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Post-op Day 5

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Lisa Marie Humberson


Well yesterday I was saying that I still felt miserable but in the late afternoon I had a huge turn around. I was drinking all the liquids i needed, i had had a bowel movement, my gas had decreased and i found out i could eat ice cream!!!!!!! I began to feel like a million dollars!


So today, I am 5 days out from surgery... again i had surgery on tuesday the 12th. I have been really careful about keeping my binder on because it is a feeling of security but last night for about an hour i took it off and it felt so good. I put it back on to sleep though... dont want anything coming apart. anywho... i fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 2am to take my medicine then slept till 7!!!!!!! I have never slept so long since surgery and it felt great! i was going to stay awake and then realized i could take my medicine again and sleep longer... so i did! i slept till 11!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up feeling incredible! I do have to get my liquids down though since i missed a few hours.


Today is the day that i got to take my bandage off of my one incision and it looks great. My stomach is not gurgling as much. I think i am finally making the turn around! =]


Keep your heads up friends! IT DOES GET BETTER!

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