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  1. I totally get this. When my surgeon reviewed my fluorscopy films from my first fill (and I was down 36 pounds) he said "You are doing this all by yourself. You have practically no restriction" and he showed me how my pouch wasn't "pouchy" enough to be physically effective in keeping me full. I felt really proud nonetheless! He did say, however, that a more-appropriate fill would make it easier on me for when my wantpower wasn't enough, so I could another fill last week. I can see what he means.

  2. My sense is that it is vital to work with a therapist specialized in body image/eating issues as part of the WLS journey. I hope you have access to one so that you can rejoice in all your hard work. In the meantime, well done! You have spared yourself some major health challenges, if nothing else. That's something to be happy about.

  3. Oh, I feel for you. I am 9 weeks post-op and developed a toothache 2 weeks ago. Root canal scheduled for next week! Luckily I had my first fill last week so I have been on soft foods and have not had a big need to chew chew chew...which would be impossible since I can only chew on one side of my mouth.

    So you have all my sympathies....get it taken care of so you can be a perfect bandster and not get stuff stuck!

  4. I had mine on March 20th and recovering at a normal pace, I'd say. My biggest complaint is not being able to sleep on my left side, where my incisions are. At least my surgeon left the right side untouched...I'm a side sleeper. Otherwise things have gone well and I'm already down 6 pounds!

  5. This is precisely what I'm planning to do. I have "nice" designer plus sized clothing; no way am I just going to give it away. And where I live (France) there's a good market for this, since so few women here are plus sized...the ones that are really appreciate being able to find nice things.

    Funny ebay story, also: my sister lost 150 lbs (sadly through illness, not diet) and ebayed loads of items, including her old bras. OLD BRAS! Some wierdo dude bought them and gave her an A+ rating for the transaction.

  6. This underscores what I plan to say to people/waitstaff when I'm banded (next month). "I've had WLS and can't eat a lot, but this is delicious and I'm really enjoying it."

    I know a sleever who always says this when ordering in a restaurant. She only gets a starter, and explains that she's a sleever and only needs a small bit to really savor the meal.

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