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  1. RwSample

    stomach stretch

    To help you stay on track type in a google search "stomach dilation lapband" and then click on "images". You will see pictures of what will happen if you don't measure and if you don't follow the rules. Not only will you gain (or not lose) weight, but you will be miserable and possibly have to have band removed. It is terrifying to ne.
  2. Redd! Congratulations on being banded. I am still looking forward to my turn. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a family supporting you ?? How did you do on your pre-op stuff? I'm not looking fwd to the two weeks of liquids....I will be at a resort for two days organizing a retreat for work during the liquid phase. Thank you for the compliment regarding my previous post. I look forward to chatting more robin
  3. I am so sorry everyone's support system is falling to bits! I wish for you that you could step back and look at the situation from the outside. It would be so fantastic to have a loving, lapband educated home support system.... but if you do not....... you have resources! You have yourself to begin with. You are strong! You must be! You made this scarey decision and have embarked on a HUGE adventure. It your family members are not interested or are unable to make the trip along side you, you still do not have to be alone. I noticed a mentor section on this website, and i also would love to be a lapband buddy. I am going to need one too! I am scheduled tentatively for September 6 surgery. My son and daughter-in-law and their two little ones, live with my husband and I. my Daughter-in-law loves to bake. On the day of my first appointment with True results, I came home to find she had baked a pie. My husband says he would rather invest in a patio than a band. Then he says he is sorry, get the band, then the patio cost more than we thought it would and he wants me to wait..... I told him I NEED the band, and I'm getting it. I guess I will just have to be super strong even at home with all the sweets coming in to the house. I'm doing this for me, and it would be great to have them help me, but i guess it is really my own problem. I'm not going to be bitter toward them, I just consider them a big ignorant of my needs, and disrespectful, and human. PS I have donated my winter clothes already because i DO NOT want to be that size come winter I hope I am not dumb! lol. One more thing! if you are not eating much and not losing much have your thyroid tested again. Make sure you are getting your exercise and enough water. Let me know if today is a better day! I'm in Houston. Where are you? Robin.
  4. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Hang in there, it is frustratinf when weight is steady. Just keep eating good nutrition and be sure to get heart rate up to target when u exercise. The new exercise plan is good idea. Keep your body guessing! How much have you lost?
  5. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    This is only my opinion, but I think you should not drink it. I think your beverages are supposed to be calorie free except for skim milk. If you really want the juice, or since it is already in the house maybe add a small splash of it to your water for a little flavor. I like to add about two tablespoons of orange juice to a big glass of ice water. Also know I have not been banded yet. I'm a wanna be
  6. RwSample

    70lbs down, 100 more to go...

    Excellent work! Congratulations on your new healthier you!
  7. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Cassandra, what was your surgery date? And how is your progress? You sound perfectly thrillef
  8. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Hi cassandra. Congrats on the band! Are you in sugar land too? I hope you hit green zone easily. How long was it before you could drive ? I am trying to plan how long to take off from work. Secretary.
  9. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    Hi cassandra. Congrats on the band! Are you in sugar land too? I hope you hit green zone easily. How long was it before you could drive ? I am trying to plan how long to take off from work. Secretary.
  10. RwSample

    Looking for a Houston, texas group

    The trainers are $ 30 per half hour if you sign up for 12 months. I can't remember the other options. ... that is the one I went with.... so 19.99 a month for membership and $120 per month for trainer. Honestly the trainer is what makes my time at the gym worth while. I also signed my granddaughter up for a membership. She is 6. They have class twice a week. She does kick boxing, dancing, and a bit of yoga. Its super cute to watch and keeps me motivated to have a workout buddy. She and I go Monday and Wednesday, then I meet with Nick on Friday. I am setting myself up for success by setting aside time that is scheduled for the gym. That way I don't cop out if I have a headache or feel droopy. I still have to go! Im tentatively scheduled for sept 6 band day nicks number is 832-527-0215 you might be able to work with him outside of the gym.
  11. RwSample

    I Resent that NSV!!!

    Yep some peeps mean well and just don't think the words through (or are incapable of understanding being overweight or are butt-heads . Dont worry just consider any reference to you being smaller than before as a compliment.
  12. RwSample


    Congratulations to all of you recovering band members. (I like that better than bandster...... who wouldn't want to be a part of the band right?) I want to be in the band too! Looking forward to some band aide! Yes my family rolls their eyes at me all the time!!! I hope you are feeling strong and healthy soon! Has anyone come up with pizza flavored soup? I'm thinking oregeno in tomato soup gotta find some pepperoni juice and we'll be golden.
  13. RwSample


    Do either of you feel well enough to drive and sit at a desk? Because what ive read is not sounding like reality. Read that it would be reasonable to have surgery thurs and go to work monday. I'm a secretary, but I think a whole week off is the minimum. ..?

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