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    backpacking5 reacted to SillyAuntDi in Banders #6   
    I went to see my nutritionist today for a regular check-in. It's been a full year since I started seeing her. We just chatted about my progress and how great things are. Then she said she wanted to ask me a favor. Once a year she asks one of the patients to tell their story at the monthly support group meeting. So, I will be speaking at the August meeting. I'm kinda thrilled and kinda freaked out all at the same time. I think that will be when I debut the old fat jeans...and how I now fit into one leg.
    Happy Friday!
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    backpacking5 reacted to lisacaron in 1 year, 50lbs...only?   
    I am in the same boat as you. Paddle paddle paddling along. I look at it like this, I didn't gain my weight in one year and it won't take me just one year to lose it all and to be healthy.
    My weight crept up and up over the years, and today my weight creeps lower and lower. I feel healthy and I look healthy. Not much saggy baggy skin to complain about. I go to the gym now, I lift weights but I'm not sore and hurting every single day and I don't want to be.
    I don't like the idea of no pain no gain, after all I want to lose not gain right
    So I practice making a life style change every single day that will sustain me waaaay into the future. Not just in the foods I choose but in the way I eat them and don't eat them.
    The way I move and don't move, and it takes some time. I'm not a light switch that goes on and off. I can tell myself today I'm going to eat right, but never understand what right is and why I am doing that today, when tomorrow comes and I'm under pressure or distracted and the old habits come back.
    They do come back because they are just that habits, so I am working on not only breaking those habits but creating new and healthy ones to replace them. So it's second nature to reach for Water and not coffee when I need a pick me up. So I reach for Protein and not sugar when I am running low on steam around 3:00.
    To choose to remember to eat Breakfast lunch and dinner at some point in my day and not shove all the calories in after work when it's more likely I'm going to rest and get to bed then it is for me to take a walk after dinner.
    So 50 pounds in one year is GREAT! I say HOORAY for you! Keep up the good work, and I will be right there with ya!
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    backpacking5 reacted to BandedBrunette481 in I'm DONE, not full!   
    I've been banded about 2 months now, I have 3cc's in my band, and I've been working at listening to the signals my band is sending. I think it's hard for us newly banded people to always tell what level of restriction we're at. I honestly don't know if I'm in the green zone or not, but I had an epiphany the other day about being full. It went like this:
    Last night, after a home cooked meal with friends, everyone was sitting around talking about how full they were and rubbing their stomachs. I sat there thinking am I full too?
    I wanted to ask them all how they knew they were full. Did they feel it in their stomachs, physically? Because that’s what my definition of full was before I was banded. I was full when I physically felt as though I couldn’t eat another bite. If I felt like I could still eat more, I wasn’t full.
    Epiphany: I was still expecting that feeling after being banded, just that it would happen with less food, and that is all sorts of wrong!
    That’s not how full is supposed to feel for anyone, banded or not. That’s what overeating feels like. Maybe full is the wrong word to use in general because, to me, it means “no more room.” My doctor often uses the term ‘satisfied’ in place of full but that doesn’t work for me either because I’m a food addict, I’m never quite “satisfied” with any amount of food. That’s how I got up to 235 pounds, ya know what I mean?
    I prefer the word done, as in “I am done eating.” I don’t have to be full or satisfied to be done eating. It just means I have to stop, whatever the reason. Plus, it sounds very final and that helps me stop my head hunger.
    So, was I done eating at that dinner with friends? Absolutely. I could tell that I had eaten in the sense that I felt the food in my stomach, but I wasn’t hurting or feeling uncomfortable like so many of my companions. I was just done.
    It’s wonderful to realize that I don’t have to strive for full or even satisfied. I just have to eat enough of the right things to fuel my body and then be done. (This is an excerpt from my original blog post. Click here if you want to read the whole thing)
    I wanted to share this on the forum because I hope it can inspire others who are struggling.
    So who's with me on making "done" the new term for full?
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    backpacking5 reacted to gowalking in Oh my goodness....   
    Spent the weekend with my girlfriend on Long Island and did a little suburban shopping on Saturday. Well I had one heck of a NSV. I tried on some dresses and I looked pretty good in a couple of them and decided to buy them. Got home earlier this evening, put one of the dresses back on and have been staring in the mirror and looking at myself because it's been just so long since I've worn a dress. Oh boy are my co-workers are going to be so surprised when they see me tomorrow...
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    backpacking5 got a reaction from Mikee57 in This is soo bizarre!   
    My Dr. ask me to take a few small sips and see how that feels.
    This last time I sat up with the needle still attached and sipped,
    thought it might be too much so she took a little out,
    sipped again,
    Water went down fine so we both thought that was good enough for now.
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    backpacking5 reacted to Kindle in Travel? Where in the USA would you take your dream vacation? Why?   
    My Grand Canyon suggestion was serious...I used to live in Florida and took an 8 day commercial raft trip down the Grand Canyon. It was so amazing, I went back to Florida, quit my job, sold my house and moved to SW Colorado. 10 years later I went back to the Grand Canyon and did an 18 day private trip, rowing my own boat that time. Truly the best vacation ever!
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    backpacking5 reacted to catfish87 in Banders Exercise   
    Yep.....STARTING is the most important part.
    I started too, almost 5 years ago, WALKING on a treadmill in my basement, at 324 lbs.
    Then, I found something I enjoyed in March of 2012. I got me a good, properly fitting, road bike. The very first time I rode it, I went about 2 miles....and i was out of breath! ( that was at about 260 lbs) But even that first ride, I knew it was something I could learn to enjoy...and did/do I ever. Cycling for me now, doesn't seem like exercise. Its FUN...nothing but the wind in my face and the tunes in my ears. I went from 2 miles to riding a century ( 100 mile ride ) last year.
    Then I also read on here about this "runners high".....hmmm. Really? My NUT and I had discussed about me needing to also find some "impact" exercise. She mentioned about how it can help with improving bone strength. I'd read similar discussions about this topic. So, after 20 years of not running, I thought I'd give it a go....mostly thanks to some encouragement from my "coach" Steph. I got home July 22nd last year after working a 12 hour midnight shift, and went at a SLOW...VERY slow pace, and ran/jogged 2 miles. I felt like I had just completed the Boston Marathon! I couldn't believe it....2 miles nonstop! Boy were my legs sore the next day.
    Three days later, was my first 5km run. 8/8/13 I did my first 5 mile run. 9/7/13 I did my first "event" 5km run. ( I got that runner high this day. A memorial event for a fallen soldier) 9/16 my first 10km run, 11/18/13 my first 10 mile run, 2/21/14 my first 20km run, and on 3/1/14 I ran my half marathon distance for the first time.
    I hope this comes across the way it's intended....as a positive and encouraging post. To show others, that they too can accomplish what they never dreamed possible. If you know me, you'll know I've certainly had my struggles, doubts, wanting to give ups. But there is so much more to this journey than just some number on a scale... To remind us all, that no one starts out at the finish line... NEVER, EVER give up!
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    backpacking5 reacted to 2muchfun in How to burn 800 Calories in 30 Minutes!   
    Wife sent this via Facebook this morning.

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    backpacking5 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Banders Exercise   
    CG maybe kabo the doberman needs his own step to exercise with you?
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    backpacking5 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Banders Exercise   
    CG maybe kabo the doberman needs his own step to exercise with you?
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    backpacking5 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Banders Exercise   
    CG maybe kabo the doberman needs his own step to exercise with you?
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    backpacking5 reacted to als41 in Banders Exercise   
    Just walked about a mile and a half at the lake next to my house with the puppies. Took the day off from the gym today, went six days this week; so I don't feel guilty. Tomorrow, I think I'll put my kayak in the lake if it isn't too windy or cold.
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    backpacking5 reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Banders Exercise   
    2 mile walk....35 min step aerobics and a lot of walking while shopping at super Walmart
    this southern girl LOVES her lap band
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    backpacking5 reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Banders Exercise   
    Working out is not a punishment, it’s a privilege.
    It feels so good to exercise and knowing that I’m not only doing something good for my body mentally and physically at that very moment, but I’m also doing it for my healthy future, too is so priceless.
    To wrap it up—don’t make excuses today. Be thankful for the body you have and be good to it
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    backpacking5 reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Banders Exercise   
    step aerobics......
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    backpacking5 reacted to lisacaron in Banders Exercise   
    Got my 10,000 steps in today and did about 10 flights of stairs. Good day:)
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    backpacking5 got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in The real reason I chose the band   
    one word: AWESOME
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    backpacking5 got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in The real reason I chose the band   
    one word: AWESOME
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    backpacking5 reacted to gowalking in The real reason I chose the band   
    OK folks...here's the god's honest reason why I chose the band. I expected it wouldn't work. I was sure it wouldn't work. Nothing worked so why would a friggin' piece of plastic work? I was getting the band so that I could remove it in six months and continue my downward spiral towards being wheelchair bound and likely suffering a premature death.
    So...when people talk about being in the right frame of mind to tackle this process and be successful, I was so not one of them. I was awfully cranky during the pre-op phase...and then sick and tired of the monotony of post-op liquids. Thinking about having to watch every little thing that went into my mouth was overwhelming for me. I used to scarf down two bowls of spaghetti without taking a breath. And then I'd eat Cookies and candy and still not be satisfied. Awful...just awful.
    Well....guess what happened? I realized not long after the surgery that I was no longer ravenous. I didn't trust myself to eyeball my food so I weighed everything. And when I was done eating it.....I didn't feel hungry. I didn't feel full either...but I didn't feel hungry. And holy mackerel...the weight started to come off. The knee pain didn't get better....and now my hips were hurting bad as well, but I kept thinking five more pounds, then five more...then yes, five more...and I'll feel better. Well it took 70 lbs. off to finally find out that I needed both hips replaced. The orthopedic surgeon told me he had no idea how I was even walking..that's how bad it was. I knew that by the skin of my teeth, I barely avoided that damn wheelchair.
    I had the surgery in October and there's barely any hip pain. That alone is a miracle. Unfortunately, I have residual back issues and continue to see a sports medicine/pain management doctor whom I've been a patient of since the summer of 2012. Today he said something to me that felt so good. He knew what I looked like at my heaviest because I started going to him six months before being banded. While we were talking he asked me how much weight I had lost in total and when I told him I was down 115 lbs., he said that he can't even remember me that much heavier and that he's gotten completely used to seeing me at this size. All I could think of was how much I hoped that would really be my new normal and that eventually, no one would remember the old me and then I could finally bury that fat bitch once and for all.
    So what's the point of this story? Easy... if I can manage to be successful at this, well so can you. No excuses. Have a great night everyone.
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    backpacking5 reacted to catfish87 in Banders Exercise   
    30 minutes on the treadmill this afternoon. I hate cold weather......
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    backpacking5 reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Banders Exercise   
    step aerobics......walked (a lot) at work...rom one end of office building to other.....i count it
    as every step helps
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    backpacking5 reacted to 2muchfun in Came back to forum, because I need support...   
    Because it's an open forum and Terry has much insight and valuable information to offer?
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    backpacking5 reacted to Sharpie in Came back to forum, because I need support...   
    I love the sayings Jack.. Wag More Bark Less is a good motto...Sometimes we are our own worst enemy... I try to read all of the positive post so I will stay positive.
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    backpacking5 reacted to lisacaron in Governor Chris Christie and the Lap-Band   
    What shocks and amazes me about this, is that EVERYONE on here is a former fatty. We are all WLS patients, we have all been overweight, obese and/or morbidly obese.
    No matter what arena we have thrown our hat into be it bypass, sleeve, gastric band we should all be able to relate to each other on some level.
    None of these surgeries were easy, none of them are the magic bullet they all take different levels of commitment and dedication to making a life style change.
    Those who are against the band, are you trying to change the world one comment at a time? The gastric band is a surgical option it's out there it works for many, if not for you. If you have suffered because of it I am truly sorry, but you are OK because your here and your commenting so you survived your affair with the band.
    There are those who have had WLS and can not say the same they died.
    There are those who did not have a choice of which surgery to get, and could not afford to get any surgery and they died from their conditions.
    We are a group that is here to support and advocate for people like ourselves, people who should be of like mind having been where we have been and gone through much of what we have gone through no matter what surgery modality we ended up with, no matter our starting or ending weights.
    I could go on and on about sleeve patients and bypass patients that I know personally who have failed, and gotten gravely sick and have died, but you don't see me doing that or bashing those who have had these surgeries. I would gladly share what I know from those close family and friends to help anyone, but I would never bash someone or the idea of an intervention such as WLS that can literally save lives, and not just on a physiological level but on a mental and emotional one as well.
    So be bariatric PALS and remember that you too are here and have a voice because of your journey, and rather then tearing another down, try being a support. Share your ideas and opinions but do so productively in a way that helps rather then in a way that discriminates, degrades or demoralizes and you might just change the world one comment at a time.
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    backpacking5 reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Governor Chris Christie and the Lap-Band   
    when is (losing) any weight a bad thing/failure
    a loss is a loss .....

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