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  1. backpacking5

    Banders Exercise

    CG maybe kabo the doberman needs his own step to exercise with you?
  2. backpacking5

    The real reason I chose the band

    one word: AWESOME
  3. backpacking5

    Kidney stones FML

    My husband suffers from them often. I am so sorry I see through him how painful they are. I hope you feel better fast.
  4. backpacking5

    This is soo bizarre!

    My Dr. ask me to take a few small sips and see how that feels. This last time I sat up with the needle still attached and sipped, waited, thought it might be too much so she took a little out, sipped again, Water went down fine so we both thought that was good enough for now.
  5. backpacking5

    I've lost a cinder block

    love the comparison,. sometimes it seems I 'only' lost so many pounds until you compare it to something tangible then its like 'wow' I lost a cinder block or small child cool beans!
  6. backpacking5

    Pharrell Williams' "Happy"

    What beautiful memories. I agree about the song too.
  7. backpacking5

    Banders Exercise

    5 days in row I have gotten up at 5 a.m. and walked on my treadmill for 45 min. Wow I never thought I would be able to go that long. I'm not going that fast but I do go about 1.75 miles in that time. Not so bad for me. It helps that i DVR shows I like and can then skip all the comercial, i HATE comercials. You don't realize that there are almost 20 min of comercials in an hour long show. I finish the show before my 45 min are up and tell my hubby 'see how much time commercials waste' he just looks at me, smiles and shakes his head. He's heard me rant quite often on my dislike of commercials
  8. backpacking5

    Banders Exercise

    45 min this a.m. on my treadmill. Time really goes by when I get absorbed in a show without any commercials, I HATE commercials. I have DVR'd a bunch of shows I like to watch so there is always something on I can watch, no excuses!
  9. backpacking5

    Banders Exercise

    For three days in a row I have been getting up at 5 a.m. and going 45 min on the treadmill (instead of 30). I really hope to keep this schedule up. I feel good afterwards. My hip joints are kinda sore but hopefully that will go away eventually.
  10. Seeing my mom after several months, she has been diabetic for 24+ years, is in stage 4 kidney failure, on dialysis 4 times a week, and has a pacemaker. Her doctor told her even if a kidney was available her heart couldn't take the surgery. Her liver is also failing as she has a yellow/orange color to her skin. There are other medical problems but the kicker is she is only 67 years old! I did not want to be like that something had to change. It scared the crap out of me and made me sad at the same time.
  11. backpacking5

    sleep apnea?

    I've had my CPAP for close to two years. I LOVE my CPAP!!! I have never slept so good and actually feel human in the mornings. I have anxiety attacks about feeling like I can't breath. If I don't have my machine I can't sleep, I panic. It is the first thing I pack whenever we go overnight somewhere. We even bought a big marine battery, that thing is heavy, and adaptors so I can take my CPAP when we going camping. I won't be sad when and if I can stop using it but I am very thankful that I have it. I use a mask that covers just my mouth and two pillows that go on/up my nose. It isn't how I would choose to sleep, if I had a choice, but I sleep so good with it. My husband had me talk to my PCP because he would notice I stopped breathing at night, a lot, and would lie awake until I gasped or coughed and started breathing again. I thought I was coughing all night because of my allergies but it was mostly my bodies way of keeping me alive and breathing. I do want to get rid of it so we can go canoeing, who wants to portage a 50 lb battery, and backpacking again.
  12. backpacking5

    Banders Exercise

    B-52, I like this way of thinking. New way to think of excercise. A tip I was told was to make exercise an appointment. Schedule it just like going to the dentist or doctor. It is just as important. Got up at 5 a.m. walked on treadmill slow at first, holding on tight with eyes still shut, eventually woke up and walked a bit faster for 30 min. This winter is kicking my butt, so tired all the time and so cold, -27 degrees this morning. Uff Da
  13. backpacking5

    only lost a pound and stalls...

  14. backpacking5

    only lost a pound and stalls...

    Love this!
  15. backpacking5

    What's in a Name?

    My bands name is Tony, like the tiger, because sometimes I swear there is a tiger in there making lots of growling noises, that and 'it's grrrrreeeaaattt'
  16. backpacking5

    How Do You Celebrate?

    I told myself that at every 50lbs lost I'm getting a tattoo. 12lbs left to go, already have it designed, just need to come up with the money and someplace to get it done. My husband said he'll buy the next one. I can hardly wait.
  17. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    It takes a loooong time to load the page, crashes, reloads then usually works pretty good. But if I close out the screen then try to come back it goes through the same cycle of slow to load, crash, reload. I can't post anything until it goes through the cycle.
  18. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    the only thing I can tell off hand is it is a 64-bit system Windows 7
  19. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    Windows internet explorer 9 Version 9.0.8112.16421 Don't tell on me but it is my work computer shhhhh............
  20. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    A new one popped up.
  21. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    This is what always pops up. Also a bar across the bottom that says: BariaticPal is not responding Recover web page With a button to recover it.
  22. backpacking5

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    The new site always shuts down my browser, saying there was a problem with the webpage. It takes forever to load and can see maybe one post before it shuts down and I don't have the patience to keep starting over. I've not been on but a few times because of this.
  23. backpacking5

    Bat Wings

    I'm getting a routine down, finally, with exercising. I get up at 5 a.m. and walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes. Gradually going longer and faster using more of an incline. After I get home from work I am usually too tired to exercise, I am a morning person. I want to start some kind of toning. I am really noticing the 'bat wings' lately and wondering what others have done to tone them. I heard it is best to tone as you go help not have soooo much lose skin. I have two different size hand weights and would like specific exercises or whatever works for you. My space around my treadmill is tight, I have tried to use them on it but some mornings I'm so tired I hold on to the handles real tight and walk with my eyes shut. Kinda silly but I am still walking. Maybe brings a whole new meaning to sleep walking?
  24. backpacking5


    I don't have a problem with my pills, the biggest one I break in half and the rest I keep as is. I do take a chewable multivitamin and calcium, gummie fish oil and vit. D
  25. backpacking5

    Stomach Growling

    That's why I named my band Tony, because it sounds like I have tiger in my belly all the time.

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