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  1. It's not just her! You bash everyone when they say they would never get the band again or that they don't recommend it- I'm far from crazy I'm open to everyone's stories. Reevaluate yourself! This forum is awful because of one sided people like you
  2. Mis73 unless someone says what YOU want to hear you bash them!! You genuinely think this woman is lying!!? And you asked if she follows up with the doctor and she said yes - she didn't say I follow up with my original surgeon. God you're crazy- you're the only one that sounds psychotic! For gods sake you googled the woman!! Are you saying no one has complications!!!?? Tons of people do! For everyone that does there's so many more that don't. Regardless - this band is not the safest thing! The safest thing is losing weight without it! This thread along with many others convinced me to cancel my surgery. That is my choice. There are many things to consider 20-40-60 year from now and I'm not willing to take those risks! Just because you are so what?!!! Don't read these threads if all you want to read is rainbows and butterflies! That poor woman's story was so nice and so genuine! And I'm glad she told it!
  3. Connie26

    Push back my surgery

    Thank you so much! It's not that anyone has influenced me, however I started to think more about the future and less about the immediate lifestyle change- that I was ready for... What I'm not prepared for is possible complications, even life threatening ones, and the possibility that I may not be approved for reversal ... How would I afford that? Then i started to consider how close it is, and these questions are too real and too important to ignore. Just hope I'm making the right decision
  4. Due to recent posts, and doubts I'm having based on that and some other things I've come across- I'm requesting to push my aug 5th surgery date back... I want to talk to my surgeon and feel sure of my decision! I've been 100% sure that this is what I want until the last week or so... This is too big a decision to make with doubts. Just hope I can decide soon. I've sent an email to my surgeons office asking what my options are for switching my surgery date. Guess we'll see!! So disappointed in myself but just not feeling good about it like I was !
  5. Connie26

    Feeling awful

    Thanks everyone!!! That's really what I needed!!! Just had to hear "it happened to me", "it's normal" and "it'll pass" lol going to keep on pressing through this and hope for the best!!!
  6. Today is day 2 pre-op and I feel like SUCH SH*T!!! Been up since 4am... Headache, nausea, insomnia... I am really scared - I can't go through this much longer honestly... I know I sound crazy but I need to work today and I can't get any sleep! When I'm up I feel light headed... So afraid I'm going to pass out. I did 3 whey protein shakes yesterday and cucumbers and celery last night... Drank a ton of water... What is wrong with me??!?
  7. I can't believe how everyone attacked the person with a negative experience- I want to know good bad and ugly you're all just pro-band so you're mad!! I'm afraid for my future and I want to be able to bring this up to my doctor before the band is placed!! Whoever started this thread wanted opinions! Jeez let the person have one
  8. Erica - my surgery is the 5th but I chose to start pre-op diet today rather than Monday... My reasoning behind this (I'm sure I sound crazy) is because I'm going on vacation just 3 days after starting pre-op diet and I hear that's the hardest time to stick to it- I feel like starting today will get me a head start and maybe I'll be more into it when my vacation starts (making it easier to stick to) lol ... So here we go!!! I'm taking pictures today full body all around pics and starting my video diary tonight! I was getting so nervous but now I'm getting psyched! I'm hoping to lose a good 10lbs pre-op!!!
  9. Connie26

    Cold feet

    Thanks again every body!!! Really helps so much to calm my nerves!!! The site was actually not a forum- it's called big fat deal blog ... Bfdblog.com I think and titled- the dark side of Lapland... Scary stuff!!
  10. Connie26

    Cold feet

    Tigers * I wish I knew about the love connection site!!! I'd love to have support and even more so from a relationship - but I just found negative things when I put that into google lol and my whole day got side tracked!!! It made me so anxious I started to hope my insurance would just deny me so It would make the decision for me... Lol but you've all put my thoughts back on the positive track!! Thank you for that!
  11. Connie26

    Cold feet

    Thanks everyone so much!! I feel like I've known the risks and what the band does and doesn't do!! I've prepared myself... But now that's its 3 weeks away I'm having such fears of worst case scenarios!!
  12. So I've been SO ready and so excited for my August 5th surgery date for lap band- however lately I've been having 2nd thoughts. Every once in a while I think "forget it, I can't do this" and then I see how many people feel like its the best decision they ever made! Well today I googled about finding men in my area who've been banded (I'd just like to get to know people and I'm single so it was worth a try) but instead I found a forum where People were writing how the band ruined their lives - they almost died - and most said at no fault of their own... Idk what to do!! I'm panicking and so afraid! I know all the ways it can be great but now I know even more ways it can be awful!!! Does everyone have this fear??
  13. I'm not looking forward to that part but i think I'm ready!!! Lol
  14. I have 2 weeks all protein shakes and water based veggies... The first week I can have a small meal (healthy) for dinner - then 2nd week is strict. .. We shall see!!! Starts Monday but I'm going to start Thursday a little day by day...
  15. That's how I feel... Eventually I'll be eating my fav foods again but with pre and post op diets in place for over 6 weeks combined- I'm trying to enjoy everything 1 last time for a while lol hoping to not care about those foods after banding... Would rather my focus be on life and exercise!!!

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