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How I got money for a new wardrobe



I never gave my big clothes to good will or the salvation arm because I feel this way: We give them things for free and then they turn around and sell stuff for outrageous prices. Some of their clothes I could go to Ross and buy brand new ones for what thrift stores sell their clothes.


I have a lot of nice dress clothes and I decided I would sell them on Ebay. In one day I made 80 bucks doing nothing more then sitting in my house placing things on ebay. Everytime I need to go down a size I just start listing the bigger items on ebay. Within a week I have enough money to buy a whole new ward drobe. Lets face it WLS and losing tons of weight is inevitable we all need new clothes.


So why not make money off your good used clothing. I also am starting to buy things on clearance and sell them for full price. You would be surprised how many people will bid way over what you put the starting bid at. For instance: i put a pair of just my size jeans on ebay for $4.00 by the time they were done bidding I made $16.50. I think I only paid $7.00 for the jeans on clearance when I was wearing them. So I made enough to buy two more pair in my size now.


There is money to be made folks. All you need is a paypal account to get paid with and they will send you a debit card to use if you want one. The first sales take a few weeks for ebay to give you the money but if you are a new seller they have to make sure your stuff is legit.


So get to selling your old clothes and make some money for some new ones. I think I have found a new business to start. If I can find stuff on clearance for $2.00 at Ross no matter what size and sell it for full price I have made 150% profit. Use flat rate shipping, print your shipping labels off paypal, the will deduct if from your funds so no out of pocket expense for you. Go to the post office get a small box, tape the postage on and off it goes. Easy peasy. Now make some dough because who doesnt like to go shopping.


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You can also look into your local area if they have a Buy Sell Trade on facebook. I find it quicker and easier than ebay and craigslist, because everyone is local, you just create a photo album, post your items and prices and then people see it and say if they want to buy. Then you meet up and trade/sell. Thats how I sell my things.

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I have a great ebay story for you. My son's friend use to work in Boston and would go to Filene's Basement, it was a famous mark down department store every day during lunch. He would buy 100 pairs of designer jeans, fur coats etc. and almost never lost money. He would make about $5000. a month from this. My son would go clothes shopping in his closet and spend 1-2 hours in there it was so big. I need to use ebay for a lot of stuff. Thanks for the idea.

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This is precisely what I'm planning to do. I have "nice" designer plus sized clothing; no way am I just going to give it away. And where I live (France) there's a good market for this, since so few women here are plus sized...the ones that are really appreciate being able to find nice things.

Funny ebay story, also: my sister lost 150 lbs (sadly through illness, not diet) and ebayed loads of items, including her old bras. OLD BRAS! Some wierdo dude bought them and gave her an A+ rating for the transaction.

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