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    I am a senior in college studying psychology. Future plan: play therapist
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  1. Lisa Marie Humberson


    i did have a uti. i am on some antibiotics now. since i still cannot swallow pills they had to find something that could be crushed and i am also allergic to sulfa so that made it extra difficult. the first antibiotic they gave me made my face bust out in rashes so i just got a new liquid one this evening. praying this goes away quickly!!!
  2. Lisa Marie Humberson


    Friends I think I may have a UTI. I have been reading about who you can get them anytime but it most common during the third week and that is where I am at. This is the worst. I constantly feel like I have to pee but I cannot and this is causing me to not be able to sleep. I wont be able to call my doctor till monday. What do you think i should do?
  3. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Got A Date

    im 17 days post op and 20 pounds down. You will eventually hit a stall in your weight loss because your liver has to catch up with what is happening on the inside but one day youll be done 3 pounds and the stall will be over. I still feel like it wont work but that is foolish thinking because it obviously is. Do not give up hope!!!
  4. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Emotions (8 Days Post Op)

    I prayed right along with you. This process is not easy and things may not always be constant but God is always there and never changes. You are right when you say he already knows everything... what we have done, what we will do and what we wont. This was so uplifting even though you are struggling. I am praying for you. I have becoming really emotional and realized that i viewed food as a friend and i feel like i have lost it. It will be back eventually. Don't get discouraged or lose hope.
  5. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Days 11-13

    Well these past few days have been a little more difficult because I am now feeling hungry. My family is composed of wonderful cooks so of course the meals for Christmas have smelled like heaven. Today my family is having the works - prime rib and all. I CANNOT HAVE ANY OF IT... =[ I cried a little earlier today just because I just want to eat. Lame I know but it just gets so frustrating. On the positive side - I am down 19 pounds (well i am fluctuating...) and I only have 4 more days until I get to start eating more of a yogurt consistency. I have to keep pushing through even though it sucks. I have a little bit of soreness near my right incision but I think that is simply because I have been moving a lot and its just sore. I do feel dizzy or just plain yucky for a few hours every day but that could be because its so difficult to just keep drinking ALL day... maybe a little dehydrated. I am doing pretty well today though. I hope you all are doing well. Stay encouraged... its all worth it in the end! Lisa
  6. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 10

    I cannot believe it has been 10 days since surgery!!!!!! I am doing great! I weighed myself this morning and I am 17 pounds down!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! The only thing that is so funny to me is that I cannot figure out where I am losing weight cause my pants still fit good... I think it might be my face and my fingers. But it has to be somewhere else too because i could not have lost 17 pounds in just those areas! Anyways... I have been out running and around and doing errands before christmas festivities begin tomorrow so that has been good but also exhausting. The one thing I have really noticed about changes in myself since surgery is my singing voice. I travel the world singing gospel music and have 2 CD's out and I cant sing good right now. I am so nervous that it wont come back and i need it to because I am touring the southern United States this coming may. So yeah... imma need these cracks and limited air supply to step up their game and LEAVE! I hope everyone is doing well!!!! STATS surgery day: December 13th, 2011 heaviest weight: 261 lbs. current weight: 244 lbs. days since surgery: 10 days
  7. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 8 And 9

    Yesterday was not a bad day at all. My gas pains are completely gone and I have not felt this good since before surgery. The only thing is that I woke up extremely hungry for the first time in a week. I was so grumpy and rude and had to apologize to those i had come in contact with that day. now looking back its so funny! i stayed home and relaxed most of the day and then went out that night till midnight to watch some friends play soccer. needless to say i was exhausted as soon as i stepped through the door. I AM 14 POUNDS DOWN!!!!!!!! This is still so surreal to me. I feel like I am just saying I am losing weight cause its not necessarily noticeable yet but the numbers just keep dropping. I dont hate it though! Everyone keep up the good work!!!!
  8. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 6 And 7

    Well yesterday was a world a difference from days 1-5. I didn't have to take pain medication all day. I felt INCREDIBLE! i did my hair and makeup and went shopping at the mall for a few hours. I still havent felt hungry so this whole liquid diet is not a problem. I am realizing how much I enjoy food though. We have beautiful desserts in the kitchen and im not hungry but i want to eat them. That is probably one of the hardest parts. But at least I get to eat ice cream... but that doesnt compare to a homemade stickybun. One of my closest friends got home from school in cali and my other friend came home as well so of course we were laughing all night. Needless to say, I had to go to sleep at 11pm because i was so incredibly sore. I rather be sore from laughing all night though than be sore from surgery. I slept till 7 and I feel great today! Today... i woke up a little sore from last night but took a very small dosage of meds and I am good again. My swelling is finally going down. Today is ONE WEEK since surgery and I havent weighed myself today.. but as of yesterday i was 11 pounds down!!!! It is unreal... i feel like i am lying to everyone when i tell them i have lost that much weight but i really have. ITS JUST UNBELIEVABLE TO ME!!!
  9. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Helping With The Gas Pains

    I have been dealing with these gas pains since surgery and even gas-x doesnt seem to be helping so i began to search online. What i found that seems to be helping me: 1. make sure to drink some "hot" beverages (preferably tea or coffee) 2. rocking back and forth while sitting stirs up the bubbles which makes them move. 3. use a heating pad to transfer heat to the areas that are irritated. It is ridiculous how well these are working and they are all natural ways! YAY! hope this works for some of you!
  10. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 5

    Well yesterday I was saying that I still felt miserable but in the late afternoon I had a huge turn around. I was drinking all the liquids i needed, i had had a bowel movement, my gas had decreased and i found out i could eat ice cream!!!!!!! I began to feel like a million dollars! So today, I am 5 days out from surgery... again i had surgery on tuesday the 12th. I have been really careful about keeping my binder on because it is a feeling of security but last night for about an hour i took it off and it felt so good. I put it back on to sleep though... dont want anything coming apart. anywho... i fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 2am to take my medicine then slept till 7!!!!!!! I have never slept so long since surgery and it felt great! i was going to stay awake and then realized i could take my medicine again and sleep longer... so i did! i slept till 11!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up feeling incredible! I do have to get my liquids down though since i missed a few hours. Today is the day that i got to take my bandage off of my one incision and it looks great. My stomach is not gurgling as much. I think i am finally making the turn around! =] Keep your heads up friends! IT DOES GET BETTER!
  11. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 4

    this is my first surgery ever!! so everything is new to me. thanks for all the responses!
  12. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 4

    ive been reading between day 5-10. So i am hoping sooner than 2 weeks. My sister had this done in August and she looks incredible. It's great seeing her and knowing ill be there eventually. She never really dealt with the gas issue which makes me so jealous but hey its great to know that at least ONE other person understands.
  13. Lisa Marie Humberson

    Post-op Day 4

    I got sleeved on Tuesday, December 13th. Right now I may be hitting myself asking myself why I would put myself through so much pain but I know this time next week I will be thrilled I made this decision. As far as pain goes, I am hurting really bad. I am so gasy I feel like someone has straw in my bellybutton and they are just continuously blowing me up. My stomach is "gurgling" louder than anything I have ever heard before. Last night my mom and I were joking about how it sounds like a thunder storm or a battle is happening inside of me. This does cause a little bit of pain because I have only made 3 very small bowl movements. Every time my "gurgles" move to my butt I feel like I am about to poop my pants but when I go to use the restroom I can sit there for 30 minutes and nothing happens. Drinking fluids are not that difficult I am just struggling with finding ones that agree with my stomach at this time. Crushing up medications was never a good idea and I am sure several of you can agree with me. I crushed up one of my medications today and mixed it with gatorade and nearly vomited because it tasted so bad. I do not know what I am going to about that one. I have so many questions and not many answers. My stomach is very itchy which I see as a good thing because the incisions are healing. Walking every so often definitely does help but I am still in pain. When should I expect to start feeling good again?
  14. Lisa Marie Humberson

    5 Days Post-op Vsg

    I was sleeved on tuesday and our stories seem very similar. I am glad you are starting to feel better today (knowing you are one day farther along than me) because today I am not feeling the greatest. I slept for 8 good hours in 4 hour sessions but since have had terrible gas and some nausea. Sipping on fluids hasn't really been a huge issue. Just wanting to feel better.

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