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  1. sheila2050

    Dumping Syndrome?

    Sometimes when I eat dessert, I feel awful afterwards:( just as if I am "coming down w something" I lie down and wait for it to pass.
  2. sheila2050

    Ate too much

    I've done this so many times. Man, it hurts. I am much more careful now. I think taking care to take the acid reducers daily might help too with stomach upset. I'm not too good about that. I am getting into the habit of serving myself not what I "might" be able to eat for quantity but what I know I can. I usually get closer to the mark that way; i.e. when I intentionally underestimate.
  3. sheila2050

    The Food & Exercise Journal

    I had been drifting off course for the last couple of weeks, since I started eating solids, really. I can eat so little (about 1/3 cup) it just didn't seem to matter what I ate or what frequency. Now, this site: http://goodnightsurgical.com/doc/Sleeve_Gastrectomy_Guide.pdf has helped me understand (be convinced) why the rules are necessary. We are training now for life after sleeve restriction. By year 3, I guess, my sleeve should accommodate 1-1 1/2 C food; and if I don't have my lifestyle nailed down, I could end up obese again. So, I started recording in my food journal in earnest. I am putting liquids and protein first. I am exercising. Well, I don't exactly have a "routine" yet, but I just did some yardwork. I am reading Denise Austin's Shrink your Female Fat Zones, and I am getting excited about walking. I ordered a pedometer so I can increase (eventually) to 10,000 steps/day. Most people walk 2,000-3,000 steps/day. Today I decided to put self-care first in my life. I'm 46 years old, you might think I would have adhered to this wisdom by now. But no, I keep forgetting. And it takes time to take care of my body; it just does. Maybe several hours a day. That puts a whole different spin on my perspective about using/wasting time.
  4. sheila2050

    11 Wks Post Op & Sabotage

    You love water polo. You're good at it. From what I've read of your writing, it's always seemed like a very good thing in your life. Sometimes adversity happens all at once, and that's the time for faith. It's also the time for looking inside yourself and asking, "Well, what do I think, believe, know?" Then trust yourself. Boundaries are great, necessary things. Good fences make good neighbors, right? You can do this thing, and your life won't always have so many naysayers; it's just a run, and will wear out. Good luck to you. I am confident you are 100% where you are supposed to be.
  5. sheila2050

    Settling In

    Motivation, anyone? I haven't been walking or doing any kind of exercise (excepting yardwork.) I want to want to do it. I am really surprised at how little I can eat. I've gotten a lot better about not eating when I start getting close to full. Overeating is just too painful. I am wondering how it could ever be possible not to lose weight eating so little. I guess time will teach me that. I've been losing about 2 lbs/week for the last couple of weeks. I am very happy with that rate. It is just perfect. My expectation is that the slower I go, the easier it will be on my body, the better my skin tone will be, and I'll lose more fat as opposed to muscle. I am 18 lbs down and my clothes are looser, but I'm still wearing the same size.
  6. WOW! Thanks for posting your pics. ( I think you look plenty busty.)
  7. sheila2050

    7Month Picture

    You look marvelous!
  8. sheila2050

    Protein Shake, Any Suggestions?

    If you're going to use powder, definitely get a shaker bottle with a metal ball. I like GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. 3 scoops = 60 grams protein; and the flavor is good. It's expensive, though. Occasionally, GNC runs Daily Deal specials on ebay.
  9. I've found myself going through several different stages of how I feel. Everything will get better and different, promise.
  10. sheila2050

    Failing This Pre-Op Thing.

    I haven't had experience with any 6 mos. pre-op for ins. But, I would point out that for four months you've held your own and I think that is rather a success. You're not premenstrual or anything or you? I find that's when my resolve dips lowest.
  11. sheila2050

    Surgery In 3 And A Half Weeks , Scared To Death

    As long as your surgeon is competent, you'll be fine. I think the anesthesiologist didn't know what he was talking about. My surgery took 38 minutes, my sister's, 45. I think a lot of it depends on how big your liver is. Your outcome will most likely be excellent and you might get away with hardly any pain at all. Good Luck!
  12. sheila2050

    Done With 6Th Visit

    It'll all work out because you're stepping in the right direction. I admire how much you are accomplishing. Losing weight for pre-op is entirely different from dieting for a lifetime. One we can do, the other, not so much. Even when we make decisions others disapprove of, the most important thing is that we are true to ourselves, true to what we think, feel, believe. You obviously are and I wish you the very best.
  13. sheila2050

    14 Weeks Out, Up And Down At The Same Time.

    There are all kinds of very brief "exercise at work" suggestions. Just a couple of minutes standing up, stretching, or chair exercises might relieve some of the stress you are feeling about missing exercise. I do 10 minute walks because I can't face the prospect of a longer one. Maybe you could try a 5 minute walk at lunch, IF there's any time left over. Anything you do consistently, no matter how small, will build your exercise habit and get you headed toward more exercise in the future.
  14. sheila2050

    Hii Everybody! Help Lol!

    Hair loss can come just from the trauma of the surgery (which was major) as well as too little calories or not enough vitamins. Cut your hair if you have to and rest assured it will all grow back once your body has gotten through the adjustment.

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