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  1. JessicaLynn04
    I'm excited about 2014. I accomplished a lot in 2013 and I can only imagine what god has planned for me in 2014. In 2013 I moved back to Texas, started a new job that is actually using the degrees I have, learned to relax and not to worry about everything, got back in church and got my momma to go with me. I bought a new car, went to Destin Fl, swam with dolphins, made the decision to have the lap band surgery and lost 58 pounds, several sizes and gained a lot of confidence. The clothes I'm wearing now are from 6 years ago back in my college day. My knee pain is pretty much gone. I no longer have the excuse of not being able to do something because of pain. I hoped that by having surgery I would be able to decrease my BP medicine but so far I haven't been able to do that but I'm okay with it. Even though it's not decreasing I feel great.
    2013 was a great year for my church family. They started in March in the Holiday Inn conference room but by September we had a building and the congregation is continuing to grow. We have had several baptisms in Jesus' name. It's amazing how god works the church needs an accountant and guess who has a degree in accounting? That's right this girl. We need a music ministry and god provided it to us. 2014 is going to be full of a lot of learning and remodeling for the church.
    I normally don't do this but In 2014 I have the following goals:
    1) Get down to 140 lbs.
    2) Better my relationship with god.
    3) Learn more about non profit accounting.
    4) Grow professionally.
    5) Grow emotionally.
    6) Run a 5k.
  2. JessicaLynn04
    It's been too weeks today and I'm feeling great. I started walking again. Already with just 29 lbs down I am able to walk without my legs/knee killing me, I can tell I have knees and ankles for the first time in years and people are complementing me on my weight loss. I can't really tell but apparently others can. I'm on to mushies tomorrow. I'm ready for something besides thin liquids. I'm 2 lbs away from only needing to lose 100 lbs.
  3. JessicaLynn04
    I'm 1 week post op and feeling good. I have a little issue with pain on 1 incision but it's not bad enough to take pain medicine. Thankfully the allergic reaction to the antiseptic is finally going away. I have stuck to the diet completely. Depending on the day I'm still starving most of the time and so ready for the soft food stage. Good news is I'm down 23 pounds total and 12 since my surgery date. Yay! I'm excited about the changes. I can already tell that I'm losing.
  4. JessicaLynn04
    Yesterday I was having issues with gas but today the gas has gotten better. Since the gas pains have gone I am starting to feel the discomfort of the incisions. I had to sleep sitting up last night because it was to much to lay flat. Bless my mom's heart she is taking great care of me.
    Overall the pain isn't bad. I have had ice on my stomach pretty much since I had surgery. My back is hurting today so I have been laying on a heating pad. I can't wait for the pain to go away so I can start moving some more. For now I am catching up on my reading.
    The attached picture is from yesterday.
  5. JessicaLynn04
    Yay! Tomorrow is the day. I am excited. Ofcouse I am going to have trouble sleeping like I always do when I am excited. Hopefully tomorrow isn't do bad. I am not concerned about the actual surgery its the after effects that I worry about. Thankfully my wonderful mom will be here to take care of me. :wub:
  6. JessicaLynn04
    I have had a weight problem for over 10 years. It started out with just 20-30 pounds over weight but I grew older and stressed I ate more and more. I would lose weight but I never maintained the loss. The biggest gain for me started about 3 years ago when I made the decision to move away from my family for my career. At first I was okay no weight gain but as I began missing my family the more I pulled away from the life I had created away from home and dwell on how much I missed home. That's when I started eating more and more. Before I knew it I was 70 lbs heavier. I tried Zumba and walking to get the weight off but somehow I ended up with a cyst on my knee. Walking or even bending my knees have become painful. In Jan 2013 I made the decision to change careers and move back home. I started getting interview quickly and was able to obtain a job doing exactly what I wanted for a great company. So that brings me to now. I'm happy again but now I have all this weight that is still here. My blood pressure is only maintained with medicine. I received a call from True Results to check to see if I qualified for insurance to cover it. (I had tried once before but didn't have a high enough BMI). On July 30th I went in to my appointment expecting to go home disappointed but I left with the goal of an early September surgery date. Insurance approved my surgery late August for September 18th. I am not sure my goal weight yet I would like to be down to 140 from 269 but I'm not sure if that's too much.
    I am now 6 days from surgery day and I am getting excited. I have lost 7lbs since I started the pre-op diet. I have struggled with not eating and snacking but I have cut my portions down drastically. I have finally found some ways to make my protien shakes taste better. At first I thought this was going to be a hard time because no matter what I did I could only taste the protein in the skake but now I actually enjoy drinking a few of the flavors.

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