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  1. joiful

    I Thought These Would Go Away....

    my 'vent' goes the other direction! I will be an 'A' before I know it and was a fabulous 'C' prior to surgery. you can be upset about what you want, everyone is differrent and thats okay!!
  2. joiful

    Isopure- Liquid Protein

    the icy orange and grape frost are not bad over ice. Just gotta brush teeth after drinking, they leave a groaa film in your mouth. Not my fav though
  3. joiful

    Four Weeks Out And Two And A Half Week Stall

    Had my surgery July 16th too! Same thing here and I was told by a sleever 4 mos out that I am prob not getting enough calories. I am soooo sick of the protein shakes and isopure though I'm not sure what to do.
  4. no ng tube here either, and did leak test next morning drinking barium and having an x-ray
  5. joiful

    Aussie Pre Op

    the bougie is like a long plastic rod they use as a guide, they come in diff sizes, 32, 34, 36fr, etc. And the pylorous is where your stomach meets small intestine (duodenum). And you will not pick the size, your surgeon will, so no worries!
  6. joiful

    Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Day 2 of liquid diet. Ugh! Need I say more? Sticking with it though. Using this time to try out all different types of protein drinks. Yesterday (day 1) I was able to get all my protein in from an herbalife shake (34 g) in the a.m. and an Isopure grape frost drink (40g). The Isopure is not so great but I knew I needed the protein. It seemed to leave a film on my teeth and lips. gag Today I am trying Icy Orange in the isopure over ice. I read that its much easier to take that way and they were right! For dinner last night, I had a can of tomato soup with taco seasoning in it and it was fine. One mistake I made yesterday though was drinking chicken broth. It was a powder I mixed and I found out today that it has 1100 mg of sodium!!!! For one 8 oz serving. Yikes!!! Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  7. joiful

    Body Wraps

    Has anyone tried the 'IT WORKS' body wraps? My arms will need a little help with the loose skin/flab after losing weight and I don't feel it would be enough for an arm lift so just wondering if anyone on here has used the body wraps.
  8. oh I want in!! My surgery is set for July 16th! SOOO excited. Y'all (I'm from TX) are lucky though because we have to have a cardiac stress test pre-op. Not just EKG but oh well, I'm jumping thru all the hoops!! EGD went fine, the drugs were great so I remember nothing. lol Good Luck all ! Very exciting and feel very blessed to have this new oppurtunity in life!!
  9. joiful

    Tomorrow Is The Day - 9/19/12

    Very exciting!! Wishing you the best! Will keep you in my prayers as well!!

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