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  1. mimi81082

    Learn From My $16,000 Mistake

    Hey Liz, I just read another post by Missy1966...almost IDENTICAL to your story. Someone said that you had your surgery in mexico? Well, so did Missy1966. maybe you could contact her and compare stories. Maybe this is a regional or doctor issue more so than a band issue? Just thought that might be helpful for you!
  2. 45 lbs down since surgery (8/22)...yay!

  3. mimi81082

    How Is Everyone Doing?

    So I had some stomach issues, not related to the band, and had to get an unfill. I thought I'd be upset about it, but I'm down 45lbs since surgery and get another fill on the 8th. I'm just so happy that the band is helping me lose so steadily.
  4. Thanks everyone...it got so bad I had to go to my surgeon for an unfill. I didn't even get a chance to try the ginger ale. I did try the peppermint though and that helped a little!
  5. Has anyone drank ginger ale to settle your stomach since surgery? I was hospitalized for extreme nausea/vomiting last week. I'm back home and my stomach is still not one hundred percent. My doctor said I could resume soft-mushies upon release, but I didn't tolerate them well when I tried and have remained on a mostly liquid diet. I've been thinking about trying ginger ale with a LOT of ice because I'm still a little queasy. I wouldn't think this would be a problem if I'm not guzzling it or eating solid foods with it...thoughts?
  6. Spent 5 days in the hospital due to vomiting (unrelated to my lapband)...scariest thing ever. My band didn't slip though and I'm able to eat a little more each day! Whoo!

  7. I wish my fills weren't so far apart. Getting discouraged...

  8. Please have them check your hormone levels especially your thyroid. Hypothyroid disease is very common in women and often goes unchecked. It is nearly impossible to lose weight with this disease if it goes untreated. They have to do a specific test for your thyroid levels (TSH) so ask your doc about this. Good luck!
  9. mimi81082

    I Wish I Hadnt Told A Soul...im Tired

    OMG, I never knew how nosey people could be until some of my co-workers found out about my surgery! I don't mind honest curiosity, but snide, judgemental, and uneducated remarks drive me crazy. One lady that works with me had gastric bypass 10 years ago and she keeps telling me what to eat and what is going to bother my stomach...I'm like, "Woman, we didn't have the same surgery...backoff!"
  10. Didn't get a huge fill, but I definitely notice a difference in how long I stay satisfied between meals. So this is good!

  11. mimi81082

    Is This A Ghost?

    Your stories sound like an episode of that show "A Haunting!" Super creepy and interesting, lol!
  12. mimi81082

    Is This A Ghost?

    It does kinda look skeletal; especially in the legs and feet area. However, I could also see it being the reflection off of a dirty windshield and the mind playing tricks on the person looking at the photo. it doesn't look "photoshopped" or superimposed at all. So in my opinion, it's either some supernatural anomaly or some natural phenomenon- like dirt, lol! BTW, I believe in ghosts too
  13. mimi81082

    For the singles here... Just do this..

    I'm 30, social service worker in KY...banded on 8/22/2012, never married, no children (but want kids eventually), and I LOVE scary movies, lol
  14. First fill tomorrow...I really hope all goes well!

  15. mimi81082

    I Got Tricked...

    I had surgery on 8/22. i found myself weighing everyday! My mother said something to me about it last week. She said I'm going to drive myself crazy. I think she's right, lol! So now I've decided I'm going to weigh myself on Mondays only.