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    joatsaint reacted to jorose in NSV #2 - You Best Step Off, B-hatch!   
    How about the rainbow road cause you will see and get through all sorts of color along the way. I dont have a date yet and not sure if its a sleeve or bypass but im sure wots ahead will be colorful.
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    joatsaint got a reaction from StayingStrong in Constipation and Milk of Magnesia Or How FEMA Declared My Bathroom A National Disaster   
    Thanks for your comment.
    Well, to be completely honest, I'm not obsessed with the topic. I just have a boring life, this really happened to me, and I find poo funny. I had to write this post because it was my duty and it was a BIG duty! :-)
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    joatsaint reacted to OneHawtGammy in Premier Protein Drinks Review - Chocolate   
    I work at SAMs in Memphis & we carry the Premier Protein bars now. Their shakes are by far my favorite. We only have vanilla & chocolate but I was told that Costco has strawberry too but I haven't checked that out
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    joatsaint reacted to NMJG in Premier Protein Drinks Review - Chocolate   
    I like the Premier Protein shakes from Costco, too, so convenient since it's premade. For powder, Syntha 6 is my favorite so far. I can't believe the difference in brands. Some are just so nasty. I ordered a bunch of samples like others suggested. It's a great idea to get that figured out, because I'm not dreading the liquid phase now.
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    joatsaint reacted to Dee_1111 in You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Lose Weight   
    Wow just reading that so relaxed me..I just wish I could be one of those people. It sounds so enjoyable, like being in a sauna. But alas, I'm that ridged person 'personified' who your talking about. I can not waiver left or right and come back to center. Man, I wish!!!..but for most people this is prob the way to go. Lot less stress, that's for sure..
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    joatsaint reacted to Dee_1111 in You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Lose Weight   
    Just an after thought..I do practice the 80/20..but my 20 is grabbing recipes from this and other sites on how to make pouch safe muffins and stuff for the wkend..I know..to rigid ..well I suppose someone's gotta be..lol.. (sigh) didn't think it was a bad thing till I read this post..gotta be more choosy :/
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    joatsaint reacted to zkelleybelly in Messed Up Bad   
    Sugar is my enemy.
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    joatsaint reacted to BellaHugz in Quick FAQs - What Is The Honeymoon Period   
    I love what you both are saying thanks for sharing your words of wisdom!!
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    joatsaint reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Quick FAQs - What Is The Honeymoon Period   
    i also know that larger BMI people can lose more at the beginning also......why is vital to keep doing what one is suppose to do and realize that if you do, the scale will eventually show.....(i judge my loss by inches being lost)
    great post and i do watch your video on you tube
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    joatsaint reacted to betternowthanever in Quick FAQs - What Is The Honeymoon Period   
    I am always watching calorie intake and making sure anything I eat provides me with protein. Very important in healing process and losing wt.
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    joatsaint reacted to gmanbat in Sh*t's Gettin Real Up In Here - Knocking On Twoderland's Door   
    Started at 340, at 215 now.
    I wake up many mornings and feel my ribs and realize, yes, I really did lose the fat. I am slim, not a fantasy, not a dream. It is real, my friend! Life IS good!
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    joatsaint reacted to dylanmiles23 in Quick FAQs (VSG) How Often Do You Weigh Post Weight Loss Surgery   
    I am a bander and I weigh myself too much also.
    One of my bander friends doesn't own a scale, smart person. She only gets weighed at the doctor's.
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    joatsaint reacted to krystalherrington in Quick FAQs Weight Loss Surgery - To Tell or Not To Tell   
    I wish I wouldn't have told so many. It's like I cheated or something. Sorry, having someone remove part of my stomach on purpose sure feels the opposite of cheating.
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    joatsaint reacted to endless80 in Quick FAQs - Can I eat ____ After (VSG) Weight Loss Surgery   
    Not so much hamburgers but I sure miss me some pizza. 3.5 weeks post op.
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    joatsaint reacted to 1SuperBonBon in Quick FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions   
    I haven't even been sleeved yet, but I am so prepared for the dreaded three week stall. I never want to see another post about that again.
    Thanks for the blog. It was super refreshing and very funny.
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    joatsaint reacted to Mel1071 in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Pre-Op Psychological Evaluation   
    I'm scheduled for 12/16. Also self pay to the tune of $18K. Which I agree, it does suck - but we're worth it!
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    joatsaint reacted to Redwillow13 in Stealth Workouts - Oh No He Did'nt or Sneaky Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising   
    Thank you!! That was a good read and the exercise ideas are great.
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    joatsaint reacted to tinarho in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Pre-Op Psychological Evaluation   
    My deductible has been met! Thank goodness. I can't believe how fast all those appointments add up! I had my pre-op yesterday. All my appointments are done! My surgery is on 12/31! Lets keep each other posted! Good luck!
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    joatsaint reacted to TD41 in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Pre-Op Psychological Evaluation   
    yes its a big price to being on the other side of all the appts and copays and deductibles.... best of luck andspeedy recovery to you and tinarho... Mysurgery is scheduled for 12/28/12.... i cant believe im almost there:)
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    joatsaint reacted to MNMema in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Pre-Op Psychological Evaluation   
    I'm a self pay and expect to pay approximately $25,000 total...sucks...BUT on the bright side there will be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow no matter what we pay!!! Good luck!!
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    joatsaint reacted to lark60 in 5 Minute Reviews - Bottle Blender Review   
    I thought the information was presented well and I like your humor! The shaker sound did garble your presentation a few times but otherwise kudos to you!
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    joatsaint reacted to forward thinner in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - What My Doc Told Me to Expect   
    okay, I am troubled. I had the surgery on Monday, and have not lost one ounce...is this normal? I am definately not overeating...rather struggling to get it all in.
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    joatsaint reacted to adargie in Down Scale Down! or The Fear of Seeing the Scale Move Up Instead of Down   
    I too have seen the upward movement of the scale, then that pound or two will disappear then I stay the same, for ever!( it feels like) then 2 pounds will be gone. Then I repeat it all over again. Sigh
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    joatsaint reacted to ItsMe2033 in Rule #1 - Cardio or Why I Would Be One of the 1st to Go in Zombieland   
    There's always this option:
    I think it would be less likely to become a clothes hanger than you might think. I currently use a tablet when I am on my elliptical cross trainer, and I love it. I also did something like this about 20 years ago with a computer monitor and keyboard mounted to my treadmill. This was before most people had internet access, but if I wanted to use my computer, I at least had to stand on the treadmill.
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    joatsaint reacted to Bufflehead in Rule #1 - Cardio or Why I Would Be One of the 1st to Go in Zombieland   
    I've been thinking more seriously about running. I have had bad knees for a while but they are getting better and better the more weight I lose. I think I am going to start with Couch to 5K (maybe a few months from now) and once I do that, move on to the Zombies, Run! app. I'm not good with doing smart phone things and moving at the same time either, but I gather this one is pretty simple.

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