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  1. Liliana Arleen

    Coffee Withrawal Help

    Unfortunately is something that you must get used to it prior surgery , I quit when I started my pre op liquid diet and experienced all those symptoms but your body will get adjusted with the time and those symptoms shall pass. GL
  2. Liliana Arleen

    Fatty Liver?

    I had fatty liver pre op and everything went well. I am one year post op and I have no longer fatty liver. Good luck!
  3. Liliana Arleen

    5 Months Post-Op

    Congratulations,great job,keep it up
  4. Liliana Arleen

    13 Days Post Op

    Maybe you drank your protein shake too fast? You will have some days where your appetite changes and at first right after surgery you won't be much hungry. Just make sure you drink plenty of water too.
  5. Liliana Arleen

    4 Wks Post Op Miserable

    Please remember to follow the forum rules,be respectful to others,we are adults and we should know how to express our own opinions without having to be disrespectful. Thanks.
  6. Liliana Arleen

    Vs And Ds In Mexico

    Just a friendly reminder,please follow the forum rules,cursing is not allow on this forum,Thanks.
  7. Please remember to express your opinions and be respectful to others. Thanks.
  8. Just a friendly warning : Please remember to be respectful to others,is ok to express your opinions but not attacking others. Thanks!
  9. Please remember to express your opinions with respect to others,thanks!
  10. Liliana Arleen

    Early Soft Foods

    Just a reminder,please be respectful to others while expressing your own opinions,thanks.
  11. Please remember to be respectful while expressing your opinions ,rude comments to others are not tolerate on this forum, thanks!
  12. Liliana Arleen

    Update On My Pain...

    Inappropriate language is not permitted on this forum please try to share your opinions without using these words. Thanks!
  13. Please remember to be respectful to others while giving your own opinions.
  14. Liliana Arleen

    Protein Bars

    Please remember to use appropriate language with others,everybody has the right to express their own opinions but with respect. Thanks.
  15. Please remember to use proper language on this topic . According to the forum rules,inappropriate language is not permitted on this forum. Thanks.

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