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  1. yeah i have pain but its one of them things i am used to i had it for years with gall stones till they removed it then years more with my ibs and now this i always have pain it just peaks and goes down a few notches. i do have reflux had it before the op still do now i take meds for it twice a day 30g per tab so 60mg a day and i take one right before i go to sleep too. i think i just got more frustrated that it took tis long for anyone to think about doing any kind of ests to see if there is a problem instead of just saying it will get better or one doc telling me just drink fizzy drink all day every day and stretch it out. still if anyone has had to do this please be so kind as to share so i can get a idea just incase! thanks!
  2. Hey all so I am 3 years out and I went for a check up yesterday not had one for a year its how they spaced it. So anyway he asked me how I was doing and I said “oh I wanted to ask when I puke in my sleep and it comes out my nose is that damaging my nose? Should I be worried?” so he said um how many times does this happen? I said maybe 5 times or so a month, he then asked how often I am sick with a look on his face I said a really really good day 5 times bad day everything I eat or drink comes right up. Now to me this is normal I have told everyone I have seen from right after the op I am still being sick in my first year my second year my gp during rd year and now him. Wasn;t expecting the reply that no tis should not be happening and after 8 months someone should of done the barium test on me. Ok I can handle that now the kicker for me he told me the ONLY treatment for a blockage/stricture is convert me to pybpass! I said NO! Its not what I wanted to start with and with my ibs I was told I couldn’t have that anyway! No he isnt my original doc never saw him before today. So he said its all they do to treat it and if it shows I have one and don’t convert I go down as refusing treatment. By the time I got home I just burst into tears and cried for about half hour. The thought of either being sick all day long for the rest of my life and the risks of being sick constantly can do vs having another major op a op I don’t want and starting this all over again with all its side effects like hair falling out once again more weightloss more loose skin again the pain etc and to me honestly not even thinking it will cure it because bypass it lower than this would be I am just confused! Has anyone else had to do this for a blockage/stricture and did it actually work and what was the outcome? And how do you feel about the bypass vs the sleeve? Haven’t even had the test yet to know for sure but its upset me and freaked me out so anything will help! Thanks!
  3. sassypants

    Toys and Orgasms

    I use toys I have a whole bunch for all sorts of things lol I don’t need double stimulation but toys are fun everyone should have them so I do! I added a pic of one it’s a good toy to have for inserting or a clit stimulator you hold and can have your hand further up out of the way so to speak. And it’s a strong little bugger too its called the multispeed slimline G-spot vibrator
  4. sassypants


    for me watermelon is a no no i am a little over 2 years out and i just puke it up its too high in water content my sleeve is a tricky bugger i foam and its game over tried several times same thing every time no matter the amount i try and eat. when i say its a bugger most people have no problem with popcorn not me even a little handful of the stuff puke it back up in little chewed up puddles lol
  5. sassypants

    Does anyone regret it?

    Honestly the only time I regret it or should I say I wish I had my old stomach back is christmas and easter. We have big family meals I don’t mean a million dishes I mean like 15 people big it’s a tight squeeze as it is now add 2 babies and 3 new partners attending its bursting at the seams as there is not point me sitting at the table taking up space when I can only eat 4 forkfuls I don’t attend the meals and I stay upstairs sometimes with the babies if they are asleep or just on my own if they are awake. There isn’t even a space for me to sit away from the table its all taken up by places to put food and drink because so many people are at the table. That’s pretty depressing being out of all the talking laughing fun for 3 hours THAT’S the only time I miss it and be part of it. I used to love them times of year now honestly its just depressing and upsetting instead. Other times not at all not a major eat out type of person never was so don’t miss that, life is way way better health all of it just them 2 times a year I am sad.
  6. for the first few months all i really ate was fish everything else was just painfulll then oddly the thing i could eat first no worries was steak, not all beef but steak! i tried casserole beef stir fry roast painful unpleasant but steak no problem! now i hardly eat fish its not that i dont like it but you know fish is kinda pricey! i eat chicken chicken yep more chicken lol but i did mostly before anyway. turkey steak hello mr ribeye yum yum i will here and there have a slice or 2 of roast pork or beef but its tricky. eggs are not my friend tried them 3 times spaced out my body tries to turn inside out and expel all my organs i heave so much on half a teaspoon of it so i just dont. what you dont want to do is let your mind take over and seem to automatically reject food now because in the back of your mind the less you can eat the less you will eat therefore the better you will do. food aversion not good if its just mentally and not actually physically that could spiral till your just eat apples and nothing else!
  7. oh yeah this is the talk stage where they assess you the 3 month thing is when you will be given a date if approved or told what you need to do if you didn;t get approved for funding. when you go make sure you talk alllllll about your history even if they dont ask make sure you tell them everything you have done medical stuff stays in hospital tests diets the works i had alot to mine it kinda fast tracks you above new people applying for the op. they may try and get you to do the bypass one of the docs i saw was pushing it and kinda rude about it but dont be put off by that they wont force one on you if you dont want it. i was at homerton so not the same hospital but its pretty easy going after this (for me it was anyway) if approved you go to a 2 hour seminar a couple of weeks before your op they go over everything with you from each op to pre op diet pregnancy and the complications that can happen if you fall pregnant within the first 18 months things that can happen how much food you can eat what types of food you may never be able to eat again. meds protein water etc you go for a few tests that day ekg blood work that kinda thing then your done you do your pre op diet go to the surgical center day of and your done. so just be prepared once your approved with a date it comes fast and they may move it forward like they did mine it can make you freakout i did it sudden;y was very overwhelming to be a couple of weeks away.
  8. sassypants

    how much can you eat after a year?

    i was told the same thing vitamins for the rest of my life whenever i go to the docs or hospital for any appointment not even wls related i am asked constantly you are taking your vitamins right?
  9. sassypants

    gained weight lol

    i didn;t eat food after 3 days and just tried shakes tea and a little Soup all of which come back up so it stands to reason eating food again and keeping most of it down means the sudden drop from pretty much starvation would come back when i was eating again. just amused me it was all praise and pats on the back till i said well actuallyyyyyyyyyy then it was a verbal spanking and i am a bad girl lol this is why people get upset and unsure of what to do the way your turned on quickly and looked at like your doing the wrong thing over nothing. btw i have only ever seen this guy once before and he was the one who told me to stretch my sleeve out by drinking coke all day every day month after month which he shouldn;t tell me but it is the only way i can do it as my not being bad means i haven;t stretched it. so yeah i laughed at him lol
  10. sassypants

    tall female sleevers...

    just wanted to add i looked up height and weight for my height 6ft and its seems crazy small to me its a range of 140lbs-177lbs. i am mostly skin and bones now to go down a further 60+ lbs seems crazy underweight to me
  11. sassypants

    tall female sleevers...

    mine is whatever i end up as lol i never set a goal neither did my docs i am down over 200lbs total i have belly thigh back and butt skin but as far as my size now goes i am pretty good uk size 16 (us 14 we are 1 size up from you guys) mostly leggings and elasticated waistbands i can go as low as a 8 knitwear i like a 18 sometimes a 20 to layer under it. if my belly skin was gone i would be much smaller in dress size but you can;t really see it in my clothes i just dont go tighter for the bulge factor lol
  12. have you been seen by anyone yet? like to talk about what your goals are what op you want etc? or have you done all that and got a 2 hour time slot? its been a while and i also already knew my doc but as far as i recall you first go in and meet about 4 people in back to back quick meetings first you talk about what option you want they do some checks then you go get evaluated and they ask about eating habits what you expect thats a pre meeting to see if you need to go to several more meetings with the head shrink. then you go back to your doc talk some more all these notes are taken and you will get another letter for more appointments. just be 100% honest with your state of mind and eating habits they really wont care if your lying to them as it doesn;t effect them it effects you and if you need counseling to help with food and emotional attachments to it etc you wont get the help unless your honest about it. they dont send you costing them money if they feel you dont need the help i personally didnt but if you do be honest about it. its not going to be quick anyway so a few appointments to work issues out wont effect you if you need them. for me after i did the first round i think i saw them 1 more time then it was a gap then a letter giving me a date then suddenly another later saying its in a couple of weeks and a rush of meetings to attend and pre op diet and tests and boom op time.
  13. sassypants

    gained weight lol

    not off me i am in the uk i don;t pay for any of it lol
  14. sassypants

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    until this month i was still losing weight really little amounts but still i was very very sick for 2 and half months nothing stayed down not even a mouthful of tea so i lost 11lbs soon as i could eat food again 3 weeks later it had all gained back on lol but that was my first time in almost 2 years i gained other than that its always been down from the weight before so i am not yet at maintaining as its not stopped coming off just a hell of alot slower now its a couple of lbs rather than 10lbs plus at a time. i am one of the people who never had hunger and i still dont now so my levels are the same there! lol and thank you!
  15. I saw my doc at hospital last week first time in a couple of months did the norm weight check before I go in. So hes all your doing so well you’ve lost so much weight its fantastic keep going I say wellllll actually I gained weight since last month! He looked at me and says what?! I said oh yeah I was puking up for 2 and half week I lost 11lbs seems I gained it all back once I could eat again! He then changed his tune and told me I should workout more and watch my diet I just started laughing! I mean really for 2 and half weeks even a mouthful of tea was coming back up NOTHING was staying down so I stopped trying food and just had tea shakes and Soup which just all come up after I swallowed it of course I am gonna drop weight fast and durr of course I am gonna regain it once I started eating food again and it stayed down! I found it highly amusing as had I not have told him he never would of known I was smaller and gained it back lol I had to share because I did find it funny and just to show how easily they will change there tune about you doing well then chastise you when you correct them! No way in hell am I feeling guilty for being sick and recovering lol But I am back over 200lbs bye bye onederland see you next time!! lol