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    joiful reacted to Smontgomery in First Comparison Photos   
    Half way to goal. it's amazing what you can see in pictures. If you aren't taking pictures, you should! Your progress is much more visible in pics than it is in the mirror.

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    joiful reacted to LeahDiarrhea in How The Hell Do You Drink Isopure?   
    I bought it from the Vitamin store, and I mustered up the courage to try the grape flavored one.... On the rocks. Not bad! It's NOT great. But better than I expected and better than other drinks I have tasted! I could definitely choke this down on a regular basis. It's a winner!!!!
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    joiful reacted to lessofmeismore in The New Whey Protein 3.8 Shoot   
    It's great! It has no taste at all, I really like it. I have it and some whey Protein isolate powder and I really prefer the egg white Protein Powder.< /p>
    Thanks for the answer! I've been worried about it.
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    joiful reacted to gmanbat in 60 Grams Of Protein In A Serving   
    Make up a 60 gram batch and drink part of it 4 different times in the day. I've done it before.
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    joiful reacted to ThisTimeIsIt in Breakfast Ideas   
    I just went in for my 4 mos check up and dr was the one who told me switch to bars since the shakes would cause dumping
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    joiful reacted to Katie713 in Breakfast Ideas   
    Atkins has a few "Daybreak" Protein Bars that are REALLY good and only 2-3 net carbs, 150 calories and 10-15 grams of Protein. The ones I love are cranberry almond and Peanut Butter fudge crisp. They fill you up perfectly and you can buy a box of about 6 for about $6 at Walmart or Target. I go back and forth between these and 1% cottage cheese & fruit for breakfast.
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    joiful reacted to choc_thicktothin in This Is Only The Beginning Of It All..   
    Congrats to you Joiful. I don't think my conscious would let me go under that type of surgery and keep it a secret from the most important people in my life. They don't have to support me in the surgery but they will support me at the end of the day! (I hope). I am the same i can lose 30 to 40lbs and no one really notices because I go up and down within weeks. Keep it up.
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    joiful got a reaction from CoolBreeze in 4 Days Post Op And Still Cannot Lay On My Side. :(   
    no drain here but it did take 2 weeks before I was comfy on either side! Just takes time. Hang in there!
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    joiful reacted to littlebits in 10 Days After Surgery   
    On a good note, you are losing! I know that we sometimes get discouraged, because we expect drastic results, but the slower the weight loss the less likely that you will have a lot of excess skin. That's how I justify it anyway.
    I will be two months out on Tuesday. I weigh myself weekly for my YouTube updates; otherwise, I would do it monthly. So far, I am down 30 lbs. Some people who have had their surgeries around the same time or after me have lost a lot more than I have, but I try & remember that everyone's weight loss journey is different.
    Anyway, my point minus all of the rambling, things will get better. Good luck & try to weigh yourself weekly...!
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    joiful reacted to aviiva in Thought I Might Have Been One Of The Lucky Ones   
    I am 4 months out and so far have dodged the bullet, but know it is coming I guess. Bring it on so I can get it over with. I think the anticipation is worse than the acutal Hair loss
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    joiful reacted to carolinamariavelasco in Gastric Sleeve On July 27   
    -8 pounds in less than a week
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    joiful reacted to livelaughlove in Protein Is Making Me Nauseous. Wasn't Before   
    I had this exact same problem. The smell of the Protein makes me nauseated. A week after surgery and I could no longer tolerate it. I have bought so many in between time. I finally just last week found HMR products. They sell them at my fitness center. A little pricey but I don't smell or taste the protein. It has helped so much! Because I was not getting the protein in, my weight was not coming off. Good luck! I really feel for u. Let me know if you find anything also.
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    joiful reacted to Vance_ in Protein Is Making Me Nauseous. Wasn't Before   
    I was getting nautious with Protein Shakes. Shortly after surgery, I switched to EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Protein Drinks. They come in chocolate, strawberry, Cafe Caramel and some other flavors. It is an 11 oz drink with 17 grams of Protein, 110 calories, 3 grams fat, and 4 grams total carbs. I actually enjoy the drinks and to me doesn't have that protein after taste. My favorite is the Cafe Caramel, although I have to order it online. The other flavors I can purchase at Kroger or other grocery stores. Give it a try! I think you will enjoy!! Hope this helps!!
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    joiful reacted to lowe1961 in Hard Time Finding Sugar Free Products W/o Aspartame   
    I made my own popcicles with the drink of your choice with your own sweetner
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    joiful reacted to cassieh in When Can I Start Eating Bread?   
    I am almost 4 months out and I stay away from bread. Its just not healthy at all. I was told that I could have it toasted once I was cleared for solids around 2 months out. Personally I would stay away from jelly also because of the sugar.
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    joiful reacted to SV2 in I Swear To God I Could Choke My Husband Right Now!   
    12g of Protein won't keep you from losing weight. I'd say cut him some slack.
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    joiful got a reaction from pkehrer in Hello Head Hunger...   
    when I have the urge to eat, I grab my laptop and hit the forums! Helps a lot. I am on Day 7 of pre-op liquid diet. Tomorrows the big day!!
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    joiful reacted to dpeeler28 in Hello Head Hunger...   
    head hunger sucks.....but i did find a trick that helped me get through yesterday without cheating- i kept my hands busy! i started crocheting and cruising the internet for new outfits for when i lose weight. after about an hour, i had completely forgotten i was even thinking about food AND looking at all the clothes gave me that kick in the rear i needed!
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    joiful reacted to bmooney364 in I Am Sleeved And Home. Wahoo !   
    I was sleeved on july 10th, I spent the first 2 nights in the hosp. I was hooked up to a fabulous pca pump for day 1 and half of day 2 and we were very good buds. Then they started givin me the ukk Lortabs elix. It works, but tastes bad, I got alot of good sleep on my comfy hosp bed. All the staff were great and took good care of me. I was able to get up and walk quite a bit, but Thank God I did not suffer from the notorious gas. I think they took it all out for me. I did and am still having some pain. Feels like someone beat the heck out of my abd. All in all it was not a great experience, but it is going to be better everyday and I am not sorry I did it at all. My surgeon is great and said the surgery went well. I am on full liq now for a couple weeks and am tolerating that pretty well. I haven't vomited any, but I have bad heartburn. Hopefully that will end soon. I have Zofran for that and it helps. The surgeon said it is from my esophagus being raw.The best part for me is I am off all my diabetic pills and some of my bp pills. As long as neither goes up I can stay off them for the first time in yrs. I am a happy camper right now. Just wanted to report. I was at Park Plaza in Houston and Dr. Sherman Yu was the surgeon. I would recommend them both. Right now I am up and down without any problems, just mostly taking it easy for a few days. No weight loss yet, but I think that is pretty average.
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    joiful reacted to kansasgirl in 2 Month Update With Pictures   
    Doing really great.. down 50lbs.. i can't believe it.. This has by far been the best decision of my life besides meeting my husband!! I really do wish i would've decided this sooner.. but i feel so blessed that i was able to get this surgery. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!!!!!! Holly

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    joiful reacted to Star1221 in When Did I Get Them?   
    My husband and I were play fighting today, which we often do, and out of no where he pulls a move never used on me before... He grabs my collar bone! I didn't know I had them... He told me they've been poking out a few weeks now. Went to the bathroom mirror to check... I'll be damned.. there they were. NSV number 1227... Lol...(or so it feels lol)
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    joiful reacted to janerose in Six Months Later............   
    It has now been six months - I have lost 70lbs and I feel great - minimal issues - eat pretty much whatever I want - just a whole lot less.
    I look different - I think different - I move a faster - I sleep better - I laugh harder - I am a far better friend (because I am not so self consumed with my appearance) I go out more - I spend more time being happy by myself - I buy prettier clothes - I get manicure and pedicures - I carry my granddaughter around on my hip again - I swim with my grandson - I cook more - I get up each morning with less pain - I go to bed at night with a less pain - I get my picture taken with my friends rather than hide when the cameras come out - I openly flirt again - my life is full and fun.
    Yes the sleeve was the right decision for me - no regrets.
    Thank you to all who have given me so much incouragement over the past year. I hope I can inspire the new sleevers both young and old as others have done for me!
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    joiful reacted to ProudGrammy in Is This Forum Still Active?   
    yes we're active, i sure hope so, otherwise i would have been writing to myself all these past months
    welcome home - 8 days post of - sounds good to me - your cheerfulness is contagious - thanx for that
    heres to a wonderful recovery
    i'll drink to that - Water that is
    luck on your long journey

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    joiful reacted to girlfriday in Is This Forum Still Active?   
    As far as pre op, just hang in there. Pre op was rough and traveling across the country didn't make it easy either. Once you are post op......all I can say is WALK, WALK, WALK to help ease the gas pain. I was up and walking 2 hours after surgery and I walked every 30 minutes. Once you are allowed to have Clear liquids, just SIP. It will be easier to take bigger sips a few days out, but continue to SIP. Get your fluids in. The main thing for me, is I have not just lied around. I was shopping in the tourist district 3 days post op in Tijuana, lol. Nothing strenuous, just a good opportunity to keep moving. Now, at 8 days, if I start having discomfort I just get up and walk. Good luck!
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    joiful reacted to Gene1970 in Rookie Question, What Is An Nsv?   
    It's a non scale victory. Climbing a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, fitting into an old shirt that hasn't fit in years, having someone comment on how good you look, having the energy to do something that you haven't been able to do in years,
    etc... all non scale victories.

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