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  1. MiriamE

    2Nd Fill Today

    So today was my 2nd fill, feeling good. Not at the green zone yet, but working on it. I'm frustrated becasue I haven't lost but I haven't gained either. I'm upping my walking and starting to count my calorie intake. That's been the problem, I have been eating to much starchy food and fruit that converts to sugar that just LLLOOOVVEEESSSS to hang around my fat cells. So cutting that out. I did ask her about not feeling the choking/gagging effect that i have read, she stated that not all people exprience it and that I should not be looking for that exprience what I am doing with chewing my food and waiting the minute is the right way to go. I have a 14cc and have 7 cc's, I go back in two weeks to see if I need more or not. What a journey!! Keep up the good work, keep motivated! Live Long & Prosper Miriam
  2. MiriamE

    Headache For 3 Days

    The recovery went well, I have to say I was very lucky and didn't exprience much pain. I had some discomfort with the gas, but took Gas X and walked around the house and girl..I just let it ou! LOL!! I had prewarned my husband about it the gas, so he was well aware. Seriously, though, when I got home from surgery I was very nauseated, took some nausea medication and just threw up, I seriously think that helped me. (Don't try this at home) I just got my 1st fill, I had 5 cc's during surgery and just got 1 cc more but I think i'm going to need more. I am learning the difference between being satisfied and being full, very two different things. It will be frustrating at times but remember it took us how many years to gain the pounds, it's going to take us time to lose them to. Miriam
  3. MiriamE

    Headache For 3 Days

    Try Special K Protein shakes, that's what I had the week of liquids after being banded, I couldn't even smell the powder shakes..I was sick of them. I bought the french vanilla which i liked. Of course I asked the Dr if that was ok and he said it was So now I have them around when i don't feel like having Breakfast or lunch, I have one of the shakes and mix in either berries or bananananana Good luck! Keep us posted! Miriam
  4. MiriamE

    Headache For 3 Days

    i was on Protein shakes 2 weeks before my surgery, i had a headache for about 3 -4 days. it's your body missing that yummy addicting sugar and caffeine. it should subside in a couple of days, keep hydrated. if i'm not mistaken adkins is about protein, so have some slices of turkey, ham, or peanuts on hand. there's plenty of books that can help you out on the do's & don't of the adkins. Good luck Miriam
  5. MiriamE

    Am I Suppose To Feel Hungry???

    Whew! I thought there was something wrong, good to know that it's normal. I've started to us a salad plate instead of a normal plate and only eat that. I did cheat a bit today and had 1/2 a glass of coke and guess what after 4 weeks of not having it, it tasted wierd, didn't like it all. So that's a good thing..no more coke for me!
  6. I was banded on the 23rd! Last week was my 1st week back to work, it went well. I was sore but I would get up and walk around to feel better (sitting on my butt for 8 hours). Anyhoo, I was on mushy foods so I took tuna salad, sf Jello, yogurt and a banana. We have a good cafetria so I would get scrammble eggs and some Beans for Breakfast. That actually would fill me up till about 12:30 and then I would have the tuna and the jello. Could never finish it all. YAY!!! Now that I am on the solid foods, I notice that I'm hungry more often, I don't feel satisfied. Is that normal? My 1st fill will be 9/20 and i'm thinking that will help with the hungry phase. Am i correct? Miriam
  7. MiriamE

    Post Op Appt Today

    Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to the journey! :-)
  8. MiriamE

    August Roll Call

    August 23rd was the magic day!
  9. MiriamE

    Post Op Appt Today

    OMG!!!! I am very happy to say that I have lost 25 lbs since I started with the pre-op diet and now banded!!! And I am healing well from the incisions, etc... I'm in the mushy stage right now and I'm looking forward to it! So what do you all suggest on foods? I had a friend suggest to try baby food, i'm lik umm no that doesn't sound appetizing. Also, have any of you tried the Speacial K shakes? I'm trying to find some that I will like, I do need to make a trip to GNC and check out the ones that were suggested to me on a prior post. Thanks Miriam
  10. MiriamE

    What Is Plication?

    I have heard about it but don't know what that is and what it is for. Can someone let me know! Thanks Miriam
  11. @ OTR- No, I was only given the choice of the shakes they sell at the Dr. I got chocolate and strawberry but they taste like powder with water.
  12. Thanks all, I'm going tomorrow to see if I can find another protein shakes. I think that will help me get over the "I hate the powder shake" hump!
  13. Hi I had surgery on August 23rd and I'm on the liquid diet..I can't take the shakes anymore. I'm not very hungry so I'm drinking 2 shakes a day, sf Jello, popsicles, crystal light and Water. Can I drink broth instead of the shakes? I'm at the point that I'm gagging my shakes everytime I take them. Any suggestions! Thanks, Miriam
  14. MiriamE

    Post Op Day 2

    YAY!!! I went through with it..I was nervous when I was on the operating room table, I was like this is it..this is real and then I took a couple deep breathes and next thing you know I'm in recovery waking up! I was bit out of it and a bit sore but feeling ok. Took the x-ray (whatever they give you to drink sucks)! Then went back to the room, the nurse was great, they brought me some Jello, tea, leamonade, a sf popsicle and a shake! I had the shake, some jello and 1/2 the popsicle and that satisfied me. I was felt like i had something on the top of my stomach. I walked with the nurse for about 10 minutes and then off I went home. The wheelchair drive seemed like I was on a rollercoaster and well the car itself felt like that to. So when I got home, I told my mom who is staying this week to take care of me that I felt nauses and was going to take the prescribed anit-nauses medication. I took 1/2 a teaspoon and told her it tasted wierd. Then to her and my husbands suprise I threw up. Pure liquid, I did not stop until all the liquid was out of me, and boy did I feel better. I was able to walk around and then finally went to bed. I was expecting to have a pain in my left shoulder but as of today, I still do not (whew)..I am sore from the incisision and a bit inbetween my left breast. That's where the air is trapped. I finally was able to start burping and excuse my language but farting (alot) last night! I was so excited that I yelled to my husband...VICTORY IS MINE!!!! Haven't been feeling hungry at all, I had some Water and 1 1/2 glass of shakes yesterday, I'm suppose to have 8 glasses of water and two shakes, I don't know how I am going to do that! But I am trying. So overall, sore but feeling good!!! My post op appt. is August 30th, can't wait till then! Miriam
  15. Hello! Tomorrow is the day I get banded! Can't wait, I've been working on this for the past 6 months, never thought the day would get here. I am excited, anxious and a wee bit nervous. I think I got everything I need for the post-op: Gax X Strips , prescriped Nausea Medication and prescriped Pain Killer oh and I do have an electric blanky warmer so I think I'm set. I hope I don't have to use all of them, but I like to be prepared. I will post once I'm home and awake! Miriam

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