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Post-op Day 4

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Lisa Marie Humberson


I got sleeved on Tuesday, December 13th. Right now I may be hitting myself asking myself why I would put myself through so much pain but I know this time next week I will be thrilled I made this decision. As far as pain goes, I am hurting really bad. I am so gasy I feel like someone has straw in my bellybutton and they are just continuously blowing me up. My stomach is "gurgling" louder than anything I have ever heard before. Last night my mom and I were joking about how it sounds like a thunder storm or a battle is happening inside of me. This does cause a little bit of pain because I have only made 3 very small bowl movements. Every time my "gurgles" move to my butt I feel like I am about to poop my pants but when I go to use the restroom I can sit there for 30 minutes and nothing happens. Drinking fluids are not that difficult I am just struggling with finding ones that agree with my stomach at this time. Crushing up medications was never a good idea and I am sure several of you can agree with me. I crushed up one of my medications today and mixed it with gatorade and nearly vomited because it tasted so bad. I do not know what I am going to about that one. I have so many questions and not many answers. My stomach is very itchy which I see as a good thing because the incisions are healing. Walking every so often definitely does help but I am still in pain. When should I expect to start feeling good again?

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I have the same issue with the gas... it sounds like a thunderstorm in my belly... although I seem to be having bouts of diarreah. I've been trying to walk regularly also to help relieve some of this pain. I'm not sure when we should expect to feel better... I've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Hopefully 2 weeks!!! Happy Healing!

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ive been reading between day 5-10. So i am hoping sooner than 2 weeks. My sister had this done in August and she looks incredible. It's great seeing her and knowing ill be there eventually. She never really dealt with the gas issue which makes me so jealous but hey its great to know that at least ONE other person understands.

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I had my sleeve dec 12th the first day was pretty bad for pain the second not so bad but still bad the third way better and the fourth completley better. you need to make sure you are takling your antacid and the meds you got. warm water for me goes down easier and i can drink a little faster. the gurgling is normal. walking is gonna be your best friend so keep taking a little walk even after you have a sip will help. it does get better i feel pretty normal for the most part just icthy where my incision is . but it all gets better you have to think ahead and of the whole picture. is this your first surgery or have you had others?

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