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  1. lisacaron

    November Bypass?

    I’m in 😉 the FB group.
  2. lisacaron

    November Bypass?

    So my fellow Novemberians...to use someone else’s phrase 😉 Do you ever have a day when your just feeling “fat”? The I don’t even feel comfortable in my skin type of day? Like a stuffed sausage feeling? Maybe I am bloated and maybe it’s just side affect of my flu shot or stress I don’t know. Today I seriously feel stuffed into this casing that is my skin. Putting on clothes today only made it worse I just wanted my baggy nightgown back and to pull the covers over my head to hide the rest of the day. This is not my usual MO. I’m usually pretty comfortable in my own skin but lately...not so much. Maybe anxiety or anticipation for up coming surgery. I almost can’t wait to get back on liquid diet and prep for it!
  3. lisacaron

    October Bypass

    Tmrtyty2018 My surgery was moved to Nov also. Jump on the Nov. thread!
  4. lisacaron

    November Bypass?

    We should do a Facebook group. You can make it private so only the approved members can view. This way if your not sharing your surgery with friends co-workers or extended family you can still get support from us!!
  5. lisacaron

    November Bypass?

    My date was scheduled for Oct. 8 but I had to reschedule until Nov 9 because of my father in laws passing. I just didn’t feel I could focus on this 100% at the time. I am ready for this Nov surgery.
  6. lisacaron

    Banders #7

    My hubs is still banded. I had to have mine removed a year ago from complications. Not everyone’s body likes the band and none was one that was rejecting it every which way. Trying to expel it like you would a baby but the wrong way. Kept causing nausea cramps no matter if it was empty or full. Hubs has his struggles but the tool still works as long as the choices are good the weight comes down. It stops the over eating to excess and that’s a plus I have really missed this last year. This prep is horrible for me right now. Day 3 and I slip and slide liquids only is torture. I try to stick it out...but you know everyone needs to eat around me and make me hangry. My seat mate at work is eating a quesadilla yummy onion and chicken smell and me... yougurt and protein shake! Do you hear the silent scream???? Tummy rumbles with gas and irritation so I sneak some cheese it’s. Bad Lisa
  7. lisacaron

    October Bypass

    You all are doing awesome. I’m pretty good during the day...at night just a little tougher. The worst is knowing I “can” eat and shouldn’t. Nothing stoping me right now...and yes it’s so much harder when people eat around me. Right now my seat mate at work is eating a quesadilla and the smell of the onion and chicken is making me crazy!! Yougurt cup and water...yeah not enough to combat the hangry self right now. If only she wasn’t eating at the desk!! I stay here so I don’t have to smell the cafe food. Grrrr
  8. lisacaron

    October Bypass

    Day 2 of liquid diet and it’s a struggle. I want to bite something savory. Sick of the sweet vanilla chocolate of it all.
  9. lisacaron

    October Bypass

    I’m scheduled for bypass on Oct 8. I have had a previous surgery. (Lapband). I did the 2 week diet then before and after surgery. Slow progression to mushy foods. Followed it to the T. It was not easy...I can say the food funerals yep we held them before the two weeks nearly every day but you know what the truth is you are going to eat those foods again. Hopefully in a good and balanced way thinking of all your hard work and surgery before taking the bite right? Band didn’t work well for me, as vigilant as I was my body rejected it and it had to come out before it did any serious irreversible damage. I’m ready for this next step...easing into the diet by eliminating one meal a week and replacing with a shake. This week I am up to breakfast and lunch 2 snacks of yogurt/pudding eating only a small dinner. Monday should be all liquids....easier at work all day home and the weekends are my challenge. One big incentive is my sons engagement party is the Sat before surgery...preop weight loss means a nice dress for Mamma 😉
  10. lisacaron

    Anyone in NY?

    I'm from Long Island. My surgery is not until October. Former laplander...had it removed last August. Looking forward to the next adventure, and also stressing it. (just a lot of personal stuff going on at the same time. FIL passed away MIL very sick, son getting married...dealing with engagement party and liquid diet pre-op that kind of stress) I'd love to hear how you all are doing and any advise you have for your first few days post op.
  11. lisacaron

    Banders #7

    It's been a mighty long time since I've checked in here...probably over a year. I had to have my band removed last year due to a slip and other complications. It took a while but I gained back the weight I had lost I've given myself time to heal and deal with some of the other personal issues life has thrown my way. Though you can't put your life on hold continuously just to cope with other issues. It's still so important to take care of ourselves, and I often forget that allowing myself to get bogged down in other people's health and wellness issues. Even my dogs get top billing. I'm currently scheduled for bypass surgery in October. Right after my sons engagement party as a matter of fact! Party is Saturday and Monday will find me in surgery provided I make it through the liquid diet for 2 weeks and don't eat at the party but be good with my shakes and such. My father in law just recently passed away and I have been helping my husband cope with the loss as well as clearing up all the legal/medical stuff. His Mom is very sick as well...and yeah it's been a hell of a month here. One of my dogs ate a rock and he needed gastric surgery before me! They had to resection part of his intestine to get the rock out...and repair the damage so now he's recovering and I hope I can be just as brave and bounce back just as well as he seems to be doing. I think of putting the surgery off a couple more weeks to clear the hurdle of all this...and the engagement party, but that might be just me putting myself on the back burner yet again. So...the diet starts in a couple of weeks...Sept 24 is the start date, and by then I'll know if I can give this my all or if I need to push it out a couple weeks. So that's what's up and what's new on this part of Long Island NY.
  12. lisacaron

    Banders #7

    Hi All!! Back on the boards these days doing some revision research....cause I am still very undecided about what to do. I had the band removed on August 9th and recovery has been a road let me tell ya! It actually was a bit more painful due to the muscle dissection to remove the port. The incisions healed nicely no infections just muscle soreness for a few weeks. Of course though with my father in law in rehab, hubby got super sick with bronchitis and brought that home along with a wicked stomach flu virus and you know I caught that in a heart beat and we have been sick since! Horrible bug really. I am back to work now after having to take another week off for that illness and honestly feeling better now. For some reason my body did not like having the band inside, it just kept rebelling against it with inflammation all over the place. It was making me so sick, and the reflux and prolapse of the band was just the final straw in a two year battle to get things to calm down. So...here I am post band removal...and wondering if doing another surgery is something to consider given all the issues I had with this one. Who knows if my body will accept being altered and rewired it didn't accept the hardware
  13. I was always hopeful that it would pass. Only in the last month before I had the band removed was reflux an issue for me. Mostly it was just constant inflammation going on inside as my body kept trying to reject the band. I would have gone right for the bypass or the sleeve at the same time if it was an option for me, but like you I am also fearful to a degree of what to expect after. My body does not seem to take well to outside interference, didn't like the band being in there, and it even started pushing out the internal sutures that were used in the surgery to remove the band! So I wonder how it will adapt to rerouting and changing the internal process....I just want to be healthy and happy. I'm not so focused on the "weight" of the issue...though so many doctors blame weight as the reason for everything that ales you that it becomes the focus. I have been having issues with my heart since I was 17 years old and I was at a normal weight and post pregnancy is when the issues started after a heart attack during child birth. So today at 46 I have an arrhythmia that causes tachycardia in my pulse rate all the time with a normal sinus rhythm which is a good thing it means I'm not actually having a heart attack at the moment, but having a heart racing all day as if I were doing sprints makes one quite tired. Mostly they happen at night and keep or wake me up so that's not fun either. Of course the Dr.'s all say well if you lose weight this will get better...but will it? It hasn't in all these years...and I am getting older not younger...so forgive me if I don't think weight is all to blame for my health. I'm thinking of putting some questions together for the Dr. and see what kind of feed back they can provide. One question is: 1. Why would you recommend the sleeve over the bypass for me? 2. I have heard that those revising from band to sleeve do not lose as effectively as those who have never had a bariatric procedure because they are not able to make the sleeve small enough due to scar tissue. Do you find this to be a valid insight? What has your experience with patient revisions been? 3. Have you seen patients who have rejected being sleeved after the surgery? What type of rejection symptoms have been displayed? Food intolerance? (to be expected?) Inflammation of stomach/other organs? (what could be done to prevent and/or remedy this?) What other questions do you think....? It might help us both with our decision
  14. I had my band removed about a month ago due to a prolapse and slippage. It was unfilled for over a year because of issues I was having with swallowing and pancreatitis flair. I had a very small amount of fluid added and well that didn't work out well and the band slipped and it was just time to have it removed before I had any further issues with it. I was banded for about 4 years, and it really never worked with my body. I think my body was just rejecting it from the beginning. I was sick for 2 out of the 4 years. I have to say I am feeling 100% better since having the surgery to remove the band. I am able to eat and drink without being sick for days, and the surgical site is healing very well. I am working on all the requirements for revision to the sleeve, however I am still unsure about my feelings for another surgery. Knowing how sick I was for so long...and that if I have another surgery and there are issues, there is no "fix" for it. They can't just go in and take out the equipment to make it better....this time my body has to accept the change and adapt like it didn't with the band. I'm maintaining my weight, and haven't gained a whole lot since surgery, but I know that possibility is right there....so that's why I am moving ahead to meet the requirements for revision.
  15. lisacaron

    Banders #7

    Hi Liz, Ken is working tonight and Sunday. I probably won't be out near the city until the end of August we have tickets for the Lady Gaga concert at Citifield. Have a great time, and stay cool!!

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