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  1. I'm in North Austin and was sleeved 03/02/2012, and am down 81 lbs so far! Good luck to all you with upcoming surgeries, there's plenty of room for you here on the losers bench (now that my butt is smaller lol)!
  2. ShannonH

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    Add me too: shannonheat
  3. ShannonH


    I had my surgery with Dr. Almanza on March 2, 2012....and would do it again in a heartbeat. He did a great job on me, and everyone I met while I was there (we still keep in touch). I'm down 65lbs as of today, and still going strong. Oh, and people keep mentioning not to use him because your surgery is in a surgery center, and not a hospital, and you stay in a recovery house afterwards, but I've had some pretty major surgeries here in Texas, in a surgery center, and they send me home the same day....at least you have caretakers at the recovery house. Don't rule out Dr. Almanza based on things people say...you never know if it's other coordinators just playing dirty. Good luck on your journey :-)
  4. Help! I'm so scared of food. I don't want to develop an eating disorder because of it. I'm scared, because I'm not quite sure what to eat now to continue losing weight. All I know is that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels...or will feel. I want the weight gone so bad, that I feel like I can't even enjoy food. What did you eat to become successful? I workout every day, except one.
  5. ShannonH

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    That's great! Keep logging in, it becomes a natural habit after about a month.
  6. ShannonH

    Plane Ride Home...

    I live in Texas, and flew economy. I booked an isle seat, and wore compression stockings/socks, that helped more than anything. You can grab some at your local pharmacy. Oh, I also booked my seat in the very back of the plane, by the bathrooms, in case I got sick. When I booked my flight, I requested wheelchair assistance to and from all gates.....best decision ever. Good luck :-)
  7. ShannonH

    Dr Garcia & Mi Doctor Hospital

    I'll keep you in the loop! Sooo nervous!
  8. ShannonH

    I Can Finally Take My Son To Baseball Practice

    How inspiring! Thank you SO much for sharing this. I'm being sleeved on March 2nd, and looking forward to joining you and the others for a healthier life. I have 3 children of my own, my fiance is helping me raise them, and they're all scared for me to take the surgery plunge, but I tell them either I take this risk, or risk gaining more, and cutting more time off my life. Thank you again for sharing.
  9. I'm in Austin, and being sleeved on March 2, 2012!
  10. ShannonH

    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    Wow, how exciting! Wishing you well for a super speedy recovery! HUGS!
  11. Good luck, and looking forward to hearing your experience!
  12. Wow Kathy, that was very informative. It's good to hear the success stories about Dr. Almanza. Thank you very much for sharing.....my surgery date can't come fast enough!
  13. I'm so excited! I'm finally booked for March 2nd with Dr. Almanza! Is anyone else flying into San Diego on March 1st?
  14. I'm in Austin too! Too bad I can't get Feb. 3rd as well! Would love to have a travel buddy! Let me know how it all goes :-)

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