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Post-op Days 11-13

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Lisa Marie Humberson


Well these past few days have been a little more difficult because I am now feeling hungry. My family is composed of wonderful cooks so of course the meals for Christmas have smelled like heaven. Today my family is having the works - prime rib and all. I CANNOT HAVE ANY OF IT... =[ I cried a little earlier today just because I just want to eat. Lame I know but it just gets so frustrating.


On the positive side - I am down 19 pounds (well i am fluctuating...) and I only have 4 more days until I get to start eating more of a yogurt consistency. I have to keep pushing through even though it sucks.


I have a little bit of soreness near my right incision but I think that is simply because I have been moving a lot and its just sore. I do feel dizzy or just plain yucky for a few hours every day but that could be because its so difficult to just keep drinking ALL day... maybe a little dehydrated. I am doing pretty well today though.


I hope you all are doing well. Stay encouraged... its all worth it in the end!



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I don't think crying about not being able to eat is lame... because I do it too! LOL... but seriously, we have made a big change and lost a friend in food, which is super hard! But we are working toward a healthier and thinner life! Which will be worth it in the end! Wishing you a Happy New Year 2012!!

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Hi Lisa, it sounds like overall you are doing quite well. I think i cried once or twice being so frustrated I couldn't eat what my brain wanted to. My sleeve definitely now wears the pants in this relationship with food lol. It'll take a little while for your brain to adjust to your actual physical limitations with eating. When you're able to eat solids again, you'll start to feel better. And when you see the pounds come off, everything will come into perspective. Good luck and Happy New Year to you.

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I'm so with you. I totally cried today, because i'm sick of these protein shakes. yuck. I'm 6 days away from the yogurt consistency, but it can't come fast enough. We just need to hang in there, and look at things in the long term.

we can do this!!

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