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  1. alabamaorthogirl

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly...and Pics :)

    This was so funny and true. I'm at the beginning can't wait to get to the end.
  2. alabamaorthogirl

    I Can't Wait To Not Have To...

    I can't wait to wear shorts in the summer instead of jeans. I
  3. alabamaorthogirl

    Ex Issues- Please Help!

    Do not get back with this guy. You need to move forward and be with someone who will encourage you with your goals. You will find someone else. I believe in second chances but he isn't really giving you a reason to give him one.
  4. alabamaorthogirl

    So I Got Denied Today

    That is why I got my records sent to me, then I picked the records to give to surgeon. The insurance lady told me she is suppose to pick the lowest weights. So, I took that out of her hands. I think the big comorbidities they are looking for are hypertension on meds, diabetes, and sleep apnea. I hope you get approved soon
  5. alabamaorthogirl


    I got approved on Monday but can't get a date till after I take a nutrition class then see the dr. Again. It's quite a pain because I need to schedule the time off way in advance so work will let me off.
  6. alabamaorthogirl

    I Can't Wait To Not Have To...

    I can't wait to take a vacation and actually concentrate on having fun. Usually I'm planning how I will lose weight so I'll be thin on my next vacation. Finally feel like my husbands compliments are true. Not be the fat mommy in my sons kindergarten class.
  7. I submitted all my papers and once the faxed them I was approved in two hours. It was awesome.
  8. Same thing with me. All set for surgery then had to have back surgery. I have same concerns. I hope someone can give us some insight.
  9. alabamaorthogirl

    Bcbs Of Al Advice Needed!

    Sorry to hear this. Did they say what the 5 comorbidities were? Also if bmi was over 40 for 2012, was it over 40 last year. If yes maybe you could count 2013 as the third year?
  10. alabamaorthogirl

    Bcbs Alabama Insurance

    Awesome! So glad people are getting approved. Hope I'm next. My last pre op appt is Nov. 1st. Can't wait to submit.
  11. alabamaorthogirl

    Bcbs Alabama Insurance

    I feel the same way about my insurance lady. They don't have a coordinator. The insurance lady made it clear to me that I am on my own really making sure I get approved. I don't think she would try and fight for my approval. I like the surgeon but office is frustrating. We will see what happens. If it doesn't work I have thought of trying another surgeons office that seems like everyone gets approved through. I'm not going to give up. It has been hell the past 5 months. Can't wait to submit. I really hope you get approved. Keep me posted and good luck!
  12. alabamaorthogirl

    Bcbs Alabama Insurance

    It is so frustrating to go through all this, I have cried so many times. Once I broke down at the drs office. So embarrassing. You need to appeal. Check out exactly what your policy says. Mine says you can substitute dated pictures for actual weights. They might have denied first off but depending on what policy says you might be able to fight it and eventually get approved. I wish you the best and hope you and I both get approved. Keep your head up and don't give up. We are fighting for our life back : )
  13. alabamaorthogirl

    Bcbs Alabama Insurance

    I haven't submitted yet. One month to go. I'm having problems with the 3 yr medical history too. I have same insurance as you. I hope you do get accepted. Please keep us posted. Good luck. By the way I did look into the mexico thing. Can be as cheap as 5000 or I was looking at Alvarez and he was 8700. Still hoping I get approved with insurance before I pay out of pocket.
  14. alabamaorthogirl

    Roll Call Nurses Being Sleeved ...........

    Thanks! I won't be having the surgery where I work. Just don't want everyone up in my business. It sure would save me a big copay if I did though.
  15. alabamaorthogirl

    Roll Call Nurses Being Sleeved ...........

    That is so crazy. I do ortho trauma too. It is exhausting but I love it. Definitely going to plan to take 3 weeks off. Thanks!
  16. alabamaorthogirl

    Approved.... Yay! $$$....?

    I was thinking of using the credit union at work. Low interest rate and they deduct it automatically from my paycheck.
  17. alabamaorthogirl

    Roll Call Nurses Being Sleeved ...........

    I'm an operating room nurse and hope to have surgery in December. I am worried about time off because I really can't afford it but I was thinking at least two weeks but maybe three because my job is very exhausting. Not sure what to do because not planning on telling people and if I take three weeks there will definitely be questions.
  18. alabamaorthogirl

    6 Months Of Waiting :(

    I'm half way through my 6 months. My dr says the waiting period is 6 months which is a total of 7 visits. The last visit has to be at least 180 days from the 1st visit. The six months of waiting has just been an emotional rollercoaster because I'm just so ready but it is going by quickly. Good luck!
  19. alabamaorthogirl

    Letting Go....

    I can't wait either. Want to be a better wife, mother and friend. I want to feel good about myself again.
  20. Marriage is tough. Especially when you love someone who is not the person you want them to be. Being married for 20+ years is a rarity now days. I hope your confidence increases as your weight decreases. When you are happy (and none of us are that happy being overweight), I think and hope it will bring happiness into other areas of your life like your relationships. I've been married 10 yrs and my struggle with weight has affected my marriage because I didn't feel that great about myself. He is a great guy but has not always been perfect. I wish you success with your weightloss and whatever happens with your husband I wish you much happiness in your future.
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