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    My doctor says I need to get b/t 75 - 100 grams of protein per day & b/t 800 & 1000 calories so I reset the goals on MFP. It took me a bit to figure out how to do it, but it can be done.
  2. Deb_Believes


    I had a small scare today that I'm going to have to watch closely. One of my smallest incisions has started to get infected (noticed today when changing shirts, very red around the incision, very slightly icky - I won't be too gross here - when I started checking it closer). I have quite the history of wounds getting infected so I was actually a little surprised it hadn't already happened to one of the larger incisions! Called doc & he had me come in. Confirmed mild infection & discussed how to care for it. I'll watch it closely in the process. As long as it doesn't get worse, we'll avoid antibiotics. I'm crossing my fingers & praying given my track record with this sort of thing. >:0
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    Aviva, had no idea how far behind I was on reading when I responded to the removing steri-strip question! Sorry! LOL!
  4. Deb_Believes


    My doctor told me that it was alright to take them off after a few days. For the 2 larger incisions, I bought butterfly strips at the pharmacy & used that & small band aids just to be on the safe side; didn't want to risk splitting open, greater scarring! Also had a nurse suggest using baby oil to get the steri-strips / band aids off if they are being stubborn b/c I tend to bruise so easily & they always irritate my skin.
  5. Hi all, I went for my 2 week post-op with my doctor today. He said I'm doing great & released me to greater exercise, including swimming & biking (Yeah!!!) & said that I can finally start on munchies, after almost 4 weeks on liquids only! I was so thrilled that I went straight to the supermarket to get what the nutritionist told me to start with! I had not gotten it yet just in case he said wait a few more days! . My 1st fill will be a month from now at the 6 week point. Hope everyone is feeling as happy & positive as I am right now! Deb
  6. When I asked my doctor this question just before my surgery, he said 2 weeks post-op, which is when I am seeing him again (tomorrow). I have the impression that he reevaluates everything at that appointment to make sure all is well & if it is he will give me the clearance to do more strenuous exercise (biking, swimming, etc.).
  7. Hi kbush & anyone else who wants to join the FB group (in addition to this group & / or MFP)...... I have found all 3 of them to be very helpful and supportive!!! If you want to join the Facebook page, send a message to Crayolaphoenix with your email address that is associated with your Facebook account & she will gladly add you. No one is taking away from the usefulness, help, & support of this site! It's AWESOME! The FB site is simply extra support if you want it.
  8. Hey again ~ I'm very familiar with the area! I used to live on the barrier island in Lavalette & travelled to my job on the western edge of Monmouth County every day until I moved to where I am now.
  9. Where? Who's your surgeon? I'm in Monmouth County, about 3 blocks from the beach, not too far from Belmar.
  10. Hey Sprinkle! I was banded on July 1st. A lot of folks here suggested that I purchase "The Big Book of LapBand" that you can find on this site. I got the Kindle version b/c it was $10 as opposed to $25 & devoured it! It answered so many questions that I didn't even enough know I should be asking at the time. I found that what I heard from people here as far as pain level did not ring true for me. I had some pain in my shoulders / upper back, but did what everyone said & used a heating pad & it helped tremendously. (Note to you: Make sure you have a heating Pad!) The pain in my tummy was worse to me b/c my muscles were not in good shape. First couple of days, I used a cane to help me get up, not to walk afterwards, just to get up. Ice helps too. Everyone here told me to be stocked up on any meds that I take, liquid ibuprofen /Tylenol in case of low grade fever, Gas-X (or something like it), and whatever "meals" your doctor says you should consume for the first week so that you won't have to go shopping right after release from hospital. I have found MyFitnessPal to be incredibly useful & the connections with friends there. If you are not using it, maybe now's a good time to start. Otherwise, almost a week post-surgery, I'm feeling pretty great, down 25 # since I started the original liquid diet & moving ahead. The doctors, nurses, and my friends have been great and very supportive! Wish you the best & keep us posted! If I missed anything or if you have other questions, I'll be glad to answer what I Can! Deb.
  11. Hi Lois - Welcome Aboard! Living in NJ, but being from the south, it's always great to "hear" a y'all. I was banded the day before you. People are very helpful here! Keep sharing & they will share back!
  12. I didn't read all the way back to see what started the conversation so my comments were not intended towards anything anyone in particular said at all. Just a general commentary on my own insights into my needs for my progress. If it helps to support anyone else along the way, then great!

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