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  1. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers here

    That's all so amazing, congrats! I just met with my team today, 1 week 1 day post op. Looking forward go moving up in this journey with puréed starting on Thanksgiving! Yay that’s great Thanksgiving starts my soft mushy foods so I already have my meal planned mashed potatoes or a small sweet potatoes, turkey blended in gravy and dressing and maybe a bite of pie hours later! Going to take it slow and nibble my small plate all day! Good luck! HW:214.9 SW:205.5 CW:197.2 Lapband Removed 9/13/17 Revision to Sleeve 11/8/17 Goal Weight: 145 🤞🏾[emoji1488][emoji1487]
  2. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers here

    Happy Friday all yesterday I had my 1 week and 1 day post op! I have been doing wonderful I am down 17 lbs 9 of those pre-op today makes 9 Days post-op I start taking my chewable vitamins and 7 days of Purée food! I’m excited to try a scrambled egg and maybe some soups but not everything blended excites me at all! 🤪 I’m thankful to have full energy since like day 4 by day 5 I was off pain meds taking my kids to/from school to get out of the house and I have been getting in over 5,000 steps according to my Fitbit! I thought I was going to hate my surgeon on my birthday 11/15 one week post-op but I felt normal even went to the movies! Everyone is different some will struggle with nausea and vomiting I’m thankful I never did others will struggle with having no energy or pain I did the first few days recovery is swelling and hell! [emoji49] Each day does get better! Happy Healing to all November Sleevers!! HW:214.9 SW:205.5 CW:197.2 Lapband Removed 9/13/17 Revision to Sleeve 11/8/17 Goal Weight: 145 🤞🏾[emoji1488][emoji1487]
  3. SeaSounders♥

    Tomorrow is the day!!!!

    Good luck to you both I’m 4 days out but my advice would be to bring some gas x, walk, sip, burp and repeat! Take it easy it gets easier everyday that pasts!
  4. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Thank you sugar free popsicles has been such a great help I made it to 64oz on day 3!!
  5. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Update 3 Days post-op I’ve had zero nausea or vomiting but the first two days was a fluid struggle I stayed up til almost 3am just to get in 30oz! Today I started early and have 19oz of my min 30 but trying to get closer to 64oz. I can have protein today so those count for fluid and protein! Good luck all happy healing! The struggle is real!
  6. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers here

    I had my Sleeve sx and a hiatal hernia repaired yesterday extremely tired it’s hard to stay awake the pain is very tolerable just hurts to swallow and sip water praying this gets better because I don’t want to get dehydrated!
  7. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Thanks all I’m doing great the dr did my sleeve and repaired a huge hiatal hernia so I’m really sore taking small sips walking and lots of sleep it’s hard to stay awake! Good Luck to all 😘
  8. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    @lylalovescoffee I am staying busy laundry also and still not packed yet just had my last meal at 6pm no liquids until midnight! Good luck and God Bless! Prayers for all![emoji8][emoji1488]
  9. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Prayers to all having surgery today tomorrow is my day who else is 11/8?? The nerves are starting to kick in trying to keep busy!
  10. SeaSounders♥

    Sleeve tomorrow morning

    Good Luck I'm on Wednesday you will do amazing! Prayers!
  11. SeaSounders♥

    Sugar Free Crystal Light

    I got mine at Walmart do you have one close by?
  12. SeaSounders♥

    Last Minute Tips For Marathon Day

    Great Read! Not sure I could do a full marathon I have ran (3) 1/2 Marathons though.. Will save this article a New York or Boston full marathon race is my ultimate goal! Thanks for sharing!
  13. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Thanks @LylaLovesCoffee how is your pre-op diet going after a week now? How was giving up coffee for you? I was a huge LOVER of coffee which I didn't even enjoy until about 28 then I became addicted thank God i'm over it and if I choose to add it later on it's allowed after 8 weeks I think need to re-read my nutrition notes but not sure I even want it. Maybe a single cup with splenda and protein powder?
  14. SeaSounders♥

    November sleevers

    Prayers to everyone having surgery today and any day this week. Our time is so close November Sleevers! 1 week and counting for me followed be my birthday on 11/15 so this is my gift to myself hopefully I will be feeling great by my birthday! I am down 5lbs wow my diet is not nearly as strict as most so thankful to see the numbers moving!
  15. SeaSounders♥

    My Journey.. sorry long read

    Wow he was brutal hopefully it all works out well in the end.. Good luck with your pre-op diet you got this!

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