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  1. Go to emilybites.com and look for her Beef and broccoli. And every recipe I've tried has been great!
  2. DebbieC1970

    How many cups of food ? Confused :(

    What u can eat and what u should eat r two different things. I was told one cup every 3-4 hours, 108 grams of protein (based on my weight and how hard and often I workout). Some days I am more hungry than others, but if u find u r always hungry (real hunger not head hunger) see your dr. The band is not magic, u need to eat right and exercise. Mind over matter, till u get to restriction. Best of luck!
  3. DebbieC1970

    Wow! NSV

    Woohoo!!! Congrats, I know u worked hard to get there!
  4. DebbieC1970

    Very uncomfortable pain

    I have that sometimes. Some days it doesn't bother me, others it does. People on here have said its like wearing a ring, some days its tighter than others. Best of luck! Chew, eat slow, wait between bites, small bites.
  5. DebbieC1970

    Motivation ?

    U will feel better and have more energy if u workout. Sometimes I have to make myself go, but it is well worth it. U may even surprise yourself and enjoy it. Go for a walk, get a trial membership at a gym and try some classes, bring a friend. U can do this!!!
  6. DebbieC1970

    December Bandwagon Supporters

    Does anyone have a hard time "eating" in the am? I have a hard time getting my shakes down. From nausea to pain, it seems like it's better to wait a couple hours.
  7. DebbieC1970

    December Bandwagon Supporters

    Thanks Angel, was worried I was being a baby. Don't have a past experience to compare.
  8. DebbieC1970

    11days post op and not losing

    You guys have given her great advice. I am shocked about what the doctor is allowing her to eat so quickly. I have surgery Thursday and I'm on a two-week liquid diet after surgery and two weeks of mushy foods after that. I also have a minimum amount of protein that I need to get in every day. I was also told to measure your food and only eat one cup. And that food needs to be eaten very slowly within 30 minutes and then you're supposed to stop. The problem is not all doctors have a good support staff for their patients. Do you have a nutritionist that deals with bariatric patients? I also agree about the comment about the water, it being too much. We were told 64 ounces a day, you are drinking double that.
  9. DebbieC1970

    Big Cheater!

    I did great today! Just liquid protein and water. Thank God for Unjury's chicken soup flavor!!! A life saver, if u have yet to get it I strongly suggest it. Thanks for the support, by the way I felt yucky last night.
  10. I'm day 4 preop, all liquids and am sooooo tired!! Anyone else find this to be true?? Remedies??
  11. I'm day one... Ugh!! 13 to go! I'm hungry, tired, Moody, and all I can think is 13 more days! I may not need surgery, this may b the death of me. I spent $120.00 on different flavors hoping it will help, i'm on my 3 cup of hot tea. I was ok at work, but now that i'm home, not so much. I may have to clean and organize my whole house to stay busy. Best of luck December bandsters!
  12. DebbieC1970

    December Bandwagon Supporters

    I'm December 20th also! So excited and nervous! R u doing the two week liquid diet? That starts tomorrow, how much r u looking to lose? I'm 5.9' and 282lbs. My goal is 170. Best of luck to u!

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