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    I'm a single chick, looking to get control of her life again. Do have a date for my surgery, Oct 26th. I am a mother of 4 great adult kids. Hve met a few bansters in our support group here in Det. Truly support angels to me. SOMETHING WONDERFUL!
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    love to dance, sing ,pretty social gal. Enjoy people and all their quirks.
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    Shelby Twp.
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  1. Happy 56th Birthday QueenMichelle!

  2. Happy 55th Birthday QueenMichelle!

  3. 7 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 7th Anniversary QueenMichelle!

  4. QueenMichelle

    New Baby

    awwwww soooo cute!
  5. QueenMichelle

    SEX question

    SEX--nice conversation actually-but if there are drawings of the "upside down thingy"- I would be greatly interested in viewing them! I am a visual person and need education with pictures---teeeheee (not meaning to sound PERVISH!)
  6. Wow A Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love "em
  7. QueenMichelle

    Stephanie from Michigan

    where in MI are you? Shelby Twp here! and hang with those other two happy souls---Greg and Nancy!
  8. QueenMichelle

    I'm back

    whoooo hoooo! YOU GO!
  9. QueenMichelle

    Not Loosing any weight!!!!!

    ditto here lost weight fast the firs 2 weeks now stagnent and well yesterday gained 2 lbs-- what's uppie with that-don't feel its working- drinking plenty of h2o-peing all the time- and well getting frustrated-- lets just both agree to hang in there and wait this stagnent time out!
  10. QueenMichelle

    When did your fill kick in?

    Hey Vic- don;t feel bad my loss is slow too since i started (pre liq 10-12/surg 10-26)- no fill yet but the scale is stuck 4 weeks out-22 lbs- what's uppie with that! and i am not really eating much at all- not sure what is not working- damn-trying to drink more water- think i need to start walking now- but it's so cold here in MI-
  11. QueenMichelle

    TWO Major NSV's!!!

    Get Out The Gold Card!
  12. QueenMichelle

    No more messing around!!!

    Babs-- i thought the atkins thingy was too tough on your liver to do with banding- is it working for you huh good---sounds like a plan but my band is new dr said steak is a no no for a couple of weeks yet- keep us posted on your progress-- YOU CAN DO IT!
  13. QueenMichelle

    Pitty potty! Why me?

    Until you deal with live with GRACE--it will stay in your FACE-- i know this sound silly but start saying THANK YOU for the lesons that you have learned and let go of the "anger" you still hold on these issues-you will be surprised how live will change whey you change your pesception of life---the hardest thing is coming from a place of thankfulness when things are less than wonderful-i wish you peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. QueenMichelle

    how long does this last!!!!!!!!!!1

    ok i watched Rosanne Barr on tv today- and she had the ryun- y bypass surgery a few years back- as did Carnie Phillips, and both look like they have gained lots of weight back---anyone had one of these bands, say at least 5 years, and how is it still performing for you -have you maintained your weight loss or leveled off and some point? Anyone GAINED lots of weight back-- come on cough it up there can not only be sucess stories out here (tho they are the best) enquiring minds want tho know----I understand that this is a tool and I have to maintain control but well just wondering if it ever really gets easier ----------
  15. QueenMichelle

    Having Some trouble eating...

    when i eat too much i get the tightness especially in my back between my shoulder blades-i had soup today and some salad-dr says i am doing fine and that eating is ok as long as i chew chew chew and no steak till 3 weks-tough on the stomach-still drinking boost several times a day too- so so far all is well-

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