are right about the scale, I was weighing myself daily, I slid the scale under the counter and now am only going to weigh myself on Friday's, and that is it. Had a good 45 minute workout this morning, and drinking my water and started to do protein shakes again for 1 meal a day. Hopefully it will come off this week. My husband said that I lost a lot really fast so who cares if it takes another year to lose the other 30, as long as I lose right! Trying to stay positive. Thanks All for your support, it really helps a lot! :wub:
  9. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    The fear in the back of my mind will not go away. I NEVER want to be 235 pounds again EVER I'm so glad I have this to come to for support. I need it sometimes, and it helps knowing others have faced the same issues as me. Thank you all! :wub:
  10. rmc7467

    I'm at a stand still

    Thanks for the support, I really need it right now. The fear of gaining is a horrible feeling. I CAN do this! :ph34r:
  11. Hi all, my surgery date was Nov. 14 but I started the shakes Nov. 1st I've lost 43 pounds total so far, but I notice I'm slowing down a bit. Trying NOT to get on the scale daily anymore either. I keep having this fear that it will stop working, and I'll re-gain all my weight. I know that this won't happen, but it's just a fear i have. I have about another 40ish to go, and I'm running out of good recipe idea's. Anyone have some good ones? Good luck All! :wub:
  12. I had a diet coke the other night, drank it really slow over about an hour. I was fine. Why is everyone saying they have to stay away? I understand regular soda but diet once in a while should be ok.
  13. This is kind of hard to explain. I'm 5 weeks out today, and I feel great. But, sometimes when I eat, it feels like the food is stuck and the top of my stomach, or maybe the bottom of my esophagus and I get the sharpest pain. (I'm NOT chocking, its a stuck feeling) I did throw up 2x when this happened, a few other times it was not as bad. Its the weirdest pain, almost like the food just wont go down, and yes I chew really really well and take small bites. Does anyone else have this, and if so, will it go away? I just feel like I'll NEVER be able to just eat normally without having this pain. The second I feel it coming on, I STOP eating, and I'm not necessarily full, but don't want to throw up. Anyone?
  14. I did mention it to my nutritionist, but she didn't seem to think anything of it. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this, if NOT, then I will be seeing my Dr. for follow up in a few weeks and I'll mention it.
  15. rmc7467

    Omg still sick

    I get nauseas too, but my dr gave me a pill. I'm almost a month out and still get nausea a lot, and I'm eating very little. Only a few spoonful of something and I'm full.
  16. Hi, you've done great! I'm almost a month out and I hit my 30 lb mark today. I lost 10 prior to surgery. I had a hard time with nausea, and still do at times, but it's getting better. Also chicken seems to sit like a rock when I eat it. Does this happen to anyone else? I found small protein bars as well but I just throw it in my bag if i'm. going out, so I have something with me. They have 15 grams of protein in them & only a few grams of sugar. I can finish it but its something I am returning all the protein powder and vitimins I bought because they make me sick to even smell. I do better with real food. Good luck everyone !
  17. Hi, I was sleeved on Nov. 14, and will be week 3 tomorrow. I have stalled too. My nutritionist said to me this morning it is normal. Our bodies and hormones are going wacky right now. I need to drink more fluids, but have had a hard time due to nausea, but it is getting better. NOT going to the bathroom in 4 days doesn't help either, but I started Mirilax so it should help as well. (sorry too much Info. lol ) My nurtritionist gave me a whole new list of foods I can try now too,which makes me so happy, I was starting to dread the mushy stuff daily. We will all have our ups and downs, and stalls, but just keep on plugging away and doing everything right and it will come off.
  18. OMG yes . I'm actually returning my vitimins . Getting flinstones and viactiv as well as my b12. I get nausea from the shakes too . Can't do them it's impossible. So I get my protein elsewhere . Hate nausea mor than anything!
  19. rmc7467

    Shrimp! Who Would Have Thought!

    Hi all, I'm about 3 weeks out and I'm returning all my protein powder and vitimins, they make me sick. I'm dying to have shrimp, next week ill get some . I bought flinstones vitimins and they are better. Ugh it hasn't been easy . I hate the feeling of having a lump in my throat and being nauseas. Some days I feel fine and some I'm so down because I hate everything I have to drink/eat. Seafood is gonna be such a pleasure to have. I've lost 27 pounds !
  20. I was sleeved on Nov. 14th, and I've lost a total of 24 pounds, I lost about 10 before going in. Well I'm really really upset, I know I'm doing well, but I'm starting the HATE the shakes, and soft / Clear liquids. Makes me sick to think of it. I also read a blog that said that you will never eat real food and when you do you'll be sick, and it takes 1-2 years before you can eat solids. Ok if I knew this I would NEVER have done this... I know I was 100% for this going in, but now i'm just so depressed thinking that I'll never eat real food ever again. I just thought I would never eat large portions but very very small portions of food. I was told by someone that she eats everything, but just in very small portions and she's lost 100 pounds. I don't know what to think anymore, I'm MOURNING food like you cant believe and I'm so sad. It's not the huge amount I miss, it is just the food the flavor, and texture I miss. I so badly want to eat a small piece of bread, or a piece of chicken or fish.....Maybe this was a mistake, but there is no turning back now. Has anyone gone through this, will i get over it? :-( Rhonda
  21. rmc7467

    This Gets Better, Right?!

    I was sleeved on the 14th and I get so tired so easy , and I'm still getting really nauseas as well. I can't wait to be able to eat more than the shakes , pudding, cottage cheese , etc. and not feel so sick.
  22. rmc7467

    Mourning Food

    I tried 3 small pieces of egg this morning. I was fine at first, then within a 1/2 hour I thought I was going to throw up, I had to lie down it was so bad. Ugh is this feeling ever gonna go away?!
  23. rmc7467

    Mourning Food

    Thank you all, and thank God for this website! I'm so happy to read the things you All wrote above. I don't think the Nausea helps either it comes and goes, and all I can think is what if it never goes away. I look forward of what's down the road to come and get over this hump. I will be strong
  24. rmc7467

    One Week Out

    Hi, I am one week today from having surgery, I started at 234, lost about 10 pounds before going in, and got weighed today and I'm 212.5! I want to get to 150. I'm a little uncomfortable, and sick of the shakes already, and all the liquid. I find that popsicles and greek yogurt bars help. Need to get my energy back , but I know in time it will come back. good luck to all!

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