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    krisq16 got a reaction from littlebits in Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under   
    I am 4'11". Vertically challenged so I needed the vertical sleeve!
    Highest was 188. Preop was 175. Surgery was sept 18 and yesterday weigh in was 152.2. I'll take that!!
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    krisq16 reacted to ladymacwhiz in Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under   
    I wanted to start a forum for members who are pre or post op and are 5'2" and under. I am 4'9" and post-op. In 4 months, I have lost over 50 lbs and would like to connect with others of my body type so we can compare stories and support each other.
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    krisq16 reacted to PdxMan in Need Support From Sleevers 1 Year Or More. Help!   
    I'm not a year out, but 9 months and have met goal.
    It sounds to me like the help you need is not related to the sleeve or weight loss, but may rather be a symptom of something else larger in your life. I see you went through Kaiser, so I am guessing your insurance has some mental health benefits. It never hurts to tap that resource for some direction.
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    krisq16 got a reaction from chad2rad in Ricotta Cheese Bake   
    So agree! Made it tonight. It does taste like lasagna!! Lots for leftovers too!! Thanks for sharing
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    krisq16 reacted to chad2rad in Ricotta Cheese Bake   
    Tried the Ricotta cheese Bake on the Eggface website. I am in the soft puréed stage. Was awesome, tastes like lasagna. Try it, like homemade... ESP for this phase of eating.
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    krisq16 reacted to SoonToBeThinKAT in Cravings!   
    My husband has been awesome with not even brining junk into the house and really good about standing up to me when I say I have a craving. Especially since it's almost that time of the month. Ugh
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    krisq16 reacted to Butterthebean in Whats The Worst Thing You've Eaten Post Op?   
    I don't know. I wasn't hungry. I really didn't even want it. I went to a training class for work and there were several boxes, as there always are. I decided one wouldn't hurt so I got one and took a bite. But as soon as I did I realized that I'm not that guy anymore. I'm kinda glad that it had no appeal to me anymore.
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    krisq16 reacted to carmelguy in Surgery Tomorrow.....   
    Done! Recovering! Sleepy, but doing good! More later
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    krisq16 reacted to Nacol in September Was Your Progress?   
    Sleeved 9/21 starting weight on surgery day 216. Today's weight 205.
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    krisq16 reacted to robynluevano in September Was Your Progress?   
    Sleeved 9/4, starting weight 213.6, current weight today 187. Down 26.6 lbs. :-)
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    krisq16 reacted to IrishEyes in September Was Your Progress?   
    Surgery date 9/21
    Surgery day weight 228
    Todays weight 215
    Down 13lbs
    However, started preop diet 9/14 @ 243.... So in about 4 wks down 28lbs. That's how I like to look @ it!
    Think I am in the dreaded 3 wk stall....
    I feel I am losing slower than I had hoped too. Just glad I no longer have to worry about gaining, like I have the past few DECADES of my life. scale is moving in the right direction, so I'll take it!
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    krisq16 reacted to NDN_RN in Post Op Octosleevers 2012. Welcome To The Losers Bench!   
    Hi everyone! Post or 20 hours. Was doing super yesterday. No real gas pain, mostly belly muscle soreness. They were giving me dilaudid and roxicet (i am allergic to codeine and morphine makes me itch like crazy), but that stuff made me so dizzy! I had a rough patch about 9pm. I suddenly got nauseous and started retching. Thew up some old blood and wet the bed (due to retching and having given birth to a couple of 9 ponders) how embarrassing. Well the nurses and pa were amazing. Changed my pain med to IV toradol and I slept a good 6 hours. I can feel my bowels starting to wake up, a little uncomfortable, but tolerable. Today I am having my leak test and I plan to walk, walk, walk the halls. How are you my octosleeve sisters and brothers it's 5 am, gonna roll over and go bak to sleep
    Just Do It!!!
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    krisq16 reacted to lsereno in Pumpkin Recipes   
    I mix canned pumpkin in my yogurt. I'm about 18 months out and can eat more, so scale back accordingly:
    1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1 cup Fage 0 Plan Yougurt, Splenda to taste, splash of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon
    Last fall I also enjoyed it in a Protein drink. About 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1 cup soy milk, 1 scoop vanilla Protein powder, sprinkle of cinnamon.
    Pumpkin is a great fall flavor with only 40 calories per half cup. Yeah Fall!
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    krisq16 reacted to NDN_RN in Cheese Cake   
    Done did it! Surgery done at 10. Had to stay in RR until 2 due to a bed shortage. I am in my room now, been sleeping since I got here. The Roxicat knocks me on my butt. Pain is ok. Just in upper left abdomen. Feels Like the stitches pain you get after running fast. Drinking 30 cc Water every 15 minutes while awake. No nausea at all. Exvept for the being so sleepy and the tolerable pain, i feel pretty good. So far so good !
    Thank you for all your healing thought and prayers.
    Just Do It!!!
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    krisq16 reacted to cmaloney in Amazing!   
    Sleeved 9/17. Had to attend a Christening today which I also cooked 2 trays of baked ziti for party. I previously was an Italian food junkie, so of course I was worried this all would bother me. (Also first time being around a lot of food)... It was totally fine!!! Wasn't craving anything at all.
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    krisq16 reacted to TamaraS in Amazing!   
    That's really interesting you mentioned this. I just made a post asking when the hunger comes back after surgery. I had surgery very early thursday morning and prior to that I was on all liquids for two days. I dont even think about food anymore. When I imagine having to eat in a couple weeks I wonder if Ill want to. So strange how the appetite is completely gone...
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    krisq16 reacted to NDN_RN in How The Hell Do You Drink Isopure?   
    My nut told me to dilute Isopure in crystal light 50/50 or Water. Never drink it straight She also told me to make isopure icecubes to cool down crystal light or water. Haven't tried it, so....i am afraid.
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    krisq16 reacted to ready4change77 in 2 Hour Count Down!   
    I pray everything went well w/ you today, I was sleeved last Wed... Sept sleeve buddies.. ????
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    krisq16 reacted to emily_0192010 in Scared......i Don't Want To Leave My Kids Without A Mom!   
    The one thing that is guaranteed to take you life at some point is your weight. It may not be tomorrow, or in a few years, but it WILL steal years off of your life. I was at a seminar this week (went with a family member) and the new STATs on the sleeve are amazing. The surgery itself is safer than having your gallbladder removed. The complication rates are extremely low. The anesthesia risk is there, of course, but it would be if you were getting your wisdom teeth removed or having a c-section, etc.
    You are allowed to be scared, of course, everyone is at some point in this process. You have to make sure you are 100% confident in your surgeon, talk the anesthesiologist too (you may have to request that). Follow your pre-op and post op instructions to the letter. This might be considered to be an "elective" surgery, but realistically is is not. You need this to gain control over your life. To be healthy and to remain healthy for your boys.
    (((hugs))) You are going to do great!
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    krisq16 reacted to NDN_RN in I Spiced Up My Protein Shake!   
    PB2 has 45 calories and 5 grams of Protein, so once a day should be great. I bought some Torani sugar free syrups made with sucralose (not as healthy as PB2, but zero calories) i tried Peanut Butter and salty caramel in my Optifast, and it definitely yummed it up. I have vanilla, brown sugar and cinnamon, white chocolate, and gingerbread flavors for oatmeal during my soft phase and for Breakfast afterwards. I had to buy a case of the assorted flavors on Amazon, but it was only 35 for 6 bottles.< /p>

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    krisq16 got a reaction from Scaredy Cat in Anyone From New England?   
    I am Kristen from RI Just got home yesterday from sleeve surgery on tues the 18th. I saw Dr Pohls associate, Dr Giovanni. Overall, doing well. Tired and slight sore. But I had 2 c-sections and this was much easier. Just getting used to the new lifestyle of drinking shakes, and not much chewing at this time. But all is looking up !!
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    krisq16 got a reaction from sunsetblvd68 in Today Is The Day!   
    Good luck !!! I will be joining you on that side of the bench tomorrow ! Sending support and prayers!
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    krisq16 got a reaction from IsaacsGram in I Am Here!   
    .......ON the losers bench. I want to let you know that I read positive posts up until the time they wheeled me in!! And it helped calm me!
    For all of you waiting.-- Yes the anxiety is there. Try and find some calmness. I can tell you not toooo bad. Agree that the gas in my shoulders is not where I expected it from! I was up and off that stretcher( slight ache, no pain!) before they put me in a room. And it helped with the gas a bunch!! Good luck all you September 19 and 20. You will be fine !!!
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    krisq16 got a reaction from change4life2012 in 2 Hour Count Down!   
    I am ready ! Bring this on! Prayed for all of us sleevers today! May God watch over us and guide all of our surgeons and nurses hands as they help with getting us to better health !!
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    krisq16 got a reaction from change4life2012 in 2 Hour Count Down!   
    I am ready ! Bring this on! Prayed for all of us sleevers today! May God watch over us and guide all of our surgeons and nurses hands as they help with getting us to better health !!

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